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In Tokyo where pet-friendly apartments are rare, cat cafés offer people an escape from the stress of city living with some pet therapy. But there are cat cafés, and then there is Cat Café MoCHA. Opened in February 2015, Cat Café MoCHA in Ikebukuro lets you enjoy some downtime with furry friends in a gorgeously designed space. 
Cat Cafe MoCHA Ikuebukuro Interior

This warm wooden interior isn’t just stylish. It acts as a playscape for the cats. They pretty much have free reign of their space.
Cats play at Cafe MoCHA

They also have a ton of different breeds here. You can appreciate this especially during feeding times. The cats eat their food lined up in a neat little row at 10:30am and 7:30pm. It’s like looking at a cat rainbow.
Cats eating breakfast at Cafe MoCHA

A really adorable cat rainbow. 
Close up of cats eating at Cafe MoCHA

As you would expect of a cat café, you can play with and pet the cats. (Just don’t pick them up, please!) 

Earl from Cat Cafe MoCHA

There is even a really tiny kitten! Her name is Monja. 
Monja from Cat Cafe MoCHA

Sometimes it can be hard to win them over, though... Later, Earl. 
Earl and Rachael at Cafe MoCHA

One surefire way to be the center of attention is to give the cats some treats. A limited number of treats are available per day to give the cats starting from 11am. Be prepared for them to start vying for your undivided attention. 
Rachael feeds Musashi at Cat Cafe MoCHA

So cute I can’t even. This is Musashi, by the way.
Musashi from Cat Cafe MoCHA

Then there’s this guy. His name is Leon, and he’s a Norwegian Forest Cat. He really likes these cat treats, and boy is he a strong kitty! Things can get a little messy when giving the cats their treats, so it’s a good idea to wear the apron the staff gives you. 
Leon from Cat Cafe MoCHA feeding cats

Speaking the staff, they do an amazing job of keeping the place clean and the cats well cared for. You’d never believe there are fifteen cats living here. There’s hardly any cat hair to be seen. To help keep things nice and clean and the cats healthy, you’ll be asked to clean your hands with an alcohol-based spray and change from your shoes into slippers before entering the room with the cats. 

They also supply refreshments for their human guests in the form of a soda fountain, which is called a “drink bar” here. It’s all you can drink for 350 yen (plus tax). Another awesome thing about Café MoCHA is that they don't only let you charge your cell phone there, but they actually have several different kinds of chargers to choose from should you have forgotten yours. 
Chargers available at Cat Cafe MoCHA

In addition to their Ikebukuro location, Café MoCHA also has a store in Shibuya which opened in July 2015 and one in Harajuku which opened in March 2016. 

Here's the Shibuya Store. Very classy.
Cat Cafe MoCHA Shibuya Location

And here's the one in Harajuku. Bright and airy with a great view.
Cat Cafe MoCHA Harajuku Location


Please note that only guests older than junior high school students are permitted to enter Cat Café MoCHA. You can see the additional rules of the café here:

Cat Café MoCHA Ikebukuro | 猫カフェモカ 池袋店
Address: 3F Nishi Ikeburkuo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 
Hours: 10am~10pm (last entry 9:30pm)
Meal times: 10:30am and 7:30pm

Basic: 200 yen / 10 min (plus tax)
Drinks: 350 yen (plus tax) for unlimited drinks 
Cat Treats: 500 yen (plus tax)
※ A limited quantity of treats is available for purchase per day between 11am~6pm. 
Access: 1 min walk from the West Exit of JR Ikebukuro Sta. 


Cat Café MoCHA is a super close to JR Ikebukuro Station, but can be a little hard to find if you're unfamiliar with the area. Here's how to get there. 

1. Leave the West Exit of JR Ikebukuro Station. Cross the street using the cross walk furthest to your right.
How to get to Cat Cafe MoCHA 1

2. Go around this entrance for an underground pedestrian walkway.
How to get to Cat Cafe MoCHA 2

3. Cat Café MoCHA is located on the third floor of the building next to the 7-Eleven. 


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