Experience the culture of Kanazawa



Experience the Culture of Kanazawa





HIGHLIGHTS:Kenrokuen Garden, sushi, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art


(Excludes transportation fees)

With this plan, you will experience the unique culture and flavors of Kanazawa. Fill your senses with the beauty of Japan as you move from Kenrokuen Garden to the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, home to contemporary Japanese fusion art.

Kanazawa Station

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min
  • COST:0 YEN

Your adventure begins at Kanazawa Station, the gateway to Kanazawa. While you're there, take a look at the Tsuzumi Mon, a 45ft (13.7m) tall gate shaped like a traditional Japanese instrument called a tsuzumi.

JR Kanazawa Station

icn_plan_bus.png icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 15 min

  • Kanazawa-eki Higashi-guchi bus stop (terminal 7) → 4 min. ride on the Kanazawa Loop Bus left loop (200 yen) → Musashigatsuji, Omi-cho Ichiba bus stop → brief walk

Ohmicho Market

  • TIME NEEDED:20 min
  • COST:1,000 YEN

Snack while you walk: the market is a great place to try some local snacks like sweet shrimp croquettes, scallops on a stick, or any of the sweet treats available. Priced around 100 to 300 yen each, you can sample quite a few without breaking the bank.

icn_plan_walk.png Time at leisure

Kaiten Zushi Okura (Omicho Location)

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min
  • COST:1,500 YEN

It's not unusual to see customers lining up for this popular kaiten zushi or conveyor belt sushi restaurant located inside the market.

icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 15 min

Kenroku-en Garden

  • TIME NEEDED:30 min
  • COST:0 YEN

Kenrokuen is one of Japan’s three most famous gardens.
Enjoy the red leaves in autumn and the sight of yukizuri poles protecting the trees from the weight of the coming winter snow. Please note that while entry to the garden is free, some areas inside cost money to view.

icn_plan_walk.png Time at leisure


  • TIME NEEDED:15 min
  • COST:500 YEN

Kenjyotei is located inside the gardens, close to the Katsurazaka entrance. Indulge in creamy soft serve ice cream covered with one of Kanazawa's most famous products: gold leaf!

icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 5 min

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:0 YEN

Enjoy modern art that utilizes nature and spaces. Please note that while entry to the museum is free, some areas inside cost money to view.

icn_plan_bus.png icn_plan_walk.png Total 15 min

  • 5 min. walk → Hirosaka·21st Century Museum bus stop → 6 min. ride on the Kanazawa Loop Bus left loop (200 yen) → Hashiba-cho bus stop → 3 min. walk

Higashiyama, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour
  • COST:500 YEN

Travel back in time as you walk down charming streets lined with the wooden lattice doors of beautiful buildings. You can take a look inside a chaya or teahouse at Ochaya Shima, a designated National Important Cultural Asset.

icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 5 min

Izakaya TAMURA

  • TIME NEEDED:1 hour 30 min
  • COST:5,000 YEN

For dinner, enjoy dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients from Kanazawa along with a cup of nihonshu, or Japanese sake.

icn_plan_bus.png icn_plan_walk.png Approx. 20 min

  • 3 min. walk → Hashiba-cho bus stop → 15 min. ride on the Hokutetsu bus bound for Kanazawa Station (200 yen) → Kanazawa Station

Kanazawa Station


The loop bus runs every 15 minutes, so it's a convenient way to get around Kanazawa. Adult bus fare is 200 yen for a single ride, but there is also a one-day ticket available for 500 yen. Many of the locations included in this plan such as Kenrokuen Garden are free to enter, so we suggest indulging in local Kanazawa cuisine with your extra cash! 




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