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For anyone who's even slightly obsessed with stationery (or knows someone who is!), a trip to Shibuya LOFT is an absolute must while in Japan. 

Introducing Shibuya LOFT

Good news: LOFT is a chain store, so you're almost certain to encounter a few no matter where your Japan travels take you. For this piece, however, the DiGJAPAN! editorial team chose to visit the LOFT store in Shibuya. It's said to be very popular with visitors from overseas and has this awesome musical sign full of gears. 

B1 Entrance of Shibuya LOFT


Introducing Japan's Amazing Stationery

First up, the Frixion Product Series
Remember the erasable pens of yesteryear that never completely erased and had a habit of ripping up your paper? Those days are long gone thanks to the Frixion Series by Pilot. These are starting to show up on line and in stores overseas, but you won't believe the selection of Frixion products they have at Shibuya LOFT.

Pen selection at LOFT

Want to make something stand out while still keeping a mellow vibe? Try these pastel-colored erasable highlighters. 

Frixion Erasable Highlighters at LOFT
Product name: Frixion Light Soft Color
Price: 100 yen ea. (+ tax)

If you've used up the eraser of one of your beloved 3 or 4-color frixion pens or if it's become dirty or broken, you can pick up replacements here. 

Frixion Replacement Erasers at LOFT
Product name: Frixion Replacement Erasers for 3 or 4-color pens
Price: 100 yen ea. (+ tax)

If you're feeling fancy, you can pick up some slim Frixion pens that have a check pattern. 

Check Patterned Frixion Pens at LOFT
Product name: Frixion Ball Slim 038 
Price: 180 yen ea. (+ tax)

And last but not least, add some pizzazz to your planners and calendars with some stamps. There're 60 different stamps to choose from to suit a variety of situations from noting when your payday is to remembering an anniversary. Of course, these are also erasable. 

Frixion Erasable Stamps at LOFT
Product name: Frixion Stamp
Price: 120 yen ea. (+ tax)

Keep It Together With Some Clips
Stationery fans aren't going to be able to resist the huge selection of different paper and binder clips Shibuya LOFT offers to help you keep things in order.

Paper and Binder Clips at LOFT

Bring some memorable characters into the office with these cleverly-shaped binder clips. 

Character W-Clip at LOFT
Product name: Character W-Clip (M size; 4 pieces)
Price: 480 yen (+ tax)

For the animal lover, there are these animal-shaped mini clips. 

Animal Mini Clips at LOFT
Product name: Mini Clip
Price: 360 yen (+ tax)

If your style is a little more cartoonish, then check out these illustrated animal clips. (We love the alpaca.) 

Pura Clips at LOFT
Product name: Pura Clip
Price: 150 yen ea. (+ tax)

So Many Sticky Notes
From animal shapes to speech bubbles to Mt. Fuji, there are countless options for sticky notes here.

Sticky Note Selection at LOFT

These ingenious roll-type sticky notes are perfect for putting into a pen case. There are also refills available.

Roll-type Sticky Notes at LOFT
Product name: Pen-type Roll Sticky Notes by PENtONE
Price: 740 yen (+ tax)
Product name: PENtONE Replacement Roll Sticky Note Refills 
Price: 450 yen (+ tax)

Fans of anime or Japanese dramas will probably get a kick out of these ikemen or "handsome guy" sticky notes. Each features an archetypical type of guy found in Japanese series such as the cool yet caring butler, the energetic jock who's not great at studying, and the good-looking high school student.

Ikemen Stick Notes at LOFT
Product name: Ikemen Sticky Notes
Price: 380 yen ea. (+ tax)

Stay On Track With a Planner 
While we've moved into the age of keeping track of our schedules via smartphone and computer, stationery lovers understand that there's something very satisfying about personalizing a planner. And with so many great options at Shibuya LOFT, maybe you'll lose your heart to the world of paper, too.

Planners and Calendars at LOFT

If you want a unique planner, here's an option featuring the character WONDER BEAR on the cover. This planner starts from September 2016 and can be used until January 2018, so you can start using it right away.

Wonder Bear Yellow Planner at LOFT
Product name: WONDER BEAR Yellow 2017 Monthly Calendar
Price: 1,100 yen (+ tax) 

A Mechanical Pencil That Never Breaks?
Ever been frustrated by having the graphite in your mechanical pencil snap mid-sentence? If so, then this is the pencil for you. 

Mechanical Pencils at LOFT

Even though the graphite of this pencil measures a slender 0.3mm, you can write quickly and smoothly without fear of breakage. 

Mechanical Pencil with Graphite that Won't Break from LOFT
Product name: DelGuard 0.3mm
Price: 450 yen (+ tax) 

A Pen Case to Match Your Style 
In addition to efficiency, another thing Japanese stationery goods are famous for is being creative, colorful, and a little out there. Take these pen cases for example.

Pen Cases at LOFT

With the pen case by DELDE on the left, the top section of the case can be pulled down over the bottom to transform the case into a pen stand. As you can see, there's even enough room in this case to store a pair of scissors. For those of you who like to keep your tools neat and organized, try the convertible pen case / stand by NEO CRITZ. It has pockets inside to keep your supplies separated. 

Combo Pen Case Stands at LOFT
Product name (left): DELDE SLIDE PEN POUCH
Price: 1,200 yen (+ tax)
Product name (right): NEO CRITZ PEN CASE & PEN STAND
Price: 1,100 yen (+ tax)

These pen cases won't transform into a pen stand, but they sure have a lot of character! With eyes and a big mouth full of zipper teeth, these monster-esque pen cases are sure to be the talk of your classroom or office.

Price: 1,300 yen (+ tax)

Great Gifts for the Casual Scrapbooker
Shibuya LOFT also carries lots of supplies to help you add a little creative touch to your planners, calendars, scrap books, and so on. So if you're looking for a perfect souvenir for a crafty person in your life, why not pick up one of these decorative tapes?

Decorative Tape at LOFT

You use this in the same way you use correction tape-- simply put the tip against some paper and drag. But instead of a line of white, you get tape with cute illustrations!

Kirari Petit Deco Rush Panda at LOFT
Product name: Kirari Petit Deco Rush Panda
Price: 200 yen ea. (+ tax)

Enjoy Discounts & Tax-Free Shopping

If you're visiting Japan from overseas and spend more then 1,080 yen (tax incl.) at LOFT, then you're eligible to receive a 5% discount when you show your passport at the register. (Note: offer does not apply to foreign residents of Japan.)

Foreign Tourists get 5%off at LOFT

Foreign tourists are also eligible for sales tax exemption when they spend more than 5,000 yen (tax excl.). At the Shibuya branch of LOFT, procedures for tax exemption are conducted at a special counter on the sixth floor. Please be sure to check that you meet all the necessary requirements to be eligible for tax exemption. If you have any questions, please speak with the store staff.  Tax exemption counter hours: 10:00am~8:30pm 

Tax Refund Counter at LOFT

※This article is based on information obtained July 22, 2016. Product prices and availability are subject to change. 
※Also, all prices written in this article are prior to the addition of sales tax. 


Shibuya LOFT | 渋谷LOFT
Address: 21-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00am~9:00pm 
3 min walk from Exit 3 of Subway Shibuya Station (Ginza, Hanzomon, and Fukutoshin Lines) 
5 min walk from the Hachiko Exit of JR Shibuya Station
Website (Japanese only): 

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