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Cobato Pan Factory: the Tiny Koppe Pan Bakery of Temmabashi, Osaka


Located near Temmabashi in Osaka, Cobato Pan Factory is a bakery specializing in koppe pan-- the Japanese version of the hot dog bun. Stuffed with one of any number of fillings, fried, and dusted with sugar, koppe pan are a staple of school lunches throughout Japan. The soft texture and sweetness of this bread has made it a favorite among children and adults alike. And at Cobato Pan Factory, you can enjoy nearly twenty varieties of this beloved bread from yakisoba pan (bread filled with fried, sauce-flavored noodles) to age pan (bread filled with fried food).

Freshly baked koppe pan at Cobato Pan Factory

Cobato Pan Factory in Osaka

Cobato Pan Factory is located just a five minute walk from Temmabashi Station and across the river. The outside of the bakery has a slightly retro feeling with its cute painted doors and signs. Inside, this small store is filled with neat rows of all kinds of fried breads and breads stuffed with delicious fillings.

Choose from twenty different breads from sweet ones to savory

Fried bread dusted with kinako soybean powder
Age koppe kinako (fried bread dusted with kinako soybean powder). 140 yen.

The bakery usually has twenty different kinds of bread for you to choose from. The breads come in both savory and sweet options. For savory options, they have breads filled with yaki soba noodles with red beni shoga (pickled ginger) mixed in as well as those with a korokke (a breaded and fried potato patty) inside. To appease a sweet tooth, try a fried bread dusted in sugar or a chilled bread filled with whipped cream and fruit. The dough used to make the breads for the sweet fillings is even a little on the sweet side, making for a decadent dessert.
tamago yakisoba pan
Tamago yaki soba (fried noodles with fried egg). 260 yen.

Breads filled with ice cream for summer

Ice koppe (ice cream-filled bread).
Ice koppe (ice cream-filled bread). 350 yen.

A big hit this summer are Cobato Pan Factory’s ice koppe: fluffy koppe pan filled with vanilla ice cream. The combination of the warmth of the freshly fried bread combined with the refreshing chill of the ice cream is pure happiness. You can see people ordering these from the shop’s small window and enjoying them as they walked down the sidewalk. These are very popular among children as well.
You can get a freshly made bread right at the window.
You can get a freshly made bread right at the window.

Eat in on the second floor

The second floor of Cobato Pan Factory, SECOND BANANA.
The second floor of Cobato Pan Factory, SECOND BANANA.

Located on the second floor of Cobato Pan Factory is their sister store, the vintage home decor shop SECOND BANANA. Here, there’s an eat-in corner for those who have purchased a bread downstairs. They also sell drinks here. The shop is decorated to have an American feel for patrons to enjoy as they eat.

There are now a number of other shops and stores in the area that you can enjoy from those specializing in chicken over rice to those selling fashionable interior goods. It’s a nice area to relax with some shopping.

Right next door to Cobato Pan Factory, a sandwich shop


Another recent arrival to the area is yet another of Cobato Pan Factory’s sister stores, COBATO836. Pronounced co-bah-to hah-sa-moo, this sandwich specialty shop opened in May of 2016. Here, they bake a variety of breads for their sandwiches like pain de campagne and bagels right on the premises. They even help make some of the koppe pan for Cobato Pan Factory here as well. Choose the bread and ingredients of your choice, and they’ll fix you up a sandwich with bread still hot from the oven. Of course, you can also buy a loaf or two for the road.
All sorts of breads lined up in the showcase at COBATO836.
All sorts of breads lined up in the showcase at COBATO836.

A soufflé-like omelet sandwich from COBATO836 (560 yen) and a cup of coffee from SECOND BANANA (300 yen).
A soufflé-like omelet sandwich from COBATO836 (560 yen) and a cup of coffee from SECOND BANANA (300 yen).

Cobato Pan Factory, delicious sandwiches, cute decorations... there’s plenty to enjoy in this area, so be sure to pencil in some time for a leisurely stroll here during your trip to Osaka!


Cobato Pan Factory | コバトパン工場
Address: 3-4-22 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Hours: 11:00am~6:00pm
Closed Wednesdays
*Ice koppe are available until the end of September.

This article was written using information obtained August 16, 2016. Please be advised that changes to the store’s menu, hours, and etcetera may have occurred.

The original Japanese version of this article was published on co-Trip.

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