Traditional Lunch Experience in Takayama



Taste the Difference of Traditional Cooking Methods in Takayama


Thanks to inventions like the electric rice cooker, making Japanese food at home is easier than ever. But have you ever wondered how people cooked before modern conveniences and how the taste might have differed? You can find out during the Traditional Lunch Experience in Takayama. During this hands-on cooking class, you can learn how to cook rice in a kamado as well as enjoy one of the area’s local specialties: Hida beef!
Traditional Lunch Experience in Takayama 1
Participants will learn to cook rice in a kamado following a traditional method.

The experience is led by Ms. Ishihara, a 70-year-old resident of the region whose extensive knowledge of the area has earned her the nickname “the Mother of Hida-Takayama.” She shows participants how to cook rice using a special kind of pot called a kamado. Once a standard part of a Japanese kitchen, these special pots have largely been replaced by small, convenient electric rice cookers. However, the taste of rice prepared in a kamado using traditional methods is still considered superior.
Traditional Lunch Experience in Takayama2
Hida beef roasting over charcoal. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to prepare some of the region’s famous Hida beef. Hida beef enjoys the prestige of being one of Japan’s top three beef brands along with Kobe and Matsuzaka. Participants will enjoy delicious A5 grade Hida beef prepared by Furusato, a butcher that supplies meat to some of Tokyo’s Michelin-starred restaurants.  
Traditional Lunch Experience in Takayama 3
The side dishes that accompany the rice and beef reflect the area's unique local cuisine. 

The meal is rounded out by side dishes prepared by Ms. Ishihara and another local chef. These make use of local vegetables and miso. Participants will enjoy their cooking in the guest room of one of the oldest houses in Hida, making for a particularly memorable meal. 


Traditional Lunch Experience in Takayama 
Open: everyday (reservation only)
Price: 6,000 yen per person 
Number of guests: 2~14 people
Meeting place: Yoshiki No Sato 
Address: 145-1 Ono-cho, Furukawa-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu-ken 
Yoshiki No Sato is in front of the bus stop called Shijuhachitakiguchi. 
Take the Furukawa / Kamioka line Nohi Bus from Kofu Station bound for Okuhita Onsen Guchi Eki OR the Nohi Bus Kamioka Eigyosho to the Shijuhachitakiguchi stop (approx. 3 min).  

Or, Yoshiki No Sato is a 18 min walk from Kofu Station.

*Pick up at Hida Furukawa Station or Takayama Station is available depending on the number of guests.
*Pick up in Hida Furukawa or Takayama is available depending on the number of guests.


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