Immerse yourself in the abundant natural beauty! Explore Daisen-Oki National Park



Immerse yourself in the abundant natural beauty! Explore Daisen-Oki National Park


Which destination are you considering for your upcoming trip to Japan? We'll introduce you to lesser-known areas where you can experience Japan's stunning natural beauty. 
Daisen-Oki National Park, situated in the western part of the Japanese archipelago, spans Tottori, Shimane, and Okayama prefectures. The park encompasses notable mountains such as Mt. Daisen, Hiruzen, and Mt. Sanpei, along with the scenic coastline of the Shimane Peninsula and Okino Island. Both mountains and the sea offer opportunities to immerse yourself in the captivating and diverse natural surroundings. Additionally, the region boasts numerous historical heritage sites, with Shimane Prefecture's Izumo Taisha Shrine and the Oki region featuring myths and heritage sites closely tied to Japan's founding.


大山隠岐国立公園 渓流


大山隠岐国立公園 歴史ある寺社仏閣


Furthermore, Tottori Prefecture is renowned as the prefecture offering the finest opportunities to witness the breathtaking starry skies in Japan, thanks to its preserved natural environment and unpolluted air. On clear nights, it is reported that one can effortlessly gaze upon the Milky Way and catch sight of shooting stars from any location within Tottori Prefecture.


大山隠岐国立公園 満天の星空


At Mt. Daisen, nestled within the captivating nature of Daisen-Oki National Park, we not only recommend summer hikes but also suggest engaging in night tours for an enchanting starry sky experience. In the months of January and February, specially organized tours allow you to traverse the snowy terrain with snowshoes while marveling at the celestial display above.

Interestingly, while many associate Japan's snowy landscapes with regions like Hokkaido or Tohoku, Mt. Daisen, situated as the highest peak in the Chugoku region of western Japan, is home to one of the largest ski resorts in western Japan with spectacular views, inviting enthusiasts to indulge in skiing and snowboarding. With a variety of other snow activities available, it's worth exploring the diverse winter experiences this region has to offer.

■Recommended tour examples

Starry Sky Photo Tour
*The tour will be unavailable during the snowy season from December 2023 to February 2024. It is set to recommence in March 2024. Once the specific date is confirmed, details will be posted on the official Oyama Tourism website and other channels.


Mt. Daisen x Starry Sky Viewing 
Observing and photographing the mesmerizing night sky at the most scenic locations during the winter season. *The upcoming date for the tour is currently being finalized.


Experience a mysterious night - night trekking under the night sky





In addition to offering stargazing tours, we provide a diverse array of experiential activities, including summer trekking. Please consider this information as a valuable resource when planning your upcoming trip to Japan.


For more information on Daisen, where you can fully enjoy Japanese nature, please refer to the following websites.


Daisen Tourism Bureau official website Tour Website

Ministry of the Environment National Park Website

*The above article is based on information from March 2024.
*Information is subject to change, so please check the official website or other information before visiting.




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