10 Must-See Sakura Spots in Tokyo



10 Must-See Sakura Spots
~Tokyo Edition~


Sakura season has come to Tokyo! With mankai or the “peak bloom” predicted for March 29, DiGJAPAN! has put together a list of some of Tokyo’s best sakura spots. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening strolling in a lit-up garden or preparing for a picnic lunch, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to fit your plans here!

1. Ueno Park

Sakura in Ueno Park 1

Every year Ueno Park is almost as filled with people as it is cherry trees during sakura season. This is really saying something considering that there are nearly 1,200 someiyoshino and yamazakura cherry trees lining the wide paths. When the wind blows, the pale pink and white petals fall like snow.
Sakura in Ueno Park 2


Ueno Park | 上野公園
Sakura season: Late-March to early-April
Ueno Sakura Matsuri: March 21~April 7, 2019
Access information for Ueno Park

2. Chidorigafuchi-Ryokudo Walkway

Sakura at Chidorigafuchi 1

The Chidorigafuchi-Ryokudo walkway is home to some 260 cherry trees mainly of the someiyoshino variety. This gorgeous promenade stretches for 700 meters along the moat located to the west of the Imperial Palace. The sakura are illuminated at dusk during the Sakura Matsuri which is held March 27 thru April 7, 2019. Pro tip: rent a rowboat for a great view of the pale pink blossoms.Sakura at Chidorigafuchi 2


Chidorigafuchi-Ryokudo Walkway | 千鳥ヶ淵緑道
Sakura season: Late-March to early-April
Sakura Matsuri: March 27~April 7, 2019 (subject to changes)
Access information for the Chidorigafuchi-Ryokudo Walkway

Chidorigafuchi Boat Arena
Hours during the festival: 9:30am~8:00pm (ticket sales stop at 7:30pm)
Price during the festival: 30 min / 800 yen 
Website (Japanese only): 

3. Shinjuku Gyoen

Sakura at Shinjuku Gyoen 1

A popular destination for tourists year round, Shinjuku Gyoen is a must-see spot for sakura. There are approximately 1,100 sakura trees inside the garden representing some 65 species of sakura. You can bring a "leisure sheet" (what blue plastic tarps are called when they're used in lieu of picnic blankets) and enjoy a picnic lunch under your favorite cherry tree.

*Bringing alcohol into the garden and drinking it there is prohibited. Using toys, sports equipment and the like is also prohibited in the garden.Sakura at Shinjuku Gyoen 2


Shinjuku Gyoen | 新宿御苑
Sakura season: Late-March to late-April
Access information for Shinjuku Gyoen

4. Yoyogi Park

Sakura at Yoyogi Park 1

Looking to escape the crowds? After paying a visit to Meiji Jingu Shrine, head over to the nearby Yoyogi Park for some phenomenal flower viewing. Unlike a lot of the other popular spots for sakura, Yoyogi Park doesn't feel crowded thanks to its sheer size. Relax and enjoy!Sakura at Yoyogi Park2


Yoyogi Park | 代々木公園
Sakura season: Late-March to Late-April
Access information for Yoyogi Park

5. Meguro River

Sakura at Meguro River 1

Every day at Meguro River feels like a festival during sakura season. There are always lively crowds of people, and paper lanterns hanging on either side of the river in front of the trees make for some memorable scenery. Whether you stop by during the day or the evening illuminations, there’s never a bad time to visit.Sakura at Meguro River 2


Meguro River | 目黒川
Sakura season: Late-March to early-April
More information about the Meguro River

Nakameguro Sakura Festival
Date: April 7, 2019
Time: 10am~5pm
Website (Japanese only):

Nakameguro River Light Up
Dates: March 23~April 10, 2019
Time: 5pm~9pm

6. Tokyo Midtown

Sakura at Tokyo Midtown 1

The sleek, modern buildings of Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi get a springtime makeover when the sakura bloom. This is a particularly great place to go at night when the city lights combine with the sakura for some one-of-a-kind scenery.Sakura at Tokyo Midtown 2


Tokyo Midtown | 東京ミッドタウン
Sakura season: Late-March to early-April
Access information for Tokyo Midtown

Sakura Light Up at Tokyo Midtown
Dates: March 15~April 14, 2019
Time: 5pm~11pm
Website (Japanese only):

7. Sumida Park (Sumida-ku Side)

Sakura at Sumida River 1

The already immensely popular Asakusa gets even more attention once the sakura bloom. Of particular note is the Sumida Park, where some 640 sakura bloom along the banks of the Sumida River. You can get a great shot of TOKYO SKYTREE ® framed by sakura. You can also enjoy the scenery (and escape some of the crowds!) on a cruise down the river on a sightseeing boat.Sakura at the Sumida River 2


Sumida Park (Sumida-ku Side) | 隅田川(墨田区側)
Sakura season: Late-March to early-April
Access information for the Sumida Park

Sumida Park Sakura Festival
Dates: March 16~April 7, 2019
※ Dates may change depending on the conditions of the sakura.
Website (Japanese only):

8. Rikugien

Sakura at Rikugien 1

If you’re looking for spectacular sakura illuminations, then Rikugien is the place for you. Here you’ll find cascades of weeping shidare zakura inside this garden from the Edo Period. The lighting gives the pale pink blossoms a soft golden glow that’s perfect for a romantic evening.Sakura at Rikugien 2


Rikugien | 六義園
Sakura season: Late-March to early-April
Access information for Rikugien

Rikugien Light Up
Dates: March 21~April 3, 2019
※ During this even period, the park will remain open until 9pm (last entry 8:30pm)
Website (Japanese only):

9. Hamarikyu Gardens

Sakura at Hamarikyu 1

If you're planning on visiting Tsukiji Market in the spring, pay a visit to the nearby Hamarikyu Gardens on your way back. In addition to sakura, there are also fields of bright yellow na no hana which bloom starting in March. While every year is different, with a little luck you'll be able to see sakura in bloom at the same time!Sakura at Hamarikyu 2


Hamarikyu Gardens | 浜離宮恩賜庭園
Sakura season: Early to mid-April
Acces information for Hamarikyu Gardens

10. Inokashira Park

Sakura at Inokashira Park1

Although not part of the 23 wards that make up the metropolis of Tokyo, Kichijoji is incredibly popular for shopping, dining, and the gorgeous Inokashira Park. Rent a boat and row out onto the lake for a view of the sakura that’s downright romantic. The Ghibli Museum is very close to the park, making this a great place to stop afterward.
Sakura at Inokashira Park 2


Inokashira Park | 井の頭公園
Sakura season: Late-March to early-April
Access information for Inokashira Park

What did you think of our list? Do you have a spot that you'd like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Please be advised that the exact blooming times of sakura are greatly influenced by weather. The blooming seasons listed here are based on predictions and may differ slightly from actual blooming dates.

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Tokyo Sakura Map


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