A beginner's guide to Tokyo: a one-day plan



A Beginner's Guide to Tokyo: a One-Day Plan




LOCATION:Asakusa, Harajuku

HIGHLIGHTS:Asakusa Temple, Tokyo Tower, shopping


(Excludes transportation fees)

Get to know the various sides of Tokyo with this one-day plan that covers popular places such as Asakusa Temple, the Harajuku area, and Tokyo Tower.

Shinjuku Station

icn_plan_train.png icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 30 min

  • 12 min. ride on the JR Chuo line rapid bound for Tokyo (170 yen) → Kanda Station → 10 min. ride on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line bound for Asakusa (170 yen) → Asakusa Station → 10 min. walk

Sensoji Temple

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min
  • COST:0 YEN

Walk through the Kaminarimon Gates and pay a visit to Senso-ji Temple. After paying your respects, take a stroll down Nakamise shopping street.


icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 15 min

Asakusa Imahan Kokusai Dori Honten

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:5,000 YEN

Enjoy sukiyaki in a Japanese-style room at this well-known restaurant. If you go between 11:30am and 3:00pm, we recommend ordering the Sukiyaki Hiruzen (3,780 yen) off of their lunch menu.

icn_plan_train.png icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 40 min

  • 5 min. walk → Asakusa Station → 29 min. ride on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line bound for Shibuya (240 yen) → Omotesando Station → 1 min. ride on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line bound for Yoyogi Uehara (170 yen) → Meiji-jingumae Station → 5 min. walk

Takeshita Street

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min

Check out the latest in Japanese kawaii and street fashions at the many stores selling clothes and accessories. There are also many shops selling crepes filled with cream, fruit, and other delicious goodies lining the streets.

icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 10 min

Daiso Harajuku

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min

The Japanese equivalent of a dollar store, the 100-yen store Daiso has everything you could ever think of needing from kitchen supplies to stationary to interior decor. This is a fantastic place to pick up souvenirs without breaking the bank.

icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 10 min

Kiddy Land Harajuku Store

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min

Kiddy Land's main draw is its huge selection of goods featuring popular characters from both Japanese and foreign media. They also carry quirky accessories, models, and other small items that make great souvenirs.

icn_plan_train.png icn_plan_walk.png 30 min

  • 5 min. walk → Meiji-jingumae Station → 9 min. ride on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line bound for Ayase Station* (200 yen) → Kasumigaseki Station → 2 min. ride on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line bound for Nakameguro (170 yen) → Kamiyacho Station → 10 min. walk *you can also take trains bound for Matsudo, Abiko, or Toride Stations

Tokyo Tower

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min
  • COST:900 YEN

Standing at 333 meters tall, Tokyo Tower is a familiar part of the city’s skyline. It’s particularly striking at night when illuminated. The Main Observatory is located at 150 meters, and the Special Observatory is 250 meters above the ground. Entry to the Observation platform costs 900 yen per person.

icn_plan_walk.png (inside Tokyo Tower)


  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:3,200 YEN

Inside Tokyo Tower is a theme park where you can experience the popular anime ONE PIECE. There are restaurants as well as displays for you to enjoy.

icn_plan_train.png icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 20 min

  • 5 min. walk → Akabanebashi Station → 13 min. ride on the Toei Oedo line in the direction of Roppongi bound for Hikarigaoka (220 yen) → Shinjuku Station

Shinjuku Station


The streets of Shinjuku are lined with Japanese-style pubs called izakaya as well as ramen shops that run late into the night. We recommend visiting the 24-hour Don Quijote Shinjuku East Exit store for shopping while you're in the area.




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