Must-Buys at LOFT Ginza! The Staff's Top Picks



Must-Buys at LOFT Ginza! The Staff's Top Picks


LOFT is a Japanese store that sells stationery, everyday goods and other sundries. Here you can always find the latest and most interesting products that Japan has to offer. A lot of people who travel to Japan always make it a point to visit LOFT and stock up on unique Japanese awesomeness every time. Today DiGJAPAN! is presenting you with a list of goods recommended by the staff at the newly opened Ginza LOFT!

I Want All of Them! Stationery and More

1. Notebooks and masking tape for collectors
Stationery lovers won't want to miss this collaboration between LOFT and Moleskine. The notebooks come in two varieties; a flower pattern that matches LOFT's interior summer design, and a square motif inspired by Moleskine's classic black.
Price: Flower version 2,100 yen / Black version 3,100 yen

The limited edition masking tape comes in four varieties.
Price: 920 yen

2. Donut pens
Pen maker Zebra is known for their collaborations with popular brands and anime. This time they partnered with no other than Mister Donut. The cute pon de ring graphics are not only on the pen but also on the refills! If you let these ones go you probably won't find them again.
Price: Pen 350 yen / refills 120 yen

3. Pencils from the Pencil Bar
The Japanese love simplicity, elegance and details. British brand 'i am a' happens to satisfy all these requisites and therefore they found a rightful spot in LOFT. These pencils all come in different colors and they have cool, fun and weird things written on them. The one I liked the most was the 'I hate Mondays' pencil, which has the name of a day of the week printed on each of its 6 sides...except for Monday.
Price: 200 yen

4. Revolutionize your desk with a standing pen pouch
According to the people at LOFT Ginza, a lot of stationery lovers can't do without the Delde Slide Pen Pouch by Sun-Star. These product even won competitions in Japan. Forget the frustration of not finding what you're looking for in your regular pen case. When opened, the top part slides down allowing the pouch to stand. There have been new additions to the lineup lately, so go find the perfect color and style for you!
Price: 1,200 yen

5. Pop Up Clip
Is your desk full of boring documents and papers? These super-cute clips are perfect to lighten up the mood in your working/studying space.
Price: 500 yen​

6. Vintage items reprints
Because the Japanese love to be nostalgic! Ginza LOFT's limited edition Tombow mini-pencils are adorable. And Here you can also find reprints of old Fueki products. Fueki is a long-standing Japanese producer of stationery focusing on glue products. Their most popular item is probably the Fueki Dobutsunori (animal glue), a cute yellow glue container. The glue is made of 100% corn starch which makes it safe to use even for children.
Price: reprint Tombow pencils 800 yen
Price: Dobutsunori 170 yen

I couldn't resist and bought so many things!
A lot of the items in this list ended up in my shopping cart. Here you can see how the Delde pen pouch works. I also bought two i am a pencils, one for using and one for ornament.

Creative, Travel and Smartphone Goods

1. Pre-sale at LOFT Ginza: Japanese style smartphone case
This is a collaboration between LOFT and Kyoto's KYO-TO-TO Embroidery creations. Five Japanese folk stories are pictured on these iPhone cases, with a soft ad grassy texture.
Price: 4,000 yen

2. 3D Kawaii smartphone cases
Japanese school girls love cute things. When they take a selfie in the mirror, they don't want a boring old smartphone to be seen in the picture. That's why they go crazy with these flashy cases.

Want to express yourself in a different way every day? These smartphone frames come with interchangeable film covers.

Price: iPhone frame 1,400 yen / Interchangeable cover 360 yen​

3. Danbo battery chargers
Danbo goods are always popular in Japan. These battery chargers are cute, useful and their eyes light up when they're plugged in.​
Price: Danbo 6,000m A battery charger 4,311 yen / Danbo 100cm USB cable 1,900 yen
Price: Danbo 6,000m A battery charger 4,311 yen / Danbo 100cm USB cable 1,900 yen

3. Small things for happy travelling
One thing you can say about Japan is that they have little accessories for everything. This portable footrest, for example, is perfect for people who travel a lot. It can be carried easily and it helps your feet's circulation.
Price: 1,800 yen

Here's what it looks like. When you're on an airplane, simply hang it to the seat's table and rest your feet on it.

5. Fuchico on the cup
The 6th floor is dedicated to all kinds of character goods. In the past few years this little girl has gained more and more popularity in Japan and overseas. It's a tiny woman named Fuchico that sits and balances on your cup in different positions. There are many series with different colors and clothing and even a LOFT limited collection. They usually come in blind boxes and one series includes 5-7 figures. Some series even have a secret extra figure so it's fun to try and collect them all!
Price: 200-300 yen

Cool and Practical Interior Goods

1. Must-have in a Japanese home: glass food storage containers
Being busy at work all day then coming home and having to prepare dinner: that's everyday Japan. This is an item that you're likely to find in most Japanese homes. The glass container looks somewhat elegant in the fridge (Japanese people love these little details), and it's easy to see what's inside. You can also chuck them directly into the microwave and Japanese moms love them because they don't have to worry bout the chemicals contained in plastic.
Price: glass food storage container 400ml (small) 907 yen / 900ml (big) 1,185 yen​

2. A traditional Japanese sponge?
In Japan, there is a really common technique of wet cleaning using a scrubbing brush called tawashi. Kamenoko's brushes are a long-standing seller, popular for their antibacterial properties. These sponges are often sold out but they get restocked all the time. They're an unusual but high-quality and useful Japanese souvenir.
Price: 300 yen​

3. A magic stick to change your mood
Meet the Sony Aromastic Mobile Scent Dispenser. This tiny and portable aroma stick can be easily carried with you anywhere. It comes in five different fragrances: Basic, Business, Freshness, Study, and Beauty. If you need to get into the right mood or relieve your stress this little marvel will help you relax or concentrate. The scent is limited to your immediate area so you don't have to worry about disturbing the people around you.
Price: Sony Aromastic (without cartridges) 8,980 yen / Aromastic cartridges 2,280-2,780 yen

4. A mood refreshing summer cushion
When the warm season comes, LOFT always has a special corner for summer products. With a design that mixes simplicity with cuteness, this smiley pillow will brighten up your space. The fabric is extra soft and makes you want to hug it all the time!
Price: 1 cushion 2,300 yen​

5. Tiny and cute decorated plates
Mamezara, literally 'bean plates', are small plates often used in Japan for side dishes or condiments. They come in a lot of different shapes and they are decorated with Japanese style patterns and drawings. GMM (Ginza Mame Market) put together a collection of mamezara from makers around Japan. These makers have fans!

Here are two popular makers. Kayo Inaba makes kama-yaki (furnace-baked) plates from Satoyama in the northern part of Kyoto. Mio Imae uses Kutani-yaki, Japanese porcelain from Ishikawa prefecture. They are cute and perfect for a souvenir.
Price: left: 福 (fortune) plate 3,000 yen / right: fried egg Kutani-yaki 2,000 yen

Health and Beauty

1. An elegant and portable moisturizing cream
This delicately scented ANNA SUI cream comes in a newly designed series that moves away from the past styles. The elegant box is a pocket size that makes if perfect to bring it with you on a date!
Price: 900 yen

2. A water bottle that massages you
This funky-looking bottle is called Mobot and it has a double use: to keep you hydrated, and to help loosen your muscles! After taking a sip you can actually use the bottle for foam rolling massages. It also looks cool and the foam allows for a firm grip on the bottle.
Price: 530ml bottle 5,000 yen

3. Hair styling for men
Priding itself to be the first of its kind to make it to Japan, the French Hairgum pomade can be found at the men's hair corner in LOFT. The classic design is very stylish and makes for a unique present.
Price: 40g container 1,200 yen

4. LOFT-only cosmetics
LOFCOS is LOFT's original cosmetics brand. The team behind the brand is very passionate and makes sure to only use natural ingredients. Their goal is to make products that minimize the strain put on your skin. For something of this quality the prices are very reasonable. In particular, LOFCOS foundation is Ginza LOFT's personal recommendation!
Price: 3,000 yen

There is also a line of nail polish that comes in a wide variety of colors.
Price: 1,200 yen

Discounts for Foreign Tourist and Tax Exemption

If you're a foreign tourist and make a purchase of 5,000 yen or more, you can apply for tax exemption. See the counter on the 6th floor. The procedure can only be done on the day of your purchase. You can check if your purchase is eligible for the discount before applying.

*This article is based on a coverage made on July 7, 2017. The goods in stock might change depending on the period of your visit.
*All prices are tax-exclusive.


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Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Access: 4 min. walk from Yurakucho Station on the Yamanote line / 1 min. walk from Ginza-itchome Station (Exit 5) on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line
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