Kahlua Matcha



Introducing Kahlua Matcha and Four Delicious Ways to Enjoy It


Make room in your liquor cabinets. There’s a new addition to the Kahlua family: matcha! Being Kahlua, there's an undertone of coffee to the liqueur, but the matcha flavor is definitely present. Which flavor comes out more seems to depend on how you use it. 

There's just one catch. Right now Kahlua Matcha is only available for purchase in Japan. This means you have one more reason to book a flight to Tokyo in the near future. Just imagine—enjoy an awesome trip in Japan, pick up a few bottles, and return home with the best souvenirs ever. Or just keep it for yourself. We approve of that, too. Just be sure to treat your friends and family once in awhile to one of these four delicious drinks. 

Kahlua Matcha Milk

Kahlua Matcha Milk cocktai;

This is a variation of the Kahlua Milk, a standard Japanese cocktail that pretty much sums up what to expect from Japan’s cocktail culture in general: one liqueur in a non-alcoholic base. While this drink may not have the most exciting ingredients list, sometimes simple is best. 


1oz Kahlua Matcha 
3oz milk 
Matcha powder for garnish

Pour the Kahlua Matcha and milk over ice and stir. Garnish with matcha powder and enjoy. 

The Grown-Up Matcha Latte 

Kahlua Matcha Latte

This drink works just fine with regular hot milk, but breaking out the milk frother is recommended if you want to look that much more polished when you start whipping these out for brunch. Instead of matcha powder, try garnishing your latte with kinako, or powdered soybeans, which has a surprisingly peanut-like flavor (at least to me.) Feel free to use matcha powder if soybeans aren’t your cup of tea (or latte?).


1oz Kahlua Matcha 
3oz milk 
Kinako powder 

Heat milk to approximately 70°C (160°F). Add hot milk to Kahlua Matcha. Top with milk foam if desired. Garnish with kinako powder. 

Frozen Matcha Parfait

Kahlua Matcha Latte frozen drink dessert

Ready to enjoy a boozy version of a Japanese parfait? We’ve added green tea ice cream, tsubu an made from sweetened adzuki beans, candied chestnuts, and whipped cream to take dessert to the next level. 


2oz Kahlua Matcha
1oz vodka
1oz milk or cream
1 cup ice
Tsubu an, green tea ice cream, whipped cream, candied chestnuts

Blend ice, dairy, and liqueur in a blender. Alternate layering the frozen drink with the tsubu an. Top with green tea ice cream, whipped cream, and candied chestnuts.

Green Alexander 


Those of you familiar with cocktails will probably recognize from the ingredients list that this is a twist on an Alexander The Great. While coffee and chocolate certainly make a fine pair, don’t underestimate what matcha and chocolate can do together. 


1oz Kahlua Matcha 
0.5oz Chocolate liqueur
0.5oz Cream
1oz Vodka 

Shake with ice and strain into a glass.

How will you enjoy Kahlua matcha? Let us know in the comments! 
(And please remember to drink responsibly!)


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