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Complete Your Harajuku Experience with a Crepe from SWEET BOX


You can’t call a visit to Harajuku complete without having a crepe. When you walk along Takeshita-dori, it’ll actually probably be hard to keep from getting one. The sweet, vanilla smell of freshly made crepes seems like the area’s official fragrance and it pretty much fills the shop-lined street. Adding to Harajuku’s delicious aroma is SWEET BOX, a popular crepe shop serving eighty-six different crepes to hungry customers. 

With So Many Crepes, Which Will You Choose? 
The outside of SWEET BOX's second store

SWEET BOX opened its first crepe stand in December 2004 and its second and larger store in October 2015. With more than one hundred items on the menu, there’s no shortage of delicious filling combinations to tempt you. They can be as simple as just whipped cream or custard with chocolate sauce or as decadent as whipped cream, gelato, and a piece of cake! If sweets aren’t your thing, they also have savory crepes with fillings like tuna salad or ham and egg. There’s also options that don’t include whipped cream or custard should you not be a fan of either, and you can add more toppings to customize your crepe. 
Models of crepes at SWEET BOX Harajuku

The outside of the store is nearly covered in models of all the different kinds of crepes they serve to help you decide.
The five most popular crepes among tourists at SWEET BOX Harajuku

If you’re really stuck, there’s a list of the five SWEET BOX crepes most popular among foreign tourists posted outside. By the way, the fillings most popular with Japanese customers are fruits with whipped cream, particularly banana or strawberry. 

Their expansive menu isn’t the only reason why you often see people lining up at SWEET BOX. They are extremely particular about how their crepes are made as well as the quality of their ingredients. For example, they insist on mixing their crepe batter by hand rather than using a machine to protect its flavor. 

Get Ready to Indulge 
Getting your crepe is easy. Just place your order at the window and watch as they quickly create a dessert masterpiece. 
Getting a crepe at SWEET BOX Harajuku

I went with the most popular crepe among tourists: the double chocolate banana & cream (490 yen). It comes with chocolate gelato, whipped cream, banana, chocolate sauce, and a sprinkle of nuts all artfully wrapped up in a warm crepe. 
the double chocolate banana & cream

The crepe comes to Harajuku 
But how did crepes, a food from France, come to be the image food of Harajuku? The store manager at SWEET BOX, informed me that Harajuku is said to be the place that crepes in their conveniently rolled and paper-covered forms first appeared in Japan around 1970. Specifically, it’s said that they were first sold like this by yatai food stalls inside Yoyogi Park. They were wrapped this way so that people could enjoy them while walking as part of Japan’s beloved tabe-aruki (lit. eating-walking) culture. 
Eating space at SWEET BOX Harajuku

SWEET BOX also kindly offers a sitting area if you would like to take some time to savor your crepe. 

Do you have a favorite kind of crepe to get when you visit Harajuku? Tell us your favorite filling combinations in the comments below! 


Address: 1-17-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (AKA Takeshita-dori) 
Hours: 10:00am~10:30pm
Access: approx. 5 minutes walk from JR Harajuku Station

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