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Turn the Town into Your Hotel When You Stay at hanare in Yanesen


For anyone who's interested in experiencing life like a local in one of Tokyo’s shitamachi or old downtowns, then a stay at hanare is a must. 

Discover Your New Neighborhood

Yanaka Nezu Sendagi area of Tokyo called Yanesen
A typical street in the Yanesen area.

The concept of hanare is to let guests use the entirety of the Yanesen area as an extension of the hotel. In line with this, the two main facilities of the hotel, HAGISO and MARUKOSHISO, are separated by a few minutes walk from each other. Because of their location in a largely residential area, guests pass homes rather than typical tourist spots as they move from one building to the other. The way is dotted with bikes and children’s toys here and there, laundry drying on lines and futons airing out on sunny balconies. This scenery is mundane for the residents of the area, but a unique experience for travelers.


Outside of HAGISO building of hanare hotel in Yanesen, Tokyo
hanare's reception, shop, and cafe are located inside the HAGISO building.

The first stop for a guest staying at hanare is HAGISO. Inside this building are the reception, a gift shop, and the cafe HAGI CAFE. At the time of check in, the staff will explain how hanare works. The system is aimed at getting patrons out into the neighborhood as much as possible. For example, while breakfast at HAGI CAFE is included in the stay, guests are encouraged to venture out to any one of the many restaurants and bars right in the neighborhood for their other meals. 
HAGI CAFE inside HAGISO of hanare hotel in yanesen, tokyo
HAGI CAFE. Guests of hanare can enjoy a complimentary breakfast here. The breakfast menu changes every three months and features foods from different regions of Japan. The cafe can also provide Western breakfast and vegetarian options with advanced notice.  

The staff of hanare knows that navigating a brand new neighborhood can be intimidating. This is why part of the check in process includes something of a consultation session. From hole-in-the-wall establishments popular with locals to restaurants with good English menus who are used to serving visitors from abroad, the staff has suggestions to fit any travel plan or adventure level. What’s more, they can also make recommendations about sightseeing spots, cultural experience programs, bicycle rental shops, and a lot more.
hanare yanesen tokyo check in The staff can point out recommended spots and sights based on the plans of the guest.


yatsude room at hanare in tokyo yanesen
The Yatsude room. 

The guestrooms are in the MARUKOSHISO building. Like HAGISO, this building is a renovated home. While the overall design of the guestrooms is simple, there are refreshing touches here and there like the tatami mat floors made of individual squares. Another focal point of the room is the patterned window glass. Each room has its own unique pattern after which the room is named. One example of this is the guest room Yatsude on the first floor which has the pattern of yatsude (Japanese fatsia shrub) leaves. 
amenity box inside the room of yanesen hotel hanare
One amenity box per guest is placed in each room. Inside are items such as a tooth brush, a washcloth for the sento, soap, and so on. 

There are restrooms located on both floors of MARUKOSHISO as well as one shower room on the first floor. While guests are more than welcome to use the shower room, they are encouraged to yet again venture out into the neighborhood to take part in one of Japan’s unique cultural practices: bathing in sento or public baths. One “sento ticket” is included per person per night in the stay package. These tickets are good at a number of sento in the area, each with its own unique character. Although guests from overseas may have some reservations about communal bathing, there are few ways to get deeper into Japanese culture than this! 
sento public bath in yanesen tokyo
An example of a local sento. 

From first time visitors to the area to repeaters, a stay at hanare will give you reason to explore more of Yanesen’s quaint streets, delicious restaurants, and vibrant culture. 


outside of Marukoshio of hotel hanare in Tokyo
The outside of Marukoshiso. 

hanare (Reception inside HAGISO)
Address: 3-10-25 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
Phone: 03-5834-7301
Check in: 3:00pm~8:00pm 
Check out: 11:00am
Access: 5 min walk from exit 2 of Sendagi Station (Metro Chiyoda Line) OR the west exit of JR Nippori Station (JR, Keisei Main, and Narita Sky Access lines & the Nippori Toneri Liner)

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