Inside the Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha



Inside the Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha


Can't get enough of the ocean? Inside Hotel Gracery Naha, there is a special room where you can spend the night feeling as though you were surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of Okinawa and all the aquatic life that lives there. Take a trip with DiGJAPAN! to Okinawa and look inside the Chura-Umi Room! 

Great Access, Great Location

Hotel Gracery Naha is easily accessible from Naha Airport. For those planning on using a car for transportation, the hotel is a quick fifteen minute drive from the airport. If you're using public transportation, it's just a twelve minute ride on the monorail from the airport station to Kencho-mae Station, and then a five minute walk from there to the hotel. As you walk, be on the look out for the shisa statue waiting to greet you at the West Entrance of Kokusai Dori Street. 

A statue of a shisa sits at the West Entrance of Kokusai Dori in Naha, Okinawa.
You'll know you're almost at the hotel when you see this guy. 

Hotel Gracery Naha in Okinawa

As soon as you step inside the hotel, there is a little bit of blue ocean waiting right at your feet. 

The entrance to Hotel Gracery Naha in Okinawa

What you see here isn't just a picture printed on titles. It's a projection that reacts to the presence of people. Your steps will create ripples across the surface of the water, and little fish will gather around your feet. 

The entrance to Hotel Gracery Naha in Okinawa has an interactive projection of the ocean and fish
After you've enjoyed your first taste of Okinawa's "ocean" in the entrance, head to the lobby on the second floor to check in. 

The lobby on the second floor of Hotel Gracery Naha
Take the elevator to the eleventh floor. To operate the elevator, touch your keycard to the panel beside the buttons. Doing so will allow you to select the button for the floor on which your room is located. Please note that you cannot use your keycard to access other guest room floors. 

The elevator at Hotel Gracery Naha requires a keycard to operate.

Step Inside the Chura-Umi Room 

Room 1101 is the Chura-Umi Room. As this is the only room of its kind in the hotel, getting to stay here is a special experience. What is it that sets this room apart from the others? Let's find out! 

The guest rooms at Hotel Gracery Naha have keycard access.
The room is almost completely dark when you open the door, but if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of water from inside. If you step inside without turning on the lights...

The Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha'll be treated to the sight of the ocean! Although this "ocean" is a projection on the walls of the guest room, you'll be shocked at how real it looks. 
In addition to stunning corals, you can enjoy watching fish as they swim by. There's even a sea turtle who comes around once in a while. 

The sea turtle from the in-room ocean projection in Hotel Gracery Naha's Chura-Umi Room.
With these images, it feels as if your room were in the middle of the ocean. There are three different projections for you to choose from. While two are computer generated scenes based on the ocean surrounding Okinawa, the third is actual footage filmed in the ocean! 

The Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha
The computer graphic projections have a little game inside. Occasionally, you'll see foods like watermelon or even donuts drifting down through the water. If you touch one of these, it bursts open and colorful little fish come rushing over to eat the food. 
The CG projections inside the Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha include a game in which you can feed fish
You can control which projection is displayed on the walls using this control panel. 

The control panel for the projections inside the Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha.
Imagine yourself drifting off while lying on a bed that seems to be floating in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by soothing sounds and gentle colors, you're certain to have a relaxing stay in the Chura-Umi Room. 

Although you'll probably want to enjoy the ocean whenever you're in the room, this chic space looks great even with the lights on. The room features an ocean-inspired color scheme of relaxing blues and crisp whites. 

The Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha with natural light

The ocean theme extends into the luxurious bathroom with a gradation of blue on the walls that calls to mind the depth of the ocean's waters.

The bathroom of the Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha

The Chura-Umi Room features a separate restroom and bathroom. The bathtub here is larger than what you typically find in most hotels in Japan, so take advantage of it and enjoy a refreshing soak. 
The bathroom of the Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha
The room has all the basic amenities such as an iron, fabric refresher for clothes, chargers for your cell phone, and more. Here you can also try a "nano care" hair dryer by Panasonic, a product which is currently very popular in Japan. The room also features a built-in air purifier / humidifier system by Panasonic.

Amenities in the Chura-Umi Room at Hotel Gracery Naha

Savor the Tastes of Okinawa 

After spending a night surrounded by the image of Okinawa's beautiful ocean, enjoy all the tastes of this island prefecture's local cuisine at the hotel's breakfast buffet. 
The breakfast buffet at Hotel Gracery Naha features authentic Okinawa cuisine.

From a dish of steamed local Okinawan vegetables like the unique purple beni imo sweet potato and agu pork used in a dish called seiro to a stir-fry of bitter goya melons and egg called goya champuru, this buffet is full of delicious Okinawan "soul foods." For drinks, try some juice made from the lemon-like shekwasha fruit or some sanpincha, a local favorite tea that is similar to jasmine tea. 

The breakfast buffet at Hotel Gracery Naha features authentic Okinawa cuisine.

Feel free to try a little bit of everything!

A delicious breakfast of Okinawan foods at Hotel Gracery Naha

Everything You Need for a Pleasant Stay 

■ Convenience Store (1F)

From midnight snacks to stationary supplies, you can find virtually anything you might need at Japan's convenience stores, and you won' t have to go far to find one when you stay at Hotel Gracery Naha. There is a Lawson convenience store located right on the first floor of the hotel. 

Hotel Gracery Naha has a convenience store on the first floor.
■ Knowledgeable Concierge Staff
If you want a recommendation for a good ramen restaurant or need directions to the beach, the friendly concierge staff is more than happy to answer your questions. 

The concierge staff at Hotel Gracery Naha is happy to answer any questions you have about the local area.
■ Free WiFi and Other Useful Features
Not only does the hotel provide free WiFi, but there are also computers available for guests to use free of charge. There are coin laundry machines available should you need do laundry during your stay. The hotel also has a machine that prints coupons that can be used at souvenir shops or restaurants in the surrounding area. 

Free Wifi at Hotel Gracery Naha and other useful facilities

A Room to Fit Your Needs

In addition to the Chura-Umi Room, Hotel Gracery Naha has a variety of rooms to fit your traveling needs, all of which offer plenty of space. Pictured below is an example of a twin room. There are also singles, doubles, triples, and rooms exclusively for female guests available. 

A twin room at Hotel Gracery Naha

Inside the rooms designated for female guests, there are several popular health and beauty appliances in addition to the usual amenities. Guests staying in these rooms can also enjoy high-end facial care products as well as Okinawan bath salts. 

A ladies' room at Hotel Gracery Naha.


Enjoy the Shops and Restaurants on Kokusai Dori

Located right on the popular Kokusai Dori, you'll have easy access to great shopping spots and delicious foods when you stay at Hotel Gracery Naha.

Hotel Gracery Naha is located on Kokusai Dori

This nearly 1.5 kilometer long street is home to plenty of interesting shops and great restaurants. Many of the souvenir shops on Kokusai Dori are open until around 10:00pm, so you can get in some shopping after enjoying a leisurely dinner out. You can also find many shops selling delicious local sweets like tarts or ice cream made with beni imo, figures of shisa, interesting t-shirts, and lots more.  

Kokusai Dori in Naha, Okinawa has many stores and restaurants

From moisturizing sheet masks printed with images of shisa to Orion beer and beni imo sweets, there are plenty of great souvenir options!

You can get great souvenirs while on Kokusai Dori in Naha, Okinawa

On the day of your check out, Hotel Gracery Naha will hold your luggage at the front desk so you can make the most of your last day in the area. 

Have you ever stayed in the Chura-Umi Room or any of the other rooms available in Hotel Gracery Naha? If so, let us know in the comments!


Hotel Gracery Naha

Hotel Gracery Naha | ホテルグレイスリー那覇
Address: 1-3-6 Matsuo, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken 
Take the Yui Rail from Naha Airport bound for Shuri to Kencho-mae Station. The hotel is a 5 min walk from the station. 
Alternatively, the hotel is a 15 min drive from Naha Airport. 
Room rates: 
Chura-Umi Room (double room) starts from 27,000 yen / night
Single Rooms start from 12,960 yen / night
Double Rooms start from 23,760 yen / night
Twin Rooms start from 23,760 yen / night
Triple Rooms start from 27,540 yen / night
Ladies' Rooms (twin) start from 23,760 yen / night
*The above prices do not include breakfast. Plans that include breakfast are also available.
Click here to make a reservation.

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