Finding Popular Items at ASOKO



Finding Popular Items at ASOKO, the Treasure Trove of Bargains


ASOKO is a variety store where you can find everything from stationery goods to kitchen gadgets to everyday necessities, and all at bargain prices! Their stores always seem to be filled with shoppers perusing the wide selection of unique, colorful goods. For this piece, DiGJAPAN! visited the ASOKO location in Harajuku to take a look at what’s popular now. Let’s take a look! 

Nearly 1,500 kinds of items all in one store!

The neat rows of colorful items really pop against the clean white walls of the store’s interior. With a few exceptions, all the items cost 500 yen or less. With prices like these, it’ll be hard to keep yourself from putting one item after another in your basket!
The interior of variety shop ASOKO

Plenty of fashion goodies for you to enjoy

First up, the fashion and accessory section. One thing that’s popular right now are these umbrellas. Not only do they come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, they also come in sizes for both adults and kids. Because these umbrellas can fit inside a suitcase, they’re pretty popular among tourists from abroad.  
Umbrellas at ASOKO

These umbrellas will definitely help you put a cheerful spin on a rainy day. 
Cute umbrellas at ASOKO

You can also add some pizzazz to your hair with these colorful clips and combs. There are plenty to choose from. These are priced starting at a reasonable 100 yen, so you can pick up some as gifts-- along with a few for yourself!
Hair accessories at ASOKO

If you’re looking for something a little more chic and sophisticated, then try these sunglasses. These are nice and sturdy despite their bargain price. How cheap are they? Even if you purchase them with a case, you’ll be paying less than 1,000 yen.
Sunglasses from ASOKO

Indulge yourself with some fun stationery

Now we come to the section for which ASOKO is most famous: stationery. Once you see their line up, you’re almost guaranteed to start thinking of all the reasons why you need these things. 
Stationery goods from ASOKO

For example, check out these pens. You’ll never have anyone “forget” to return your pen at work or school with one of these guys. And yes, even the little pink skeleton is a pen. 
Interesting pens at ASOKO

It might feel a little strange to hold at first, but it’s surprisingly easy to write with! 
A unique skeleton pen from ASOKO

Want to make sure that your message gets through? Then pick up some of these sticky notes. As you can see, they come in all shapes and sizes that suit a wide range of purposes. 
Sticky notes of all shapes and sizes from ASOKO

If you look quickly, you’re likely to think that someone mistakenly put some nail polish in the stationery section. Surprise! These little nail polishes are actually highlighters! These are said to be especially popular with tourists. 
Highlighters shaped like nail polish from ASOKO

Great ideas for the cook in your life

ASOKO stocks everything from tableware to kitchen tools. And given that it’s ASOKO, everything is naturally very colorful. These bright little gadgets are a great way to bring some cheer into your everyday routine. 
Kitchen goods from ASOKO
Clockwise from top right: Mason jar glasses; soap dispenser / sponge set; fruit picks; Dutch ovens. 
Novelty sponges and soap holders from ASOKO
Fish bone soap trays (left) and novelty sponges (center and right) make dishwashing fun.

Cute and practical, this spoon, spatula, and tong set is very happy to see you.
A cutlery set from ASOKO that's very happy to see you

Think this fashionable bag is a purse? It’s actually a bag for keeping your groceries or foods cool! And would you believe it only costs 600 yen?
A bag for keeping your foods cool from ASOKO

Hobby goods galore

Lastly, here are some fun games that anyone can enjoy. They have options like mini table tennis sets and billiard tables that are sure to be a big hit at parties. 
Hobby corner at ASOKO

Because they’re mini-sized, you can pretty much set them up whenever and wherever you’d like. 
Mini table tennis set from ASOKO

Or, you could go in the other direction and opt for something over-sized like this badminton set. 
Giant badminton set from ASOKO

Find your own “hidden treasure” at ASOKO

Here’s one last thing to make note of before you embark on your own ASOKO adventure. A new arrival is this CITY series featuring Tokyo, Osaka, London, and New York. These four cities are used as the motifs for tableware, stationery, bags, and more. If you want a cool souvenir from your travels in Japan that will actually serve a practical purpose, consider picking up something decorated with Tokyo or Osaka. 
ASOKO City series

If you want to send what you’re seeing to your friends back at home and get their opinion before you buy, you’re in luck! Photography is allowed inside the store! 
Pictures are allowed inside ASOKO

In short, ASOKO is a great place to do plenty of shopping without breaking the bank. However, there are only three stores nationwide including the one in Harajuku and no online shop, so definitely stop by when you go to Tokyo! 


ASOKO Harajuku Location | ASOKO原宿店
Address: 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 
Hours: 11:00am~8:00pm 
Access: 10 min walk from JR Harajuku Station 
3 min walk from Tokyo Metro Meijijingumae Station 
*In addition to Harajuku, there are locations in Osaka (Minamihorie Location) and in Kobe (umie Location).

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