Sofuku-ji Temple




The design of this building that is designated as a national treasure is a must-see, as are also the invaluable Buddhist statues found within.

In 1629, Chinese living in Nagasaki invited Chinese monk Chaoran to Nagasaki from their hometown and established this temple. The Daiippomon gate and the Great Leader's Hall are designated as national treasures.

HOURS 8:00am-5:00pm
COST Adults 300 yen | Middle/High School Students 200 yen
ADDRESS 7-5 Kajiyamachi, Nagasaki-shi
ACCESS 5 min. walk from Shokakuji-shita Station. 13 min. ride on Nagasaki Electric Tramway Route 1 bound for Shokakuji-shita from JR Nagasaki Station.
TEL 095-823-2645
CREDIT CARD Not accepted


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