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Parfaits So Big They Almost Overflow: Fruit factory Mooon de Retoro


Fruit factory Moon de Retoro in Fukuoka is a “fruit cafe” run by a fruit specialty shop. Here you can enjoy parfaits filled to the brim with juicy seasonal fruits. Here's a look at the selection they have this summer.

A cafe in a part of town with a retro flare

The outside of Fruit Factory Moon de Retoro
There is an outdoor seating area with umbrellas to the far right of the entrance.

The cafe is located just a five minute walk from JR Mojiko Station in an area known as the Mojiko Retro Area. This area is filled with buildings that were built between the Meiji and Taisho periods such as the Old Mojiko Customs House with its impressive facade of red brick and granite.
The inside of Fruit Factory Moon de Retoro
The inside of the cafe has the pleasant feeling of a seaside resort.

The inside of the cafe is bright with a clean white color. From the windows, you can catch glimpses of the docks and Hanebashi Bridge, enhancing the seaside theme.

The Deluxe Parfait with seven types of seasonal fruit

The Deluxe Parfait with seven types of seasonal fruit
The store’s deluxe parfait made with seasonal fruits. Prices start at 1,300 yen. (*Prices vary by season and fruits used.)

The cafe’s decadent Deluxe Parfait features seven varieties of seasonal fruits. During the summer, it was filled with pieces of ripe summertime favorites such as orange, grapefruit, melon, kiwi, pineapple, apple, and cherries. They pile so much fresh fruit into one parfait that it threatens to overflow the glass!

Another summer special: peach

seasonal parfait
Peach parfaits start from 1,500 yen. (*Prices vary by season.)

The peaches used in the seasonal peach parfait are all grown domestically. The variety of peach used-- yellow or white-- varies. Whichever you get, they are soft, sweet, and delicious. Under the peaches is a layer of the cafe’s special fruit jelly.

There are also other special seasonal parfaits available such as kyoho grape and melon.

A wide selection of fruit goods also available

lots of fruit goods
Dried fruits start at 380 yen.

Inside the store there is a wide array of fruit goods for sale. One example is a selection of twelve dried fruits including apple, pineapple, and raisins on the vine.
Homestyle jam
Homestyle  jam (390 yen for a small jar, 490 yen for a medium, and 590 yen for a large.)

Another popular item is jam, made homestyle on site. The Mojiko Retro Area-inspired packaging makes it a great choice for a souvenir. Flavors include strawberry, fig, peach, and grape. Each flavor is available in three sizes.

It's finally summer at long last. Be sure to energize yourself with the healthy deliciousness of fruit!


Fruit factory Mooon de Retoro | フルーツファクトリーモーンデレトロ
Address: The old Mojiko Customs House 1F
1-24 Higashiminatomachi, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken
Hours: 11:00am~5:00pm (times may change seasonally)
Open seven days a week
Website (Japanese only)

The information for this article was obtained August 12, 2016. Please be advised that changes to the store’s menu, hours, and etcetera may have occurred.

This article was originally published in Japanese on co-Trip.


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