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I ♡ TEA: New Japanese KIT KAT
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From sake to wasabi and the ever popular green tea, the creativity of Japanese KIT KAT flavors has reached near-legendary status abroad. Now there're going to be some new additions to the line up from the KIT KAT luxury line KIT KAT Chocolatory. What’s the theme? Five varieties of Japan’s favorite drink: tea! 
KIT KAT Chocolatory I love tea souvenir
KIT KAT Chocolatory I ♡ TEA: 5 flavors x 2 pieces each (10 pieces total). 2,300 yen (tax excluded). 

The KIT KAT Chocolatory I ♡ TEA collection pairs carefully selected tea leaves with white couverture chocolate. Not only is the quality of the tea super high, but they also used more than three times as much tea as other tea-flavored chocolates currently on the market. You can even see the tea blended into the chocolate. 

This assortment went on sale April 1, so Farng and I got some samples of the I ♡ TEA set to have a little taste test. 
KIT KAT Chocolatory I love tea taste test
Now let's see how they taste!

1. Gyokuro | 玉露

KIT KAT Chocolatory gyokuro green tea

Tea Profile 
Gyokuro is a type of premium green tea. Unlike sencha which is grown in the full sun, gyokuro is kept shaded for two to three weeks before it's harvested. This gives the tea leaves a deep green color and savory umami flavor.

Rachael: The taste was mild, but the aroma of green tea while eating it was really strong. Unlike the sweet matcha KIT KAT, this one has a more authentic tea flavor. 

Farng: This had a much stronger tea flavor than the regular matcha KIT KATs. If you're a fan of real green tea without sugar, then this is for you.

2. Hojicha | ほうじ茶

KIT KAT Chocolatory hojicha tea

Tea Profile 
Hojicha is tea made from both roasted tea leaves and stems. It has a mild aroma with very little bitterness.

Rachael: In my opinion this one was the sweetest out of the five, and the tea flavor was very mild. I feel like people who enjoy their chocolate on the sweeter side would really like this. 

Farng: If you like the unique taste of hojicha, then you're going to like this. The taste isn't as strong as the others, but it has a nice refined quality to it.

3. Genmaicha | 玄米茶

KIT KAT Chocolatory genmaicha

Tea Profile 
Genmaicha is green tea that contains grains of toasted brown rice (genmai). It has a refreshing flavor. 

Rachael: This one has a really authentic flavor. You could get a lot of the taste and aroma of the roasted brown rice. The flavor lingers for a while even after the KIT KAT is gone. I'm a fan of genmaicha, though, so maybe I'm a little biased.

Farng: I thought the flavor of the brown rice was stronger than the tea. In a good way, though. It's also a little on the sweet side, so I think this one would be popular with kids.

4. Oolong Tea | ウーロン茶

KIT KAT Chocolatory oolong tea

Tea Profile 
Oolong teas are produced by allowing the tea leaves to semi-oxidize before roasting. This results in the tea’s signature mild bitterness. 

Rachael: This one did a good job of capturing the bitter flavor of oolong tea. I think it’s an interesting taste for a chocolate.

Farng: This is like chocolate for grownups. You get the taste of oolong tea from the moment you put it in your mouth. There's also a strong aftertaste. I really liked it. I don't think I can stop at just one piece...

5. Kocha | 紅茶

KIT KAT Chocolatory black tea kocha

Tea Profile
Kocha or black tea is made from tea leaves that are fully oxidized before they are roasted. It has a well-balanced flavor and many varieties have a sweet aroma. 

Rachael: This one was my favorite of the five. They did a great job capturing the natural sweetness of black tea, and the flavor really lingered. It was like eating a cup of tea. 

Farng: The kocha KIT KAT had a really good balance between bitter and sweet. I thought this one had the strongest tea flavor. I took one bite and instantly got both the taste and aroma of black tea.

Verdict: get some!

If you have a tea-lover in your life or someone who doesn’t like their chocolate too sweet, getting them this set as a souvenir is going to make you their hero-- that is, if you have the willpower to keep from eating it yourself! Maybe picking up two boxes would be a good idea? 


There are eight KIT KAT Chocolatory branches throughout Japan. You can purchase the KIT KAT Chocolatory I ♡ TEA series at these stores.

Daimaru Tokyo Branch 
Takashimaya Shinjuku Store 
Seibu Ikebukuro
Daimaru Umeda Branch 
Daimaru Kyoto Branch 
Matsuzakaya Nagoya Branch 
Daimaru Sapporo Branch 
Daimaru Tenjin, Fukuoka 

KIT KAT Chocolatory official website:


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