Okiawana road trip: a two-day plan



Okinawa Road Trip: a Two-Day Plan





HIGHLIGHTS:Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Shuri Castle Park, The beach


(Excludes transportation fees)

Renting a car is the way to go when traveling in Okinawa. Following this two-day plan, you'll cruise along the sparkling coastline as you make your way to the best spots in Okinawa.

Day 1

Naha Airport

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 40 min

  • [Approx. 6 mi / 10 km]

Shurijo Castle Park

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:320 YEN

※ This information is for December 2015. Closed from October 31, 2019

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a symbol of the proud history of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Entry to Shuri Castle is free; however, some areas of the park require an entry fee. Use of the parking lot costs 320 yen for 2 hours for small cars.

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 5 min

  • [Approx. 1 mi / 1.5 km]

Ryukyu-sabo Ashibiuna

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:1,500 YEN

This restaurant is housed in a old private Okinawan residence. Enjoy your food while looking out at the garden.

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 50 min

  • [Approx. 22 mi / 35 km]

Ryukyu Mura

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:1,200 YEN

Learn more about Okinawan culture by participating in hands-on activities. You can also try on Okinawan folk costumes!

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 30 min

  • [Approx. 9 mi / 15 km]

Cape Manza-mo

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min
  • COST:0 YEN

Finish your day at Cape Manzamo, famous for its beautiful sunsets.

icn_plan_car.png Time varies by hotel

Spend the night at a hotel in the west coast area of Okinawa (Onna Village, Chatan, or Koza).

Day 2

Leave your hotel

icn_plan_car.png Time varies by hotel

Sesoko Beach

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:1,500 YEN

Take a dip in the clear waters of Okinawa at this beautiful beach.
Use of the beach is free, but parking costs 1,000 yen for the day. Warm showers are also available for 500 yen.

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 10 min

  • [Approx. 4 mi / 6 km]

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

  • TIME NEEDED:2 hours
  • COST:1,850 YEN

Check out the gigantic aquarium that is home to huge whale sharks and manta rays. You can also enjoy a dolphin show. The entrance fee to the aquarium for adults is 1,850 yen.

Ocean Expo Park/Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Ocean Expo Park/Okichan Theater

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 10 min

  • [Approx. 6 mi / 10 km]

Yanbaru Soba

  • TIME NEEDED:45 min
  • COST:800 YEN

A popular restaurant on the “Okinawa Soba Highway,” a street that is full of restaurants selling Okinawan soba (buckwheat noodles).

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 10 min

  • [Approx. 7 mi / 11 km]

Kouri Ohashi Bridge

  • TIME NEEDED:10 min
  • COST:0 YEN

This nearly 2,000 meter-long bridge connecting Kouri Island and Yagaji Island offers a great view of the sparkling blue ocean.

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 1 hour 30 min

  • [Approx. 56 mi / 90 km]Note: use of the freeway costs 950 yen for regular cars.

Okinawa Outlet Mall ASHIBINAA

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour

Go hunting for bargains at more than 100 outlet stores.

icn_plan_car.png Approx. 15 min

  • [Approx. 4 mi / 7km]

Naha Airport


Japanese cars usually have the steering wheel on the right hand side, and are driven in the left hand lane. Most of the roads in Okinawa are in good condition and easy to navigate. Some rental cars have GPS systems that operate in English, Chinese, and other languages.




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