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For many, a trip to Japan is a once in a lifetime adventure. So when you go, you want to see, taste, and do it all. But when a country has so much to offer, how do you know where to start?

When traveling to Japan, nothing beats having a local as your guide. DiGJAPAN! is that guide, providing accurate information on everything from famous places to delicious foods to amazing cultural experiences.

Meet the DiGJAPAN! Team


Yuko Tsuruoka


Travel style: Once I find a place that I like, I keep going back. My recent favorites are Nagano and Yamagata.

Favorite thing about Japan: Onsen and wine. My favorite wineries in Japan are Tamba Wine in Kyoto and Takahata Wine in Yamagata. For onsen, I recommend Kabeyu Onsen and Yunotsu Onsen.

Unusual talents: Whenever I go on a trip, other tourists always end up mistaking me for a local and asking me for direction.



Jeongyeon Kim

Seoul, South Korea
Has lived in Japan since 2009

Travel style: I enjoy traveling by bicycle. I've taken one long trip by bicycle every year for the past three years.

Favorite thing about Japan: From Japanese sweets to pastries, there always some new and delicious goodie for sale in Japan, so every day is fun!

Unusual talents: I can eat an entire Domino's piza by myself.



Iki Tseng

Taipei, Taiwan
Has lived in Japan since 2011

Travel style: I'm the type who'll take a train or bus straight to my destination, do what I came to do, and then head back home. I love finding new spots and delicious foods.

Favorite thing about Japan: I love how each season has its own special beauty, like sakura in the spring, foliage in the fall, and snow in the winter. I also love the incredible attention paid to the detail of things produced in Japan.

Unusual talents: I can eat super hot takoyaki in one bite.


Yayu Wang

Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Has lived in Japan since 2002

Travel style: I like to have everything completely planned out before I travel. I treat every trip as a once in a lifetime experience.

Favorite thing about Japan: I have a lot– the beauty of the four seasons, food you'll never get tired of, the depth of Japan's traditional culture, and the way the country protects it's old architecture!

Unusual talents: I never fail when it comes to finding good restaurants.



Rachael Ragalye

Connecticut, USA
Has lived in Japan since 2012

Travel style: I like to travel to different places through volunteering. It’s a great way to interact with local people. The best so far has been volunteering at the 2015 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale.

Favorite thing about Japan: I love both modern and traditional Japanese performning arts.

Unusual talents: I’m very good at expressing myself with my eyebrows.



Teruhiko Nishizawa

Saitama Prefecture

Travel style: I don't normally plan exactly where I'll go on a trip in advance. I usually use my hotel as a base and walk around looking for interesting things.

Favorite thing about Japan: The names of places. There used to be a belief that words in Japanese held a certain power called "kotodama." This is why it kind of makes me a little sad when the old names of places get changed to something new.

Unusual talents: I'm really good at running through crowds without bumping into anyone. Or I was. I haven't tried in a while…


Di Zhang

Beijing, China
Has lived in Japan since 2006

Travel style: Whether it's to the mountains, the sea, or the city, I like filling my travels with laughter and friends.

Favorite thing about Japan: I think it’s amazing how everything is so well-maintained in Japan. You could travel way off the beaten path to some remote little mountain trail and still find toilet paper in the restrooms. It’s fantastic!

Unusual talents: I’m proud that I get mistaken for a local when I travel abroad. I seem to be very good at blending into my surroundings!



Junya Kano

Kanagawa Prefecture

Travel style: I used to be into backpacking. Whatever the destination, I would go off with just one bag.

Favorite thing about Japan: To start with, the food is great. I love both regional specialties and familiar favorites.

Unusual talents: I'm really good at packing light. My rule is that if I have to think about whether or not I'll need it, then I leave it at home.



Miyuki Sasaki

Iwate Prefecture

Travel style: I try to plan my trips to coincide with festivals or other seasonal events. I travel to my destination by train, sightseeing bus, or by renting a car.

Favorite thing about Japan: I love nihonshu, or sake as it's often called abroad. Nothing beats drinking locally brewed nihonshu paired with local foods. Bliss!

Unusual talents: I can always fall asleep wherever and whenever-- even on overnight trains or buses!


Chiharu Matsunaga

Kanagawa Prefecture

Travel style: I always try to take streetcars, ropeways, and sightseeing boats when I travel. I really want to try riding in a rickshaw in Kyoto someday.

Favorite thing about Japan: I think it's great that there are different ways of enjoying the seasons in Japan: looking at cherry blossoms in the spring, fireworks in the summer, enjoying colorful leaves in the fall, and soaking in onsen in the winter.

Unusual talents: I'm really good at remembering people's names and faces.



Takamori Toida


Travel style: Recently, my "travels" have been walking around the neighborhood with my kid. It's fun finding places off the beaten path.

Favorite thing about Japan: I love the way the landscape changes from season to season. The food is also amazing here.

Unusual talents: I really don't like praying mantises, so I developed the ability to sense their presence and avoid them.



Mattanee Wongkitrungruang (Farng)

Bangkok, Thailand
Has lived in Japan since 2010

Travel style: I've traveled all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. I'm also really good at traveling on a budget.

Favorite thing about Japan: I enjoy scenery where you can really experience the seasons. I've fallen in love with the seafood in Japan (especially crab!) and ramen.

Unusual talents: I think I've gotten really good at taking pictures and bargain hunting.