The Great Souvenir Survey in AKIHABARA



What do people buy when they visit Tokyo? We interviewed tourists in Akihabara, an area famous for unique items like figures, electronics, and everyday products. Use these as a reference for your own shopping in Japan!

“Everything is so big in JAPAN!”

What they bought: a game and a key holder
Shopping Story
I bought this game because it can’t be purchased anywhere but in Japan. I also bought a camera in Shinjuku. We went to Sanrio and Sunshine City in Ikebukuro; everything is so big in Japan, isn’t it! (Josh)

Names: Josh (left) and Gemma (right)
Country: London
First visit to Japan

A Gundam model for his nephew

What he bought: a plastic model
Shopping Story
I bought this as a present for my nephew. I haven’t bought anything that I want for myself yet, but before this I went to SKYTREE. I came to Japan to be a teacher.

Name: OCE
Country: Indonesia
First visit to Japan

A lovey-dovey couple that just started dating

What they bought: an instant camera and a foot care pack
Shopping Story
I’ve been taking lots of photos since I got a girlfriend, but I thought I’d like to take some real photos rather than only digital, so I bought this instant camera. I want to go to Nikko to see the autumn leaves. (Hsu)

Names: Hsu (left) & Emi Toguchi (right)
Country: Taiwan & Japan
Third visit to Japan (Hsu)

Getting a great deal on health and beauty supplies

What they bought: moisturizing face masks and nutritional supplements
Shopping Story
We bought a bunch of supplements at the drug store Matsumoto Kiyoshi. It’s cheap to buy things in Japan and there are quite a few things that aren’t for sale in China. We also bought manga.

Names: Guo (left) & Yi (right)
Country: China
First visit to Japan

Enjoying Japan’s more traditional souvenirs

What she bought: a kimono, a maneki-neko statue, and chopsticks with images of maiko
Shopping Story
I wanted traditional Japanese things and things that are characteristically Japanese, so I bought these. I particularly fancy the color of the kimono. I want to go to many different places in Tokyo while I’m here.

Name: Rikaya
Country: Australia
First visit to Japan

Everyone got what they wanted!

What they bought: knives, baby products, and a thermos
Shopping Story
I’ve been buying lots of things, but these baby products are for my kids back in China. I want to go to Disney Land and Asakusa. (Chang)

Names: Tan (left), Chang (center) and Li (right)
Country: China
First visit to Japan (Mr. Li lives in Japan)

What do you think are Japan's best souvenirs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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