Hannari Inari Kamakura Komachi Street Main Store




Juicy inarizushi — you can even get it to go and eat as you walk

Sells inarizushi with vinegar-dressed rice complemented by deep-fried tofu made with Japanese soybeans and boiled in soy sauce. Also offers a sashimi donburi in a cup for convenience.

HOURS 10:00am-6:00pm (closes when ingredients run out)
COST Hannari Inari 660 yen (M) | 970 yen (L)/Hannari Inari 2-Color Roll 850 yen/Inari and Conger Eel Futomaki 680 yen/Hannari Burdock 950 yen/
ADDRESS Tinkle Komachi Nakasugi Building, 2-9-7 Komachi, Kamakura-shi
ACCESS 5 min. walk from Kamakura Station on JR Yokosuka Line
TEL 0467-23-7399
OTHER CONTACT INFO 045-892-1675 (Available only in the morning)
CREDIT CARD Not accepted


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