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Eat Like a Local During a
Hida Cooking Class


Eating like a local is high on the priority list of most travelers today. However, language barriers and a limited knowledge of where to get some authentic home-style cooking can make this a bit of a challenge. This is where Ms. Yoko comes in. A resident of the gorgeous countryside of Hida Furukawa, a short distance from the popular destination Shirakawa-go, Ms. Yoko opens her home to guests from abroad to share with them the local foods of the region. She is also a confident speaker of English as she has been to Australia a number of times for extended periods. 
Hida Cooking Class Rice Field Paddy
Two participants visit a local rice paddy. 

The concept of the course is to “learn local food from a local at a local’s house,” but the experience actually begins in the fields. Participants can see where the vegetables and rice used in the regional dishes are grown and maybe even pick up some fresh ingredients and try drawing water from a well! 
Hida Cooking Class Field Ingredients
Three happy participants pose with their freshly-harvested ingredients. 

Next is the cooking lesson. Ms. Yoko provides instruction on how to make one main dish, two side dishes, miso soup, rice steamed with vegetables, and a dessert. Incidentally, all the dishes on the menu are vegetarian as the cooking style of the Hida Furukawa area happens to be primarily plant-based. 
Hida Cooking Class Meal
A delicious looking lunch!

To conclude the experience, Ms. Yoko and the participants sit down together to enjoy the results of their class and share good conversation. Ms. Yoko is happy to answer any questions about not only food but also life and culture in the region, an opportunity that does not come often on the typical tourist trail. 


Lunch Time Hida Cooking Class 
Price per person: 6,500 yen 
Lesson will be capped at 6 participants to ensure a personalized experience. 

Private Hida Cooking Class
12,000 yen for 1  person
20,000 yen for 2 people
28,000 yen for 3 people
36,000 yen for 4 people
44,000 yen for 5 people 

Meeting location and time: Hida Furukawa Station at 10:45am. 
It’s recommended to take the 10:20am train from Takayama to Hida Furukawa via the JR Takayama Main Line. Staff will meet you at the Hida Furukawa Station and take you to the instructor’s home. 

Time of the lesson can be adjusted. Please contact the instructor directly for requests. 


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