This pond full of blood-red hot clay actually does bring to mind images of hell.

HOURS 8:00am-5:00pm
COST <8 "Hells" General Admission Ticket> Adults 2100 yen | High School Students 1350 yen | Middle School Students 1000 yen | Elementary School Students 900 yen/Akayu no Izumi (40g x 3) 648 yen/Chinoike Ointment 1400 yen/Chinoike Soap 1296 yen/Chinoike Burgers from 750 yen/Akaoni Wine Dressing 540 yen/Akaoni Tomato Dressing 540 yen/Mainichi ga Jigoku (Every day is "Hell") Fan 1296 yen/
ADDRESS 778 Noda, Beppu-shi
ACCESS Near Chinoike Jigoku Mae bus stop. 30 min. ride on Kamenoi Bus bound for Kannawa via Kamegawa from Beppu Station on JR Nippo Main Line.
TEL 0977-66-1191
CREDIT CARD Not accepted


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