Sakura Forcast for 2017



Sakura Forecast for 2017


Once we enter March, it won't be long before Japan's long-waited somei yoshino sakura begin to bloom! As you plan your spring trip in Japan, take a look the sakura forecast for 2017 as well as these famous spots for enjoying sakura in all their splendor. 

2017 Sakura Forecast

■Sakura Blooming Forecast by Major City

2017 Sakura Forecast by major city

■About the sakura blooming season

According to information published by Weathernews Inc. on February 14, 2017, it's predicted that the variety of sakura called somei yoshino will begin blooming in far western Japan around March 22nd around Fukuoka, followed by Kumamoto, Kochi, and Tokyo. Because of the cold temperatures seen this winter, it’s predicted that the sakura will be blooming later nation-wide compared to last year. 

About the sakura blooming season ■More info about sakura on DiGJAPAN!
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2017 Forecasts for Must-See Sakura Spots

Source: Weathernews Inc. (forecast / estimate peak bloom)

Sakura at Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto

Kumamoto Castle | 熊本城 (Kumamoto Prefecture)
Sakura begin opening: 3/22 
Estimate peak bloom: 3/30
*While there are portions of the castle off-limits to visitors, you can enjoy the sakura from space called Ni No Maru Hiroba.

Sakura at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto

Kiyomizu-dera | 清水寺 (Kyoto Prefecture)
Sakura begin opening: 3/30 
Estimate peak bloom: 4/6
*View may change due to construction on a portion of the roof.

Sakura at Osaka Castle Park in Osaka

Osaka Castle Park | 大阪城公園(Osaka Prefecture)
Sakura begin opening: 3/27 
Estimate peak bloom: 4/3

Sakura at Takato Castle Ruins Park in Nagano

Takato Castle Ruins Park | 高遠城址公園 (Nagano Prefecture)
Sakura begin opening: 4/9 
Estimate peak bloom: 4/14

Sakura at Hirosaki Park in Aomori

Hirosaki Park | 弘前公園 (Aomori Prefecture)
Sakura begin opening: 4/22 
Estimate peak bloom: 4/27

Sakura at Goryokaku in Hokkaido

Goryokaku | 五稜郭公園 (Hokkaido Prefecture)
Sakura begin opening: 4/27 
Estimate peak bloom: 5/1

Sakura spots in Tokyo

Sakura Spots in Tokyo (23 Wards)
Sakura begin opening: 3/22~3/25

Sakura Spots in Kyoto

Sakura Spots in Kyoto
Sakura begin opening: 3/27~3/31

Please keep in mind when planning your trip that these forecasts are approximate and are subject to change due to weather conditions. Enjoy your spring in Japan!


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