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Everyone is Talking about the Vegetable Gelato Made by Vegetable Sommeliers in Kanazawa


Right now, gelato made from traditional foodstuffs like Kaga-Yasai (indigenous vegetables cultivated in and around Kanazawa) and tsukemono (pickled vegetables) are causing a stir in Kanazawa. This unique dessert is the creation of Shijimaya Honpo, a veteran tsukemono shop well-known for its kabura-zushi. 

A veteran shop handling fermented foods since 1875

The outside of Shijimaya Honpo

Founded in 1875, Shijimaya Honpo in Kanazawa is a well-established store specializing in tsukemono. Shijimaya Honpo’s production of fermented foods such as kabura-zushi, a specialty of Ishikawa Prefecture made of salt-pickled turnips and salted amberjack fermented together with rice, as well as miso paste and soy sauce has played a key role in creating a place for fermented foods in the food culture of Kanazawa.
The inside of Shijimaya Honpo

Located in the Yayoi area of Kanazawa, the shop still carries a feeling of the past. Inside among the neat rows of colorful pickled vegetables there is a section reserved for a gelato case.

Choose from nine flavors of vegetable gelato from pickled plum to miso

Vegetable Gelato
Gelato made from vegetables or Japanese pickles. A small (one flavor) costs 216 yen, and a regular (two flavors) costs 388 yen.

This gelato was created by the husband and wife co-presidents of Shijimaya Honpo, both of whom hold the highest certification of vegetable sommelier: senior vegetable and fruit master. They wanted to have people of various generations enjoy and cherish the tastes of vegetables from the Kaga and Noto regions as well as other traditional foodstuffs.

There are nine flavors of vegetable gelato including pickled plum, miso, and satsuma sweet potato. While the sound of pickled plums might conjure up a sour image, the taste is reminiscent of the tart sweetness of strawberry ice cream, while the miso flavor made with homemade miso is faintly salty and very rich.

New types of tsukemono for great souvenirs

A new kind of tsukemono called  Kanazawa Pikurosu

In addition to safeguarding the traditional flavors of the region, Shijimaya Honpo is also gaining popularity for their assertive creation of brand new products.

One example of this is their Kinjo Kabura-zushi Natsukouji (1,728 yen). This is a summer version of kabura-zushi, which is typically thought of as a winter food. They take the turnips they have worked tirelessly to grow from the beginning of spring and pickle them with rice mold inside a perfectly refrigerated warehouse called the Heisei Himuro. The result is a taste that is mildly sweet and refreshing.

Another popular new invention is the Kanazawa Pikurosu (432 yen) made with Kaga lotus root, cucumber, and red peppers pickled with black vinegar. The cheerful colors and varied flavors make this a great souvenir.
Pre-packaged cups of vegetable gelato

In addition to their main store, Shijimaya Honpo also has a store in Kanazawa Hyakubangai, the shopping mall located inside Kanazawa Station, which is convenient for travelers. Here you can pick up some pre-packaged cups of vegetable gelato.

Enjoy the authentic flavors of Kanazawa in a brand new, delicious way with this vegetable gelato.


Shijimaya Honpo | 四十萬谷本舗
Address: 1-17-28 Yayoi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken
Hours: 9:00am~6:00pm
Closed every first Sunday
Website (Japanese only):

The information for this article was obtained August 20, 2016. Please be advised that changes to the store’s menu, hours, and etcetera may have occurred.

The original Japanese version of this article was published on co-Trip.

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