10 Cool Kitchen Tools from 100 Yen Shop DAISO



10 Cool Kitchen Tools from 100 Yen Shop DAISO


The next time you need some kitchen supplies, head to your nearest DAISO 100 yen shop! You'd be surprised at the array of creative, useful products that you can get for just 100 yen. Here are ten things that the DiGJAPAN! editorial team felt were just too good to pass up. 

100 yen shop DAISO

Try Making a "Deco-ben"

Deco-ben, a combination of the words decoration and o-bento, are big in Japan. If you want to try changing your lunch into a work of art, consider picking up one of these items.

Kitchen items at Daiso: decofuri

For those times when your creativity can't be satisfied with regular white rice, here are sets of six different dyes for rice. These dyes come in egg or salmon flavor. 

★Punch Tool For Dried Laver 
Kitchen items at Daiso: seaweed punch
This little tool is a must for any bento-enthusiast. Use this to punch eyes and mouths out of sheets of nori (laver) seaweed to stick on rice and give your lunch some character.

★Sausage Mold SetKitchen items at Daiso: sausage mold set
Why have regular sausages when you can have cute sausages? Put a mini sausage, a popular option for lunch boxes in Japan, into these little molds and viola! You have sausage octopi, crabs, and more!

Helpful Gadgets for Bakers

For those of you more into baking or preparing sweet treats, check out these useful kitchen tools that you can pick up at DAISO for just 100 yen!

★Raku-Raku Open Bag Cap MiniKitchen items at Daiso: bag with cap
With these ingenious little bags with resealing caps, you can easily store and pour ingredients that have a habit of getting everywhere like rice, flour, and breadcrumbs. 

★Hand mixer (150 yen plus tax)
Kitchen items at Daiso: hand mixer
Perfect for the occasional chef, this small hand mixer runs on batteries yet still has the power you need to meet your mixing needs. 

★Cream Squeezer (approx. 18 cm)Kitchen items at Daiso: "cream squeezer"
This "cream squeezer" is a clever reusable version of a classic icing bag and tips. With a variety of tips to choose from, you can add creative touches to your cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. 

★Gudetama Fun Aluminum FoilKitchen items at Daiso: gudetama foil
Since you're going to need aluminum foil at some point, why not choose something fun? You can find aluminum foil printed with the popular lazy egg character Gudetama at DAISO.

Making Dinner Just Got Easier!

To finish off our list, here are some items guaranteed to make your time spent in the kitchen a lot more efficient. 

★Dumpling Maker
Kitchen items at Daiso: dumpling / gyoza maker

This product claims that with it you can prepare gyoza in just three seconds.  

Kitchen items at Daiso: making gyoza

Put the wrapper on the tool, add your desired filling, and wet the edges of the wrapper. Lastly, fold the gyoza maker and you'll have perfectly crimped gyoza ready for frying or steaming.

★Silicone Garlic Peeler
Kitchen items at Daiso: garlic peeler
Put a clove of garlic in the tube and roll it with your hand against a counter or table top to separate the paper peel from the clove in seconds.

Kitchen items at Daiso: garlic peeler in action

A must for any garlic lover.

★My Melody Baby Food Cutter Kitchen items at Daiso: cutter for baby food
This is the perfect tool for parents of children who are just starting to eat on their own. You can use this tool to cut up foods like pasta and potatoes into small, manageable pieces. It also happens to feature the popular character My Melody.

Did you find a gadget that caught your eye? Already the proud owner of something on our list? Let us know in the comments!


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Hours: 10:00am~9:00pm
Access: 5 min walk from Daiba Station (Yurikamome Line)
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※ Credit cards are not accepted at the DiverCity location of the DAISO. 
※ The article above is based on information obtained May 24, 2016. 

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