teamLab Light Festival in Tadasu no Mori at Shimogamo Shrine



teamLab exhibition "Light Festival in Tadasu no Mori at Shimogamo Shrine" to open in Kyoto this August


In their upcoming exhibition in Kyoto this August, the art collective known as teamLab will transform the World Heritage Site Shimogamo Shrine and the surrounding Forest of Tadasu into a mysterious world of light. 
Light Festival in Tadasu no Mori at Shimogamo Shrine Kyoto teamLab

teamLab is an art collective that unites specialists from across the spectrum of digital media to create exhibitions that “achieve a balance between art, science, technology and creativity.” Like their exhibitions at last year’s TOKYO DESIGN WEEK, many of their creations are simultaneously autonomous and dependent on visitor participation. In their exhibition entitled Light Festival in Tadasu no Mori at Shimogamo Shrine the presence of visitors as well as wildlife will alter the artwork, making the observer more aware than usual of the other lives with whom they share space. 
Resonating Trees teamLab Kyoto

In the first section of the exhibit, "Resonating Trees -  Forest of Tadasu at Shimogamo Shrine," the trees of the Forest of Tadasu approaching the shrine are illuminated individually. The lights brighten and fade independently of each other as if the trees were breathing. When a visitor or animal approaches a tree, the color of the light changes with a corresponding sound. This change will trigger a change in the colors of the surrounding trees.
Resonating Spheres Sakura Gate Shimogamo Shrine Kyoto teamLab

For the second section of the exhibition, "Resonating Spheres - Forest of Tadasu at Shimogamo Shrine," visitors will interact with the floating spheres of light filling the space inside the Sakura Gate of Shimogamo Shrine. Like the trees in the forest, these spheres respond to touch by changing colors and emitting sounds. The spheres react to each other, and the trees nearby react to the spheres. These trees then trigger reactions from those in the forest. Likewise, the trees in the forest can cause changes in those inside the gate, which in turn elicits a reaction from the spheres. 
Resonating Spheres Sakura Gate Shimogamo Shrine Kyoto teamLab

In addition to enhancing the beauty of one of Kyoto’s most important shrines, the exhibition’s underlying message of interconnectivity is one well-worth contemplating while wandering through the space. 


Event name: Light Festival in Tadasu no Mori at Shimogamo Shrine
Event period: August 17~31, 2016
Venue: Shimogamo Shrine (Kamomioya-jinja Shrine)
Address: 59 Shinmagamo Izumikawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Hours: 6:00pm~9:30pm
Admission: free 
Access from Kyoto Station 
Take the number 4 or number 205 City Bus to Shimogamo-jinja-mae OR Tadasu-no-mori-mae

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