Get Some Quality Time with Hedgehogs at HARRY, a Hedgehog Cafe in Roppongi



Get Some Quality Time with Hedgehogs at HARRY, a Hedgehog Cafe in Roppongi


Cafes at which you can interact with animals like cat cafes are very popular in Japan, but right now there’s one that everyone is talking about: HARRY. In this Roppongi animal cafe, you can spend some time getting to know some adorable hedgehogs, or harinezumi (lit. needle mice) as they're called in Japanese! 

So many little hedgehogs

The inside of HARRY hedgehog cafe on a typical day
Whether on weekdays or during the week, there isn't a day when the cafe isn't packed.

HARRY, the world’s first hedgehog cafe, is located just a minute walk away from Roppongi Station. Guests are invited to sit at one of the cafe’s nine counter seats or three table seats and enjoy a leisurely time playing with some hedgehogs. 

The cafe is home to about thirty adorable hedgehogs of varying sizes and colors. The hedgehogs here are mainly a species called the four-toed hedgehog. Most of them are still juvenile, only four months old, and measure around fifteen centimeters long.
A cinnamon hedgehog
The color of this hedgehog is called cinnicot. 
The hedgehogs come in nine different colors. Those whose coat is a mix of white and black are called salt and pepper, and those who red eyes and white spines are albino.

 Why are hedgehogs so popular? 

A brown hedgehog
Here's a brown one.

The secret behind these little rodents’ popularity is their ways of displaying their emotions. You can tell when they're peevish, happy, surprised, or sleepy… and when they get used to you, they stretch out their little legs in this adorable little relaxed pose. There are even some who will come close to your hand on their own, wanting to be petted. 
A sleepy hedgehog

Another reason for their popularity is their rarity. They're not yet common in pet stores, and many people aren't yet familiar with them. But despite their spiky exterior, these little guys have incredibly soft tummies just waiting for you to pet. 
A hedgehog enjoys a nap

Speaking of spines, some people may be worried that their cute little friend might try to stick them. While it's true that hedgehogs will raise their spines when surprised or when they want to warn others to stay away, the hedgehogs at HARRY have been socialized with people since birth. You hardly see any of the hedgehogs here raising their spines. Once a hedgehog gets used to its human owner, you’ll eventually be able to pet its spines, too. 

Don't forget your reservation! 

A hedgehog eating
A hedgehog enjoying some food. 

While it is possible to visit HARRY without a reservation, keep in mind that you might have to wait anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. It’s best to make a reservation from the cafe’s homepage. 

Tell the staff when you spot a hedgehog that you’d like to get to know and they’ll bring him or her over to you in a little cage. Then you’re free to enjoy some quality time together. Petting, putting him or her on your knees, taking pictures together… it’s all okay! 
They bring the hedgehog to you in a little cage
They bring the hedgehog to you in a little cage

The price of admission to the cafe includes one drink (coffee, black tea, or green tea), and you’re welcome to bring your own snacks inside. Keep in mind there is a time limit to your stay, so enjoy your time to the fullest!


Address: IWAHORI Bldg. 2F
6-7-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
Hours: 12:00pm ~ 9:00pm (last entry 8:00pm)
Admission fee: 
Weekday 30 min / 1,000 yen
Weekend and holiday 30 min / 1,300 yen 

This article is based on information that was obtained October 4, 2016. Please be advised that changes to the store’s menu, hours, and et cetera may have occurred.

The original Japanese version of this article was published on co-Trip.

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