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Hang out with Gudetama at his very own cafe in Osaka!


Gudetama is a lazy egg. He thinks everything is mendokusai (a pain) and never has any motivation. Even so, he’s pretty cute and more than a little relatable. Because, let’s face it, we’ve all had days when nothing seemed more appealing than loafing around. But little Gudetama has been out and about quite a bit now that he's the star of his own cafe in Osaka. 
*The Cafe closed in 2019.

Gudetama Cafe

Gudetama cafe osaka exterior

The Gudetama Cafe in Osaka is located on the seventh floor of HEP FIVE, a shopping center near Umeda Station, famous for its red Ferris Wheel. It’s not difficult to tell which restaurant is the Gudetama Cafe; the outside is covered in drawings of Gudetama in various lazy poses.  
Gudetama Cafe Osaka Interior 1
The color scheme inside the restaurant is a mellow shade of pastel yellow. And, of course, there’s plenty of Gudetama. Sit down next to a Gudetama plushie and get ready to enjoy your meal!

Gudetama Cafe Osaka Interior 2

Food menu

The Gudetama goodness doesn’t stop at the decor. Every dish on the menu is prepared to reflect the lazy, unmotivated nature of the shop’s title character.
Gudetama Cafe Osaka food 1 The "charm point" of the very popular Gude White Curry is Gudetama's little butt sticking out from beneath the bacon. 1,000 yen+tax.

Gudetama Cafe Osaka food 2 Here’s our egg rolled up in some fettuccine in the Nagai Mono Ni Makaretai (I-want-to-be-wrapped-up-in-something-long) Pasta. 1,200 yen+tax. 
Gudetama Cafe Osaka food 4
You can hear Gudetama calling for freedom in this Jiyu Ni Naritai (I want to be free) onigiri set meal. 900 yen+tax.

Dessert Menu

There are also several adorable desserts to choose from.
Gudetama Cafe Osaka dessert 1
Gudetama sports a spiffy new ‘do in the Gudetama Mont Blanc Pudding. 650 yen+tax.
Gudetama Cafe Osaka dessert 2
You can indulge in two classic Japanese desserts when you order the Amayakashite (spoil me) Castella Anmitsu set: castella cake and anmitsu, a dessert of kanten jelly topped with brown sugar syrup. 1,200 yen+tax.
Gudetama Cafe Osaka dessert 3
Gudetama's bacon blanket here is really a piece of chocolate! The cute egg lazes about on a piece of comfy French toast in the Samu (I’m cold) French Toast. 1,300 yen+tax.
Gudetama Cafe Osaka dessert 4
Enjoy Gudetama’s complete transformation into some mango-y deliciousness with this big, satisfying crepe. 1,100 yen+tax. 

Drink menu

Lastly, round out your meal with a drink— if it's not too much trouble, that is. 
Gudetama Cafe Osaka drink 1
Here is some latte art depicting Gudetama and some of his favorite phrases: “Don’t look at me” (bottom left); “So troublesome...” (center); “Sigh” (bottom right). Sorry, you can’t choose the design. What a pain. But choosing is a pain, too... sigh. 550 yen+tax.
Gudetama Cafe Osaka drink 2
Last, we have this cute Ana Ga Attara Hairitai (if-there-was-a-hole-I’d-climb-into-it) Melon Soda Float with his charming little butt sticking out again. 800 yen+tax.

Whatever you order, everything on the menu (and the restaurant itself!) is perfect for your next Instragram post. That is, if you can work up the motivation. Taking pictures is a pain. Sigh...


Gudetama Cafe | ぐでたまかふぇ
*The Cafe closed in 2019.
Address: HEP FIVE 7F
5-15 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 
Hours: 11:00am-10:30pm (LO 10:00pm)
5-min walk from Subway Umeda Station (Midosuji Line)
3-min walk from Hankyu Umeda Station 
5-min walk from Hanshin Main Line Umeda Station 
8-min walk from JR Osaka Station 
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