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©Hiroshima Prefecture
©Hiroshima Prefecture
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Itsukushima Shrine




Floating atop the ocean, this World Heritage Site shrine is a fusion of architectural beauty and gorgeous scenery.

This shrine was built toward the end of the 6th century, although its current appearance is said to be a reflection of its condition in the 12th century. The red shrine building that sits atop the ocean waters can take on a completely different look depending on the tides. Highlights include the large gate and the Noh stage. Illumination at night enshrouds the shrine in a mysterious atmosphere.

HOURS 6:30am-6:00pm (varies by time of year)
COST Adults 300 yen | High School Students 200 yen | Elementary/Middle School Students 100 yen/ Adults 500 yen | High School Students 300 yen | Elementary/Middle School Students 150 yen/
ADDRESS 1-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi-shi
ACCESS 15 min. walk from Miyajima Sambashi
TEL 0829-44-2020
CREDIT CARD Not accepted


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