NOW HIRING: contributing writers for DiGJAPAN!

Enjoy traveling in Japan? Passionate about Japanese culture? Become a DiGJAPAN! contributing writer and share what you love about this unique country with the world! 


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■ What we're looking for in a writer 

We're looking for individuals who can write about subjects related to traveling in Japan and who have experience blogging or using other forms of social media. Below are some examples of what kind of writers we're looking for. 

DiGJAPAN! writers_1

Writers who know where to go for delicious food in Japan.


DiGJAPAN! writers_2

Writers who are interested in traditional cultural experiences like kimono.

DiGJAPAN! writers_3
Writers who are good at uncovering and explaining Japan's unique culture.

DiGJAPAN! writers_4
Writers who can attend meetings at DiGJAPAN's office in Tokyo.
Writers who have experience working for Japanese companies.

■ Required skills and qualifications

  • Foreign nationals must currently reside in Japan and be a native speaker of one or more of the following languages: English, Thai, Chinese, Korean
  • Must be able to communicate in Japanese at the JLPT N1 or N2 level
  • Japanese citizens must be passionate about sharing the charms of Japan with the world, must speak one or more of the above languages, and have editing and/or writing experience
  • Experience with ​Facebook, WeChat, NAVER or other social media is highly valued
  • Individuals with video editing experience welcome
    ※ Current college or graduate school students are welcome to apply

■ Job description

  • Gathering information (conducting interviews, participating in cultural experiences, etc.) and writing articles for DiGJAPAN!
  • Managing DiGJAPAN!'s social media accounts
  • Translating DiGJAPAN! articles as well as marketing tools

■ Work location

  • Individuals who can come to DiGJAPAN!'s office in Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo are prefered
  • Working from home is also possible

■ Workload

The amount of work will depend both on the applicant’s skills and experience as well as the applicant’s availability to work. Decisions about workload will be decided in consultation with the applicant. 

■ About DiGJAPAN! and the editorial team

To learn more about DiGJAPAN! and our writers, please see our ABOUT DiGJAPAN! page

■ A message from DiGJAPAN!

We'd like to extend a welcome to those looking to share their love of traveling in Japan with the world, are interested in inbound tourism, or want to gain experience working for a multi-language website or in international marketing. In addition to gaining experience as a writer, you'll also have the opportunity to try editing, marketing, and directing work as well. We look forward to meeting you!

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*End of accepting the application*