See a variety of large and small hot springs gushing out in this one area.

HOURS 8:00am-5:00pm
COST <8 "Hells" General Admission Ticket> Adults 2100 yen | High School Students 1350 yen | Middle School Students 1000 yen | Elementary School Students 900 yen/Jigoku and Earth Minerals (120g) 3240 yen/Jigoku Minerals (100g) 2160 yen/Jigoku Soft Serve Ice Cream 300 yen/5-chome Soft Serve Ice Cream 300 yen/Akaoni Soft Serve Ice Cream 300 yen/Ishi Soy Sauce Pudding 250 yen/Kaki Manju 105 yen/Freshly Steamed Hot Spring Century Egg (1 pc.) 70 yen/
ADDRESS 662 Kannawa, Beppu-shi
ACCESS Near Umi Jigoku Mae bus stop. 25 min. ride on Kamenoi Bus bound for Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University via Kannawa from Beppu Station on JR Nippo Main Line.
TEL 0977-67-3171
CREDIT CARD Not accepted


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