Delicious in 250 Ways: Koppe Pan Specialty Shop Cococoppe



Delicious in 250 Ways: Koppe Pan Specialty Shop Cococoppe


Opened in June 2016 in the department store Hakata Hankyu, Cococoppe specializes in a certain type of baked good: hot dog buns. Not only does this unique specialty shop sell nearly 30 varieties of hot dog buns or koppe pan as they’re called in Japanese, they offer so many different fillings that the grand total of different flavor combinations comes to an astounding 250! 

The Locals' Favorite Bakery 

 Koppe Pan Specialty Shop Cococoppe

For the special collaboration between the department store and this well-loved bakery, modifications have been made to the basic recipe as well as the way the bread is baked, allowing it to hold its own even when topped with unique fillings. The result is a taste that is both new and nostalgic all at once. 

Up to 250 Possible Combinations to Try 

Some of the 250 varieties of koppe pan

The bread here can be divided into four main categories: snack breads, dessert breads, okazu* breads, and fried breads. When you include limited-edition seasonal specials, you get approximately 30 types of bread. To this, a whole assortment of toppings including fruits, veggies, and dairy products are added. 

*In Japanese, okazu refers to side dishes that accompany rice. 

One of the special fillings that appeared over the summer was Cool Ramune An-- white bean paste flavored like ramune, a popular Japanese soft drink. This fall, we can look forward to koppe pan made with satsuma imo potato and chestnuts.
Filling up a koppe pan
This shockingly blue paste is the Cool Ramune An which was on sale until the end of the summer (216 yen). 

The multicolor toppings are lined up neatly in a case at the front of the store. Choose the one you like, and the staff will fix your sandwich fresh before your eyes. With so many toppings and breads to choose from, deciding which to get can be hard. There are some 14 different fillings used for the snack breads alone. These include anko, caramel, and honey. Count up all the possible combinations of breads and fillings, and you get 250 different options. 

The Bread Always Flying Off the Shelves 

Thick Yakitamago bread and Tokachi An with Margarine
Thick yakitamago bread (324 yen) and Tokachi an (red bean paste) with margarine bread (195 yen)

The most popular bread of them all is one that combines Tokachi an (red bean paste) with margarine. What makes this bread stand out is the red bean paste. It’s made from adzuki beans from the Tokachi area of Hokkaido. These beans maintain their texture even after being ground into a paste. The slight saltiness of the margarine balances well with the sweetness of the red bean paste. 

The thick yakitamago bread also comes highly recommended. This 2.5cm (approx. 1 inch) thick fried omelet is made with dashi or soup stock derived from katsuobushi (dried shaved bonito), giving it a rich umami flavor. Tamago yaki and bread might seem like an usual combination, but a layer of mayonnaise on the bread helps bring everything together. This one bread is a meal in and of itself.
Koppe pan stuffed with whipped cream and fruit
Sweet koppe are sold for 270 yen and up.

For the sweet breads, Cococoppe has four varieties. First you have strawberry and mikan orange breads that come with whipped cream that has bits of fruit mixed in. Next there’s the kin-choko bread filled with custard cream made with vanilla beans as well as the gin-choko with chocolate custard. Many people choose to buy one of each of these last two. 


Enjoy a Snack as You Wait for Your Train  

Eating in at Cococoppe

Since the department store is directly connected to JR Hakata Station, many people will buy some koppe pan before boarding their train. Breads that use some of Fukuoka Prefecture's famous products such as Amao strawberries or mentaiko (pollock roe) make popular souvenirs. Travelers with some time to kill before their departures can take a seat at one of the shop’s five counter seats and enjoy their snack. So if you have plans to pass through JR Hakata Station, why not drop by Cococoppe for a treat?


Cococoppe | コココッペ
Address: Hakata Hankyu B1F
1-1 Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 
Hours: 10:00am~9:00pm 
Open seven days a week 
Website (Japanese only):

This article was written using information obtained August 19, 2016. Please be advised that changes to the store’s menu, hours, and etcetera may have occurred.

The original Japanese version of this article was published on co-Trip. 

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