Popular Japanese Souvenir: Ashirila Sheet



Introducing Popular Japanese Souvenir: Ashirila Sheet


Traveling in Japan is great, but spending an entire day walking around sightseeing and shopping can really take a toll on your feet. That's why DiGJAPAN! would like to take the opportunity to introduce a product that's recently been gaining popularity as a souvenir from Japan. It's called the Ashirila Sheet. Some of the DiGJAPAN! staff decided to try them out to see what the buzz was about. 

Where To Buy 

Ashirila Sheet 1

Ashirila Sheet can be purchased from large discount stores like the popular Don Quijote or drug stores. And with one pack of two sheets usually coming in at under 200 yen, they're an affordable buy (of course, prices may differ by store). They also have boxes with several sheets inside, too. 

Ashirila Sheet 2

This product is easy to spot in stores thanks to the image of the young woman with sheets stuck to her feet smiling at you from the package. Easy to remember, isn't it? The company that makes these is very well-known for this kind of product. 

DiGJAPAN! Tries: Ashirila Sheet

There seems to always be a lot of people buying these pads up in stores. Here are five standard favorite varieties as well as the "vegetable type" series. 

Ashirila Sheet 3

The packages look pretty colorful lined up. Although they all have a picture of a woman on the front, men are more than welcome to give these a try as well. They also have sheets targeting male customers that have a mint scent for fresh feet. 

Ashirila Sheet 4

This time around, the DiGJAPAN! staff decided to try the popular lavender aroma sheet as well as the minty men's sheet. 

Ashirila Sheet 5

Although the instructions on the package are written in Japanese, they're very easy to use. 

Ashirila Sheet 6

Inside the package are two small resin sheets and two large adhesive cloth sheets for sticking the resin pads to your feet. 

Ashirila Sheet 7

Here are the sheets prepared as indicated in the instructions. You want to make sure that the resin pad is facing up before you stick it down onto the cloth sheet. 

Ashirila Sheet 8

Once you've prepared your sheets, all that's left to do is stick them to your feet! The resin pads have a relaxing scent. 

Ashirila Sheet 9

If your calves are feeling tired, too, you can also stick a sheet there as well. 
Ashirila Sheet 10

These sheets are intended to be used as you sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed. 

Ashirila Sheet 11

So, what happens to the sheets after you've slept in them for a night? Let's find out!

Ashirila Sheet 12

When you peel off the sheet, you'll find that the resin pads have turned a blackish color. It's said that this is caused by the excess moisture the resin pads remove from the feet. 

Ashirila Sheet 13

Two of the DiGJAPAN! editors compare their sheets. Both are pretty black...Ashirila Sheet 14

New fragrance! Ashi Rila Sheet with Sakura fragrance

Just launched! New Ashi Rila Sheet in Sakura fragrance. Light and delicate scent helps relieve your long tiring days. 
※Only available in online store now. Products will be sold in drug stores afterward. 

Ashi Rila Sheet with Sakura fragrance

Happy Feet!

Ashirila Sheet 15

The DiGJAPAN! editors who participated in this little test said that their feet felt more refreshed in the morning after using the sheets, particularly the individual who used the minty sheets and who runs for a hobby. 

So if your feet are in need of some refreshment after a long day of traveling or you want to bring back some interesting souvenirs from Japan, remember the Ashirila Sheet!


Ashi Rila Sheet (Tennen Jueki Sheet; 足リラシート)
Maker: Nakamura Co., Ltd.
Average prices:
Ashirila Sheet 1 pack (2 sheets): approx. 200 yen 
MEN'S Ashirila Sheet 1 pack (6 sheets) approx. 600 yen 
※ Price my vary by store.

Retail locations: drugstores and Don Quijote stores nationwide 
Website (Japanese only):

※ Please note that these products are not medicine. Individual results may vary. 
※ Please note that the color of the sheets after use may vary. 

※Data for this article was updated August 2017.


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