Oura Church




This was the site of the discovery of the hidden Christians. The architecture, which is a mix of Western and Japanese styles, is also worth seeing.

This national treasure is the oldest Gothic-style church in Japan. During a time when Christianity was banned in Japan and thought to have been eradicated, a group of hidden Christians secretly preserved their religion for over 250 years here.

HOURS 8:00am-6:00pm (entrance until 5:45pm)
COST Adults 300 yen | Middle/High School Students 250 yen | Elementary School Students 200 yen/Rosary ~850 yen/Stickers 120 yen ea./Stained-glass Bookmarks 270 yen ea./
ADDRESS 5-3 Minamiyamate-machi, Nagasaki-shi
ACCESS 6 min. walk from Ouratenshudo-shita Station on Nagasaki Electric Tramway Route 5. 7 min. ride on Nagasaki Electric Tramway Route 1 bound for Shokakuji-shita from JR Nagasaki Station. 6 min. ride on Nagasaki Electric Tramway Route 5 bound for Ishibashi from Tsukimachi Station.
TEL 095-823-2628
CREDIT CARD Not accepted


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