Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary:



Celebrate 15 Years of Magic at Tokyo DisneySea during
“The Year Of Wishes”


Of all the Disney theme parks in the world, there’s only one that’s sea-themed: Tokyo DisneySea! Opened in 2001, this year marks the 15th year since the park opened its doors. To celebrate this landmark, Tokyo DisneySea is holding a special year-long anniversary celebration called “The Year of Wishes” from April 15, 2016 to March 17, 2017. From harbor shows to a greeting parade, there are many new events that you can only see during this celebration! Here’s a peak of all the magic in store for you during this event.

Start the Celebration with a Harbor Show! 

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_1
The 15th anniversary celebration kicks off with “Crystal Wishes Journey,” a show presented at the Mediterranean Harbor during the event period.

Mickey is joined by Minnie, Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, and his many other friends as they dance to musical numbers from Disney movies! During the finale, magnificent ships set sail as fireworks and a giant kite dance in the sky. Each performance is about 25 minutes long, and there are 1-3 performances daily.

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_2
Donald Duck and Goofy go ashore to do a little dancing!

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_3
Mickey, Minnie, and Duffy the Disney Bear enter aboard a red crystal ship.

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_4
These are Mickey and Minnie’s special costumes for the 15th anniversary celebration.

Exciting Additions to the “Big Band Beat” Show!

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_5

There are also new and exciting changes to look forward to in the “Big Band Beat” show in the Broadway Music Theatre! This popular revue-style show which opened in 2006 is getting revamped with new musical numbers and costumes for this special celebration.

Many Disney characters come to take part in the performance. Goofy makes his appearance as the conductor of the big band which plays swing jazz music, and Minnie performs an exciting dance number. Of course Mickey comes, too. He plays the drums in the band and shows us his tap dancing skills. It’s a must-see!

The performance runs about 30 minutes and there are 1-6 shows per day. The Broadway Music Theatre is located in the American Waterfront area of the park.

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_6
Goofy does a great job leading the band as the conductor!

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_7
Mickey has a drum session with the band.

See Mickey and Friends Up Close!

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_8

A new greeting drive parade will also take place during “The Year of Wishes” celebration in the American Waterfront section of the park. The car moves along slowly so you can get a good look at everyone’s bright blue outfits! The parade takes place 1-2 times per day. Note that which characters take part in the parade varies from day to day.

Take a Magical Journey to the Crystal Points!

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_9

You can take part in a magical journey of your own at Tokyo DisneySea! There are seven “Crystal Points” located throughout the park. When touched with the limited edition “Crystal Compass” (3,000 yen), the points will emit light and sounds! If you touch all seven of the points, then the compass will glow with a white light and you will hear a special message from Mickey as triumphant music plays.
Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_10
“Crystal Compass”
Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_11
The “Crystal Compass” lights up during the special nighttime aquatic show “Fantasmic!”

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_12
The “Crystal Points” light up at night.
But that’s not all! The compass also reacts to the ship Wing of Wishes located near the AquaSphere as well as during the nighttime aquatic show “Fantasmic!”

The “Crystal Compass” lights up and plays a message from Mickey in response to the sounds that play from the ship Wing of Wishes every few minutes.

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_13
The ship Wing of Wishes

Special Souvenirs! 

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_14
You’ll find goods like stuffed animals dressed in 15th anniversary costumes and sweets packed inside special anniversary-themed cases.

Remember the magic of your time at Tokyo DisneySea with some special limited edition souvenirs. An astounding 230 different types of merchandise were designed just for this special anniversary celebration period! In addition to goods featuring your favorite Disney characters, you’ll also find limited edition products featuring Duffy the Disney Bear, a character created at Tokyo DisneySea.

Of course, the restaurants in the park will also be serving up special meals during the celebration as well! You'll be delighted when you see the shapes of some of your favorite Disney friends decorating your plate!
Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_15
The “Special Set” meal at Cafe Portofino (2,180 yen).

Bonus Info: Mickey-shaped Soap

Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary_16

Because this is too cute not to mention. At the hand washing station inside the American Waterfront area of the park, the foam soap comes out in the shape of Mickey! There are also a few restrooms located throughout the park that have soap dispensers equipped with Mickey-making nozzles, so be sure to take a look at your soap before you wash your hands!

Wherever you go in the park, you’ll be surrounded by the festive atmosphere of Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary. These special events will end March 17, 2017, so plan your trip soon to experience the magic yourself!


Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary:
"The Year of Wishes"

Event Period: April 15, 2016 ~ March 17, 2017
Hours: 8:00am ~ 10:00pm ※Hours may change. Please check the official website.
Address: 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba
Access from Tokyo Station
Take the Keiyo Line to Maihama Sta. (approx. 17 min). Transfer there to the Disney Resort Line and take it to Tokyo DisneySea Station (approx. 10 min).



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