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If you've ever browsed the aisles of the kitchenware section of Tokyu Hands or wandered around Kappabashi in Asakusa, you've probably seen some creative-looking tools that are supposed to help you make sushi like a pro. Maybe you've even thought of getting one as a souvenir. But do they actually work? Farng, Rachael, and Junya from the DiGJAPAN! editorial staff put some of these items to the test.


Number One: Pop! Goes the Sushi

It takes many years of experience to expertly make nigirizushi, but this device promises you a shortcut to nigirizushi that looks as good as it tastes. 

Packing the sushi rice

1) Place the mold on top of a slightly damp cutting board and pack in the sushi rice.

Pressing down on the sushi rice

2) Press down on the sushi rice with the bottom part of the mold.

Place the fish on the rice

3) Place the toppings of your choice on the rice.

Place the top mold on top of the bottom.

4) Place the mold with the rice and toppings on top of the bottom part of the mold and push down.

Finished nigirizushi sushi

Ta-da! 10 pieces of nigirizushi pop out all at once like magic. Fast and easy, this tool passes the test with flying colors.

Number Two: Need a "Hand" With Your Sushi?

Getting just the right amount of rice when making nigirizushi by hand is challenging. But now you don't need to worry thanks to these hand-shaped tongs that grab the perfect amount every time.

Grabbing sushi rice with the tongs

1) Grab some sushi rice with the tongs and squeeze to mold it. Pro tip: it's helpful if you can get the bottom of the tongs parallel to the bottom of whatever the sushi rice is in, so using a plate rather than a bowl might be easier.

Putting the sushi rice on a plate

2) Put the molded sushi rice on a plate and dress it up with your favorite topping.

Sushi with toppings

Now you have beautiful sushi all uniform in size and your hands didn't even come into contact with the rice!

Number Three: Sushi From a Bazooka

Admit it-- pushing sushi out of a bazooka-shaped tube is strangely appealing. Fun fact: this brilliant piece of technology was actually created in New Zealand.

Bazooka Sushi

1. Open the bazooka and pack in sushi rice. Add a little less to the center to leave room for the fillings.

Add toppings and close the bazooka

2) Add your favorite toppings and close the bazooka. Lock the cap onto the open end and turn the long handle clockwise. This will press the rice against the cap and give you a clean end to your roll.

Push the sushi from the bazooka

3) Take off the cap and push the sushi out! You're really going to need to use your muscles for this one…

The sushi comes out of the bazooka

4) Wrap your sushi in a sheet of nori seaweed and cut it into pieces.


It may take a little upper body strength to convince the sushi to come out of the bazooka, but the end result is a fairly impressive futomaki sushi roll.

Number Four: Get Artistic With Sushi

For anyone who's ever wanted to make sushi roll art but was afraid of making a mess of it, we've got a tool for you. Using ground black sesame seeds or red shiso to color the sushi rice, you can use this mold  to make a cute little panda!

1. Wet the mold with a little water before putting the rice in so it doesn't stick.

Parts for the panda face made out of sushi rice

2) Use this mold to make the various size rolls of rice that you will use for the panda's face.

Parts for the panda face made out of sushi rice

3) Use the other tray and white sushi rice to make the base of the panda's face.

Rolling the panda sushi roll

4) Place the parts in their appropriate places and roll carefully using a bamboo rolling mat.

The finished panda sushi roll

Look at how good these little guys turned out! While it might take a little practice to get it just right, this kit really does help you make cute panda sushi.

Number Five: Party-Perfect Sushi Bites

Here's a brilliant idea: nori seaweed shaped like cupcake wrappers. While there are nearly endless possibilities for how to use these, one idea is to make bite-sized sushi cups.

Nori seaweed cups

Here's what the seaweed cups look like before...

Bite-sized sushi in nori cups

...and here they are after! To make the filling, put the toping on a piece of plastic wrap. Add some sushi rice on top of that, gather the plastic wrap, and roll it between your palms. Unwrap, place it in the cup, and you're done!

Surprisingly Effective Sushi Tools!

These interesting sushi tools were a big hit

Despite some initial skepticism, these slightly strange sushi making tools actually did their jobs quite well. So instead of heading out to a restaurant the next time you get a sushi craving, try making some yourself with one of these fun tools!

Introducing the Sushi Tools

Tobidase! Osushi maker

(1) Product name: Tobidase! Osushi
Maker: Akebono Industry Co.
Retail price: 1,620 yen (tax incl.)

Nigirizushi Tongs

(2) Product name: Hayawaza! Nigirizushi Tongu
Maker: Arnest Inc.
Retail price: 2,036 yen (tax incl.)

Gokubuto Bazooka Sushi Jiro

(3) Product name: Gokubuto Bazooka Sushi Jiro
Selling agency: Hamee
Retail price: 2,036 yen (tax incl.)


Kyou kara osushi wa? Panda no panda

(4) Product name: Kyou Kara Osushi Wa?Panda No Ban Da
Maker: Arnest Inc.
Retail price: 2,036 yen (tax incl.)

Ajitsuke Nori No Utsuwa

(5) Product name: Ajitsuke Nori No Utsuwa
Maker: Kimura Alumi-Haku Co. Ltd
Retail price: 756 yen (tax incl.)

You can find these tools at retailers such as Tokyu Hands stores and stores in Kappabashi in Asakusa. If you're looking for a souvenir from Japan that you'll actually be able to put to good use back home, then keep an eye out for these cool sushi tools!


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