Fun with Japanese Fashion: Backpacks and Bags



Got a Thing for Japanese Fashion? Check Out These 10 Head-Turning Bags!


The right accessory can really help you stand out from the crowd, and you’re certain to turn more than a few heads with these amazing bags and backpacks. From the super cute to the chuckle-inducing clever, take a look at these great options on sale in Japan. 

Animal bags: a zoo you can wear

For anyone who can't help but smile when they see a little critter, here are three cute bags for you.

Budgie backpacks
These little birds have been gaining popularity in Japan thanks to their colorful plumage and small size- and now they’re available in bag form! Choose from one of six colors, or collect them all!.

Budgie backpacks 1

Not only do these backpacks have a cute expression, they also have a lot of storage space. The wings even double as convenient pockets for smaller items!

Budgie backpack close up

More information on the budgie backpacks here (Japanese only).

Koala backpack
Get in an Australian kind of mood with these koala backpacks. These little guys with their peaceful, laid back expressions come in either gray or beige. 

koala bear backpacks

Here’s what it actually looks like on. Added bonus: the paws have velcro, so you can open and close them. There’s plenty of room inside for all your stuff, too. 

Koala backpack details

More information on the koala backpacks here (Japanese only).

Penguin backpack
The representative animal of the South Pole is now available as a backpack! This one is definitely bound to be a hit with kids-- and grownups who are kids at heart! Choose between black or navy blue. 

Penguin backpack

This little penguin's no-nonsense kind of expression is pretty cute. In fact, this particular bag has been creating a small sensation on Twitter in Japan. This backpack has a pocket in the front on the penguin’s belly and plenty of space inside. 

Penguin backpack detail

More information on the penguin backpack here (Japanese only).

Shiba inu backpack
Next up, we have one of Japan’s beloved pets: the shiba inu. This breed is well known for its short, dense coat, intelligent eyes, and smiling expression. Now you can take this cuteness with you wherever you go thanks to this backpack. 

Shiba Inu bag

The face of the shiba inu is embroidered on the backpacks' jersey material. The little triangular ears are also adorable. And like the other backpacks, it has the perfect amount of space for carrying your things. 

Shiba backpack detail

More information on the shiba inu backpacks here (Japanese only).

Take the feeling of Japan home with you with one of these bags

Wish you could take the feeling of being in Japan with you even after you've gone home? Here are three options that might help.

Sumo wrestler backpack
Few things are more Japanese than sumo wrestling, so how about a backpack shaped like a sumo wrestler or rikishi as they’re called in Japan? The wrestler’s big body is made of jersey material, but his topknot is made of felt. 

Sumo wrestler backpack

This may be a sumo wrestler backpack, but the size is similiar to that of the shiba inu backpack above. However, you can still fit plenty inside! One last charm point for this backpack is the wrestler's chubby arms and legs.

Sumo wrestler packback detail

More information on the sumo backpack here (Japanese only).

Daruma backpack
Daruma or daruma dolls are considered lucky objects in Japan. When you purchase a daruma, both eyes are a blank white. While thinking of a wish or a prayer, you draw in the pupil of one eye. After your wish comes true, you draw in the other eye as well, completing the daruma’s face. Why not take this symbol of good fortune with you wherever you go with this backpack? 

daruma backpack

The kanji printed on the front of the daruma, pronounced fuku, means luck! Maybe this cute bag will help you bring a little good fortune along in addition to all your stuff. 

Daruma backpack detail

More information on the daruma bag here (Japanese only).

Yukata bags
If you visit a festival in Japan during the summer, you're bound to see lots of people wearing a yukata, a light kimono-like garnment. If you find the patterns and colors of yukata appealing, try one of these clever yukata bags featuring yukata-clad legs. Appropriately, the name of this brand, mis zapatos, means "my legs" in Spanish. 

yukata bags

Here's a picture of the bag in action. This roomy canvas bag's embroidered design goes well with casual ensembles. 

yukata bag detail

More information on the yukata bags here (Japanese only).

Get all the attention next time you take a walk with one of these bags

So up to now we've shown you animal bags and bags that have some fun with Japanese culture. To wrap things up, let's check out these three unusual fashion bags that definitely make you stand out from the crowd.  

Canvas sneaker bag
Here's a must-have bag for any fashion fanatic. Simple and casual, this bag is a lot of fun. There are a total of five colors to choose from, all of which bear a close resemblance to their footwear counterparts.  

Canvas sneaker bag

Here's what it looks like in real life. Look at how much the bottom looks like a real shoe sole! You may be worried about how much you can fit inside given the bag's unusual shape, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much space there is. 

Canvas sneaker bag detail

More information on the canvas sneaker bags here (Japanese only).

Smartphone backpack

People today can't live without their smartphones. As such, it was only a matter of time before this vital item found its way into the world of fashion. You're definitely going to turn a few heads when you go out shouldering this oversized smartphone printed with plenty of applications. 

Smartphone backpack

You might have someone come up from behind and attempt to push a button on this fun bag. There's also plenty of storage space inside. Here's a cute point: the zipper pulls are shaped like little pointing fingers. 

Smartphone backpack detail

More information on the smartphone bags here (Japanese only).

Shirt bag  
Another must-have fashion item. For anyone who loves the crisp, clean lines of a button down, this bag is for you. The collar of this clever bag becomes the handle! 

Shirt bag

Don't be surprised if people do a double take when they see you carrying this "shirt." This bag also comes with convenient pockets that are great for storing small things like cough drops or chapstick. 

Shirt bag detail

More information on the shirt bags here (Japanese only). 

Collect them all!

Did you find a bag you liked in our selection? Already own one? Let us know in the comments!

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