Hints on how to enjoy Mother Farm, accessible from Tokyo



Hints on how to enjoy Mother Farm, accessible from Tokyo


Mother Farm is a famous sightseeing spot known to all Japanese on the Boso Peninsula of Chiba. Not only can you pet animals, but pick fruit as well. There's so much to do that a single day is not enough!

The DiGJAPAN! Editorial staff has gathered all the information you need to make the most out of enjoying this wide-open farm, must-see spots, and the best way to make your way around the farm.

Mother Farm is huge!

Mother Farm is accessible via public transportation from Tokyo Station. Although it is a bit far from Tokyo, it is certainly fun enough to make the visit worthwhile! This wide-open farm on top of a mountain is not only exciting for kids, but adults as well.
Mother Farm entrance

Mother Farm is a massive place at an overwhelming 2.5 million square meters! The vast meadowland is big enough to contain 350 football stadiums and is home to a variety of animals. This is truly a hilltop animal paradise.
Mother Farm - Hilltop scenery

Because the farm is too large to cover comfortably on foot, make sure to ride the sightseeing bus to save time. There are two kinds of sightseeing buses, both the Wanwan Bus (Dog) and Tonton Bus (Pig). Keep an eye out not just for how the buses look but for the animal sounds they make as well!
Mother Farm sightseeing buses
Two buses from left: Wanwan Bus that circles the farm, Right: Tonton Bus that makes round trips up and down the hills between Wakuwaku Land and Makiba Plaza.

Get close enough to touch the animals

The best way to enjoy Mother Farm is to touch the animals. There are a variety of animals you can encounter in this wide-open farm.

Go meet some comforting animals on the Mother Farm Tour!

The Mother Farm Tour is an absolute must-see. You can feed alpacas and sheep and see other rare animals. Tours on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays tend to sell out quickly so be sure to sign up for the tour as soon as you arrive at Mother Farm! Required time: approx. 50 min. (ride time: approx. 35 min., adults 1,200 yen, children 700 yen.)

Travel around this big farm by tractor train!
Mother Farm - Mother Farm Tour

There's an alpaca, the cuddliest of animals! Make sure to stretch out your hand and feed the alpacas inside their enclosures.
Mother Farm - Alpacas1

Don't be afraid to touch them! Their wool is so thick your fingers will sink right in. That fluffy feeling is irresistible!
Mother Farm - Alpacas2

There's a herd of sheep. If you have some food they will come right up to you. They're just too cute!
Mother Farm - Sheep herds1

Covered in 100% wool, these animals are great to touch!
Mother Farm - Sheep herds2

After feeding the animals, it's time to ride the tractor train again. On the way you can see horses, cows, and other animals leisurely wandering around.

Watch a parade of 150 sheep!

Another must-see event at Mother Farm is the sheep parade! This happens once a day in the Sheep Meadow (excluding July and August). Shepherds and sheepdogs lead a big parade of nearly 150 sheep in this amazing spectacle! The performance of superbly trained sheepdogs and sheep is sure to be a memorable experience.
Mother Farm - Sheep herds3
Mother Farm - Sheep herds4

After the parade you can pet the sheep. Don't miss this rare opportunity to be surrounded by over 100 sheep.
Mother Farm - Sheep herds5

Other animal interactions are fun too!

Ducks swing their bottoms back and forth while their short legs carry them in the Duck Sprint. They're so cute you can't help but cheer them on!
Mother Farm - Duck Sprint

In the Piglet Race, participating children lightly slap the piglets on the bottom to guide them to the goal! Families with children shouldn't miss this event.
Mother Farm - Piglet Race

There are many other events where you can interact with animals, including milking. Make sure to check the latest info so you don't miss seasonal events!

Pick fruit year-round!

Although it may not seem like it from a glance, but visitors can harvest fruits and vegetables at Mother Farm throughout the year. Strawberries and fruit tomatoes are available from winter to spring, with blueberries in the summer, and kiwis and sweet potatoes from autumn. Make sure to come try the different varieties grown on this large farm!
Mother Farm - Fruit picking

The strawberry picking season runs from mid-January to late May. Step into the vinyl strawberry garden on top of the hill and be amazed at a landscape of strawberries as far as the eye can see!
Mother Farm - Strawberry picking1
The white pipe frames offer an easy way to pick strawberries at your own height for both tall adults and small children alike.
Mother Farm - Strawberry picking2
Five varieties of strawberries are cultivated here, including Beni Hoppe, Akihime, Tochiotome, Mouikko, and Yayoihime. Although the variety available for picking differs depending on the day, there are always two types available.

After picking the strawberries, they are sold by weight. Make sure to keep your appetite in check while picking!
Mother Farm - Strawberry picking3

There is a 200 yen entry fee per person for strawberry picking, and collected strawberries are sold for 200 yen per 100 grams.

You can eat purchased strawberries while in the farm, but for those with a sweet tooth, the best place is the rest area adjacent to the vinyl house. Here you can eat your strawberries with condensed milk. The strawberries are sweet and juicy, and eating just one is sure to make you happy.
Mother Farm - Strawberry picking4

Strawberry and fruit picking is on a first-come-first-served basis, and ends when ripe fruit is gone. For those who definitely want to pick some fruit, make sure to check the website before visiting, as the days and locations may change according to crop conditions!

Farm fresh Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ

After having so much fun, you're sure to be hungry. Genghis Khan Mongolian barbecue is the most popular dish at Mother Farm. Almost everyone who visits eats this dish!

The showcase is filled with ingredients from the dish and you can select what you want to eat. It's easy to cook! Simply cook ingredients according to the instructions on the menu or wall and it is ready to eat. The mutton is not gamey and the smooth, special soy sauce based dip is a perfect match!
Mother Farm - Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ

Another dish you should try are the lamb chops and homemade sausages! Make sure to order them with your Genghis Khan barbecue. The thick lamb chops are amazingly tender even after being grilled to perfection. The sausages are free from additives and overflowing with juice when you bite in. Enjoying an exciting meal around the table is the best experience.
Mother Farm - Lam chops and sausages

One of the most popular parts of the farm is definitely the soft ice cream! Make sure to try the vanilla with a rich milky taste. A variety of seasonal flavors are also available.
Mother Farm - Soft ice cream

A colorful flower carpet!

One other charming aspect of Mother Farm is its flowers. From mid-February to mid-April you can enjoy a field of almost 3.5 million field mustard flowers. This is the largest field of field mustard flowers in the entire Kanto area. From mid-May to mid-October you can see vivid pink petunias. Each season has its own look, so don't miss the beauty of each one!

Make sure to take pictures on the Flower Path, a walking trail that goes right through the flowers.
Mother Farm - Field mustard flower field
The view of 25,000 petunias against a backdrop of mountains is sure to take your breath away.

Mother Farm - Petunias

Mother Farm is the perfect place when you want to refresh both mind and body. There are many other attractions not covered here, so make sure to come and visit!


Mother Farm

Address: 940-3 Tagura, Futtsu-shi, Chiba-ken
Hours: February 1 to November 30: 9:30 - 16:30 on weekdays), 9:00 - 17:00 on weekends and holidays
December 1 to January 31: 10:00 - 16:00 on weekdays, 9:30 - 16:00 on weekends and holidays
*Note that weekends and holiday hours apply during spring vacation (around March), Golden Week (Japanese consecutive holidays running from late April to early May), summer vacation, year-end/New Year holidays (Japanese consecutive holidays running from late December to early January).
Closed: Around December and January (Contact Mother Farm for further details)
Admission: Adults: 1,500 yen, children: 800 yen, dogs: 600 yen (separate fee for groups)
Access: 30 to 40 minutes by direct bus from JR Kimitsu Station, or 25 minutes by direct bus from JR Sanukimachi Station.



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