The 7 most popular products shared on social media found at the AEON MALL supermarket



The 7 most popular products shared on social media found at the AEON MALL supermarket


Just as Japanese tourists overseas get excited to visit local supermarkets, visitors from overseas enjoy visiting supermarkets in Japan. Displays and products that are part of the everyday landscape for Japanese are rare and fresh for foreign tourists. Visitors often post pictures of snacks, liquor, and fruit that they've purchased on social media and blogs.
With this in mind, we've searched for some popular products that visitors from overseas will want to post about on social media at the huge supermarket in the AEON MALL Makuhari New City.

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A hypermarket where you can enjoy everyday Japanese foods

AEON MALL Makuhari New City located in Chiba prefecture is the largest shopping mall in the country. It is split into four different malls including supermarkets, specialty stores, a movie theater, and even a hospital. This place has it all.

For this article, we visited the supermarket inside the Grand Mall.​
1. The strawberry season loved by visitors from Thailand is here
This is the fruit corner. There is a great variety of citrus at this time of year.
Fruit and vegetable corner

One item visitors from Thailand look for at supermarkets is strawberries. A rich variety is available including Amao, Skyberry, and Beni Hoppe. Even with these options, foreign visitors love Amao the best!

2. New spring snacks arrive one after the other
When you see Japanese snacks, you want to try them all. In addition to pictures of the most popular snacks, people frequently post strawberry and plum varieties, packages with cherry blossoms, and seasonal snacks on social media and blogs.
Potato chips_1

Calbee Spring Potato Chips - Sour Cream Cheese Flavor

Potato chips_2

Suppa Mucho Chips - Refreshing Plum Flavor


Meiji Strawberry Chocolate-Coated Kinoko no Yama


Calbee Jagabee Kishu Plum Flavor

Kaki no Tane

Kaki no Tane Plum and Japanese Basil w/o Peanuts

3. An amazing selection in the dressing corner
In the past few years, the salad dressing corner has exploded on the sales floor of super markets. Because Japan sells more varieties of salad dressing than many places overseas, foreign tourists are interested in this area.
Dressing corner

The photo below shows a must-try dressing with the sweetness and richness of onion. Not only is it great on salads, but is perfect for including in hamburg so you don't have to chop onions. This is truly a super seasoning.
Riken Selecty Ameiro Tamanegi
Riken Selecty Ameiro Tamanegi

4. Items that go great with rice or bread
Furikake is inexpensive and light. Spreads with tuna and corn, and whips for sweets make the perfect souvenir. These kinds of spreads are uncommon overseas, but very convenient for snacks, so many visitors purchase them to take home.

Nagatanien Furikake Series for Adults

Kewpie products

Kewpie Bakery Tuna and Mayo

Whipped cream

Aohata Verde Whip Series

5. Be sure to get your hands on seasonal liquor and juice before they're gone
Cheaper than a convenience store and a better selection than a drugstore, supermarkets are the perfect place to buy alcohol and juice in bulk. Horoyoi is a popular drink among foreign visitors, and the new flavor Yuzu was added in January. Because this is the first time Yuzu has been offered, it will likely sell out in a single day.
Horoyoi Yuzu
Suntory Horoyoi Yuzu
For overseas visitors, matcha is often viewed as the most sophisticated Japanese tea. Because matcha is difficult to brew, the instant variety is easy to buy. Tsujiri Matcha Milk features a refined flavor with the slight scent of cherry blossoms.
Matcha milk
Tsujiri Matcha Milk Sakura Flavor from Kataoka

6. Instant noodles - a taste of ramen from all around Japan
The best thing about instant noodles is being able to enjoy local varieties of ramen from around Japan without leaving Chiba. Varieties from Aomori, Sendai, and Kyoto are also available. They tend to take up a bit of space, but everyone is glad to receive instant noodles as a souvenir.
Instant noodles
(Left: Yamadai Sugomen Sano Ramen, Center: Sugakiya Zenkoku Men Meguri Toyama Black Ramen, Right: Nissin Shokuhin Men Nippon Hakodate Salt Ramen)

7. Try some Japanese side dishes while on the go
Side dishes are a great way to satisfy the hunger of foreign tourists. Buy some to eat on a bench at the mall or to take back to a hotel room.
Side dishes

 Side dishes sold by volume

Yakitori grilled chicken

Yakitori grilled chicken skewers sold by the piece

Fried foods

 Fried foods that can be purchased in small amounts


Bluefun tuna sushi at reasonable supermarket prices

Japanese, Chinese, and western bentos

Japanese, Chinese, and western bentos


Experience local Japanese flavor at the supermarket

Most of the items foreign tourists post on social media and blogs are not novel items, but everyday things that Japanese people purchase. Even so, Japanese supermarkets are a treasure trove of items for the foreign visitor. In addition to famous tourist locations, the average, everyday supermarket that Japanese customers frequent can hold special appeal for visitors from overseas.


AEON MALL Makuhari New City
Address: Toyosuna 1-1, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken 
Opening hours: 
Grand Mall specialty stores: 10 am to 10 pm
Family Mall/Active Mall/Pet Mall specialty stores: 10 am to 9 pm *Other stores may vary.
Days closed: None

※The article above is based on information correct at time of interview on January 30, 2017.
※Depending on each store’s inventory, some items may not be in stock. Please also be aware that there may be limited sales periods or items on sale only at certain stores.

Access: AEON MALL is approximately 7 minutes by bus from JR Kaihimmakuhari Station. Get off at the AEON Style entrance for the massive supermarket. Get off at the Tsutaya bookstore stop for various specialty stores such as the Tsutaya bookstore. Get off at the Family Mall stop for the Family Mall or Active Mall.

(1) From Kaihimmakuhari Station via Toyosuna Park, arriving at Family Mall (about 8 minutes)
(2) From Kaihimmakuhari Station via AEON Style entrance, arriving at Family Mall (about 10 minutes)
*Weekdays 6:20 am to 20:55 pm; Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays from 6:20 am to 11:50 pm
(3) From Shin-Narashino station via Grand Mall (about 7 minutes) to Messe Central/Kaihimmakuhari Station
(4) From Makuharihongo Station arriving at Family Mall (about 19 minutes)/Arriving at Kanda University of International Studies (about 22 minutes)
(5) Scenic loop route (about 40 minutes per loop)
※Only on Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays
※Required time may vary, depending on traffic conditions.


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