10 Can't Miss Snacks from Don Quijote!



10 Can't Miss Snacks from
Don Quijote!


Whether you’re buying them as souvenirs or as treats for yourself, you'll want to stock up on Japanese snacks at some point during your trip. For this important mission, we suggest a visit to that palace of rock-bottom prices Don Quijote. To give you an idea of the deliciousness in store for you, check out this list of ten must-have snacks from Don Quijote!

1. Kororo

The texture of these gummies might be a little weird at first, but you’ll be hooked before you know it. These intensely-flavored, super-soft gummies are contained in a thin outer layer that kind of pops open when you chew. 
Don Quijote KororoPrice: 125 yen (tax excl.)
2. Pocky Midi Potteri Chocolat
Pocky Midi ぽってりショコラ

These are the short and stout version of regular Pocky. The cookie stick is covered with a thick layer of rich chocolate. This gives the Pocky its chubby or potteri appearance. Don Quijote Pocky Midi Potteri Chocolat
Price: 185 yen (tax excl.)
3. Doraemon Hi-Chew Assort. Candy

Hi-Chew are a popular toffee-like candy. In addition to three fruit flavors, this assortment includes a Hi-Chew in the flavor of Doraemon's favorite sweet: dorayaki! One package contains 48 pieces, making it great for sharing. Don Quijote Hi-Chew Assort. Candy
Price: 170 yen (tax. excl.)
4. GIANT Pocky

When you've got a serious craving for Pocky, then these are where it's at. It's just like the Pocky you know and love, only gigantic. Enjoy 15 pieces of GIANT Pocky per box. Don Quijote Giant Pocky
Price: 1,050 (tax excl.) 

Matcha, wasabi, sake, strawberry cheese cake... The list of flavors for Japanese KIT KATs is virtually endless. Don Quijote has an incredible selection in stock at their Kit Kat corner. Don't miss it!Don Quijote Kit Kat
Price: varies on quantity and flavor
6. Xyli Crystal Ichigo & Noko Milk / Kyoho & Muscat Mint / Milk Mint Throat Lozenges

These hard candies are made with a layer of Xylitol sandwiched between layers of milk or fruit flavor. They come in a variety of taste combinations, so try them all and find your favorite!Don Quijote Xyli Crystal
Price: 175 yen (tax excl.)
7. Meiji Rich Biscuits (orange, strawberry, and matcha flavors)

These are like cookie sandwiches for grownups. The fruit cream is made with real fruit, and the matcha cream is made with 51% real matcha. This decadent cream is then sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. Bliss.Don Quijote rich biscuit
Price: 195 yen (tax excl.)
8. Tirol Choco Kinako Mochi

When you just want a bite of something sweet, reach for Tirol Choco chocolates.  If you're looking for a unique flavor, try the kinako mochi. There's a little piece of mochi rice cake wrapped in a layer of kinako (soybean powder) flavored chocolate.Don Quijote Tirol Chocolate
Price: 100 yen (tax excl.)
9. Tokuno Milk 8.2 Matcha | Milky Gyokuro Iri Matcha
特濃ミルク8.2抹茶 | Milky 玉露入り抹茶

Whichever brand you choose, these candies combine the bitter flavor of matcha with the sweet creaminess of milk. It's like enjoying a matcha latte every time you pop one of these in your mouth.
Don Quijote Tokuko Milk 8.2 Matcha Milk Gyokuro Iri MatchaPrice
Tokuno Milk 8.2 Matcha 170g (left): 398 yen (tax excl.)
Milky Gyokuro Iri Matcha 85g (right): 168 yen (tax excl.)
10. Pistachio Wasabi Aji

For those of you who aren't big on sweet things, try these crunchy wasabi-flavored pistachios. The bag contains individually wrapped portions making them easy to share or keep in your desk for a quick snack at school or work. Don Quijote wasabi pistachio
Price: 975 yen (tax excl.)

This is only a small sample of the many products available at Don Quijote. Is there a favorite snack of yours that missed our list? Let us know in the comments! 

Please note that the product information in this article was correct as of March 3, 2016. Please be advised that prices and availability may differ based on store and/or time of year. 

All prices above do not include tax.


For this piece, we visited the Don Quijote Ginza Main Store. 

Don Quijote Ginza Honkan | ドン・キホーテ銀座本館
Address: Ginza Nine #3 
8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 24-hours
5 min walk from Exit C1 of Shimbashi Sta. (Yamanote, Ginza, Yurikamome lines)
10 min walk from Exit A4 of Higashi-Ginza Sta. (Hibiya and Asakusa lines)
10 min walk from Exit B3 of Ginza Sta. (Ginza and Marunouchi lines)


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