DiGJAPAN! Website ( “Website”)is operated by Shobunsha Publications Inc. (“Company”). Please read the terms of use below (“Terms of Use”) before using the service provided by this website (“Service”) and use only the Service if you agree to the Terms of Use. Use of this Service is deemed that you have accepted all of the Term of Use.

Article 1. Scope of the Terms of Use
This Terms of Use is applicable to all Users using the Service provided by the Company.

  • 2.Other rules relating to the Service separately set by the Company beside this Terms of Use shall comprise a part of this Terms of Use.
  • 3.If in the case the terms in the Term of Use are different from those included in the rules mentioned in the preceding clause, the said rules will take precedence.

Article 2. Revision of Terms
The Company may, upon notice through the Website, add, revise or delete any articles related to the Terms of Use without approval from the User. In this case, the revised “DiGJAPAN! Website Terms of Use” shall be applied as the terms and conditions of the Service. Further, unless otherwise provided by the Company, the revised terms will become effective at the time of posting on the Website and if the user uses the Service after the revision, it will be deemed that the user has agreed to the revised Terms of Use.

Article 3. Definitions
The definitions of the terms used in the Terms of Use shall be as stated in the following paragraphs.

  • ”User(s)” mean all users of the Service regardless of their membership registration.
  • ”Member(s)” mean users of the Service that have completed their registration procedures.
  • ”Password” means a string of characters and digits that the member registers at the time of registration or changes after registration that enables the member to be identified.
  • ”Registered Information” means all information that the member registers at the time of the membership registration such as name, e-mail address, password, profile photo, etc.

Article 4. Effective Term
The effective term for the Terms of Use shall be from the latest revision date stated in the additional clause herein until the next revision by The Company.

Article 5. Environment for Use
In order to use the Website, internet access is required. The User is required to prepare any necessary equipment, software, means of communication at their own responsibility and expense and install and use them appropriately. The company shall not be involved with any of the said preparations and methods and shall not take any responsibilities.

Article 6. Copyright

  • 1. The copyright for the Website and any works (Including but not limited to works, derivative works or compilations such as texts, photos, maps, pictures, blueprints, charts, movies, music, programs, database etc. and excluding any information posted by the Members) that appear on the Website shall belong to the Company or other right holders. It is strictly prohibited to copy, perform, render, show, transmit (including making them transmittable), dictate, exhibit, distribute, transfer, lease, translate, adapt any of the said works without the prior approval from the Company or other right holders.
  • 2.The copyright for the information that the Members post by using the posting function of the Service such as photos, comments, reviews shall be handled pursuant to Article 11 of this Terms of Use.

Article 7.  Trademark, etc.
The trade names, product names, service names, logomarks, etc. used in the Service are registered trademarks or trademarks of the Company or other right holders. These trademarks shall not be used without prior approval from the Company or the right holders.

Article 8.  Links to the Website
Basically, the Users of the Service may post a link to the Website, but if such link falls under any of the following paragraph is applied or there is that possibility, the Company may ban such posting of the link by its discretion.

  • It is for commercial purposes.
  • It is a direct link to an image (for image display)
  • It may cause the Company social or financial damages
  • It is linked in a way that the Website is included within an original frame.
  • A third party owns the copyright and have banned any link to the article.
  • Any other case in which the Company determines that there is a possibility of potential interference of the operation of the Website.

Article 9.  Membership Registration

  • 1.The Service may be used without membership registration but membership registration is required for using specific functions (bookmark or comments etc.).
  • 2.For membership registration, the following conditions must be followed. If the following conditions are breached or the Company determines that the provided information is untrue or imprecise, the Company reserves the right to delete the membership information of the said Member and permanently prohibit him/her from using the Service.
    • The User registering for membership must input true and precise information about him/herself to the membership registration format to send to the Company through the Website.
    • In order to always maintain the authenticity and accuracy of the contents of the membership information, any changes in the data shall be updated appropriately. The Member should manage his/her password safely.
  • 3.For membership registration, any registered data or information provided for using the Service upon membership registration will be possessed by the Company. In accordance with the terms set forth in the Terms of Use as well as the privacy policy determined by the Company, the Company may use the said information in relation to the Service or other purposes not related to the use of the Service. The Company shall obtain the said Member’s consent before disclosing the information to a third party.
  • 4.The Company reserves the right to introduce information that is recommendable to each Member or product/service information of the Company or its business partners based on the provided personal information by sending e-mails, or by posting a notice on the website through the Service.
  • 5.The Company reserves the right to request the Members to cooperate in surveys or interviews etc. as reference for the Company’s or its business partner’s business.
  • 6.If the Member fall under any of the following paragraphs, such Member shall lose their membership and shall be regarded as automatically resigned.
    • The Company cancelled the membership approval of the said Member.
    • The said Member violated any of the articles included in the Terms of Use and the Company has decided to expel the said Member.
    • .The said Member has requested to leave in accordance with the designated procedures.
  • 7.As a general rule, if the Company determines that contactor notification to the Member is necessary, the Company will do so by sending an e-mail to the registered e-mail address.

Article 10. Handling of Membership Information
The information registered for the membership registration, or any information relating to the Members that the Company obtains shall be handled in accordance with the private policy determined by The Company. The Company’s privacy policy is as stated here. Your understanding is appreciated. Also, any information that is registered for the membership registration will be data processed by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., an outsourcing company of the Company, using a server in Japan.

Article 11. License Agreement for Posted Information

  • 1.In the case information is posted by using the Service’s posting function, the Member will be regarded as having agreed to granting the Company, its affiliates, and any third parties that the Company has approved with transferable, non-exclusive and irrevocable rights (including sub-license rights) to use the posted information freely within and outside the boundaries of Japan, free of charge,
    without term including copying, revising, disclosing, transmitting, distributing, transferring, lending, publishing, producing of derivative works, translating and adapting). The User will also be regarded as having agreed to allow the Company and its affiliates and any third parties that the Company approved the right to reproduce, express or use in any other way the posted information in their publications and other media that they may provide.
  • 2.The Member providing the posted information is deemed to have warranted and represented that such Member holds the right to the said posted information, the contents of the information is accurate, and that the use of the said posted information does not violate the Terms of Use, the rights of any third parties or harm any third parties.
  • 3.The Company shall not be obliged to pay any sort or reward for the posted information.
  • 4.The Member shall represent and warrant that the Member does not hold any objections to the Company, its affiliates, and any third parties that the Company has approved or its successor or assignee for disclosing, using, revising, deleting, or providing for the posted information for use.

Article 12. Restrictions for Posting

  • 1.The Members may post any texts or images that such Members hold the copyrights and any related rights for or have obtained approval from the right holder (including but not limited to, persons who have the right to privacy as the object of the image or as the owner of portrait rights).
  • 2.The Company may delete wholly or partially any posted information that the Company determines to fall under any of the following paragraphs without prior notice. Depending on the severity of the violation, the Company may also delete the Member’s information wholly or partially without prior notice.
    • The content harms a third person’s character or human rights.
    • The content can be interpreted as obscene, child abuse or contrary to public order or morality.
    • The content violates the law of Japan or regional regulations.
    • The content is politically, religiously or ideologically extremely biased.
    • Contents that are ethnic discriminatory or racially offensives.
    • Contents that are false and against the truth.
    • Offensive contents that are cruel or brutal.
    • Contents that are displeasing or potentially displeasing to a third party.
    • Contents that unjustly discriminate or maliciously slander other Members, a third person or the Company that may cause defamation or damage of credit.
    • Contents that promote any acts stated in the preceding clauses.
    • Any other contents that the Company decides is inappropriate to continue the fair operation of the Website.
  • 3.Any information that identifies a certain individual such as names, telephone numbers, addresses, e-mails, images that clearly show the object’s expression or exterior, whether it be of the Member themselves or of a third party, must be posted under their own responsibility and the Company shall not be responsible for any losses or damages that arise from the provision of the said posted information.
  • 4.Any information that is not relating to the Service and which a third person may not be able to interpret is banned from posting.
  • 5.The use for sales, advertisement/marketing or campaigns is prohibited.

Article13. Responsibility regarding the Posted Information

  • 1.The Company disclaims all warranties including, not limited to, the accuracy, the reporting speed, legality, safety, usefulness, etc. of the posted information. Please use under the User’s own judgment and responsibility.
  • 2.The Company shall not be involved with any damages or troubles between the Users that arise from the posted information. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages, etc.
  • 3.The Company disclaims all warranties that the information posted through our Service will be saved. The Members themselves should understand that the Company has no obligation to save the information and backup the posted information whenever necessary.
  • 4.If the Company decides that the posted information violates the Terms of Use, the said information may be wholly or partially closed to the public or deleted without prior notice to the Member.

Article 14. Prohibitions
The following acts are prohibited for using the Website.

  • Any acts that tampers or deletes the information that is available on the Website.
  • Any acts to attempt to make unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks connected to the Website.
  • Any acts that infringe or potentially infringe the intellectual property rights of other User or a third party such as copyrights or trademarks.
  • Any acts that cause or potentially cause defamation or damage or credit to other User or a third party.
  • Any acts that infringe or potentially infringe the property, privacy, portrait right, publicity right of other User, third party or the Company.
  • Any acts of using , transferring or selling other User’s e-mail address without authorization.
  • Any acts of sending or writing false or meaningless information on the Website.
  • Any acts of sales or for sales purposes or preparations for such acts.
  • Any acts of starting a pyramid scheme business or acts of solicitation of such business.
  • Acts of campaigning or any similar acts, or acts that violate the Public Office Election Law.
  • Any acts that use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses or that have potential risk thereof .
  • Acts that use the Service by pretending to be another User, a third party or the Company.
  • Acts that inflict a loss or cause damage to other Users, third party or the Company or other liable acts.
  • Acts that are contrary or potentially contrary to public order and morality.
  • Any criminal acts or acts that may lead to crime or any potential acts thereof.
  • Other acts that violate or potentially violate the law, an ordinance or regulations.
  • Acts that pursues to encounter an unknown person of the opposite sex or any acts to invite it.
  • Any ethnically or racially discriminative acts.
  • Any acts that disturb the operation of the Website.
  • Any acts that promote acts stated in the preceding paragraphs.
  • Other acts that the Company decides as inappropriate.

Article 15. Liability for Damages
If the User violates the contents set forth in the Terms of Use and causes other Users or the Company any damages, the User shall compensate such damages (including legal fees). If any trouble occurs between the User and a third party as a result of such violation, the User shall solve such problems with his/her own responsibility and expense and shall not cause the Company any damage or trouble.

Article 16. Disclaimer
The Company hereby disclaim all warranties for the following clauses in providing the Service.

  • Fulfilling all of the User’s requests.
  • The satisfy speed/accuracy/legality/usefulness/completeness of the contained information (including the posted information).
  • That the interruption of functions, error/bug/malfunction of the system will not occur.
  • To correct defects.
  • That there are no deleterious material such as computer viruses.
  • That the User suffers damages from the use of or not being able to use the Service.
  • The saving of the Member’s posted information.
  • 2.The information and functions related to tourism and travel that the Service currently provides may be added/revised/deleted without prior notice for improvement of service.
  • 3.In the following cases the Company may suspend or discontinue the operation of the Website without prior notice.
    • When revising the information/function regularly or urgently.
    • When the system or facility is being inspected regularly or urgently.
    • When the provision of the Service cannot be continued due to a natural disaster, earthquake, or power failure.
    • When it becomes necessary to suspend/discontinue due to other unforeseen circumstances.
  • 4. Regardless of the reason, the Company shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the use of the Service or the revision of the Service’s information or functions or the suspension/discontinuation of its operation.
  • 5.The contents of the websites of third parties that are linked from the Website (“Linked Site”) are managed under the responsibility of each Linked Site owner and thus in order to use the Linked Site, please follow the terms of use and terms for management of the copyright, etc. for each of the Linked sites. The Company shall not be responsible for the contents of the Linked sites or any damages that arise from the use of them.
  • 6.The Company may discontinue all or a part of this Service from irresistible cause or unavoidable sales reason or decisions based on sales strategies.

Article 17.  Cookie
The Company will use cookies for the improve user’s convenience, distribution of advertisements and the collection of statistical data. This Website shall also use Google Analytics™ provided by Google as an access analysis tool to measure the utilization situation of the Website and make modifications, etc.
In addition, a function of Google Analytics™ called “Report related to user demographics and interest category” will be used. This will allow the Website operator to acknowledge the demographic data (age, sex, interest and preference) of the Users based on Google’s interest data base advertisement and the user data (age, sex, interest and preference etc) of a third party. But this data does not include information that specifies any individuals, not even by combining the information that the Website has originally acquired.
If you wish to reject the acquirement of your action history information or the of the report of user demographics and interest category by Google Analytics™, you may opt out from the below opt out page provided by Google.

Article 18. Restraint of Alienation
The Users may not cause acts such as transfer, buy or sell, change the name of, establish the right of pledge of or give as security the right to receive the Service. The registered membership shall be personal to and exclusive to the Member.

Article 19. Inquiry
The Users shall contact or notify the Company through the Inquiry form unless indicated otherwise. The Company does not accept any contacts or notice by telephone or direct visits.

Article 20. User’s Suggestions and Inquiries
The Users are prohibited from copying, publicly transmitting, transferring, reproducing or disclosing to a third party the Company’s response to their suggestion or inquiry without prior written consent from the Company.

Article 21. Governing Law
Existence, validity, performance and interpretation of the Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Article 22.  Court and Jurisdiction
All disputes arising out of the Service or the Terms of Use shall be submitted to exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court.

Article 23. The Violation of the Terms of Use
If the User detects any acts violating these Terms of Use, please contact the inquiry contact.

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