This is the most sacred site in all of Okinawa.

Utaki refers to a place where the gods descend down upon the Earth. This place is said to be built by the god that created Okinawa, Amamikiyo. A road densely overgrown with trees leads to Sangui - two massive stones leaning against each other and a truly impressive sight.

HOURS 9:00am-6:00pm (entrance until 5:30pm)
CLOSED Irregular
COST Adults 200 yen | Elementary/Middle School Students 100 yen
OTHER INFO Purchases can be made at the Nanjo Local Products Hall | Groups of 20 or more: Adults 150 yen
ADDRESS 539 Chinenkudeken, Nanjo-shi
ACCESS 16km drive from Haebaru-kita I.C. of Naha Airport Expressway via National Route 329 and 331 toward Chinen
TEL 098-949-1899
OTHER CONTACT INFO Midori no Yakata Sefa
CREDIT CARD Not accepted


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