Enjoy Delicious Food and Art in Ikuchijima, the Lemon Island



Enjoy Delicious Food and Art in Ikuchijima, the Lemon Island


Located in the Seto Inland Sea, Ikuchijima is known as the birthplace of lemons in Japan. To this day it supplies the largest production of lemons in the country. Famous for citrus-based sweets, its gourmet food and its art, Ikuchijima is best enjoyed on a cycling tour.

*July 9th, 2018 Update - The rain disaster of July 2018 in Western Japan might have affected some facilities and public transportation. If you're travelling or planning to travel in this area please check the latest information. The current situation might differ from what described in this website, so please be careful.

A Photogenic Museum

One of the main attractions of this island is Kosanji. Founded by the industrialist Kozo Kosanji as a Bodaiji, a family temple that he dedicated to his mother, the entire temple is used as a museum. The many brightly colored buildings alone are worth the visit.

If you come here, we really recommend you visit the Hill Of Hope, a stone park made of carved Italian marble. The pure white stones as far as the eye can see are reminiscent of the beautiful Mediterranean coastal sceneries.

From the tallest spot you can admire the broad panorama of the Setouchi region.


Kosanji Museum (Kosanji Temple) | 耕三寺博物館(耕三寺)
Address: 553-2, Setoda-cho Setoda, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
Entrance fee: Adults 1400 yen, university students 1000 yen, high school students 800 yen, free for middle school students and below

Sample Delicious Food in Shiomachi Shopping Street

Located in Setoda, Ikuchijima's main town, Shiomachi shopping street has a rustic feel. Loved by the locals for its many fine eateries, it's also a perfect stop for the hungry cyclists.
Shiomachi Shopping Street 1

The first thing you might want to try is this superb roast chicken, with a crunchy skin and soft meat, dipped in a sweet and sour sauce. One leg is just the right amount to satisfy you.
Shiomachi Shopping Street 2
One leg 390 yen (at Tamaki Shoten)

And what about a croquette shop so popular that it was even featured in foreign TV shows? The freshly fried, crunchy breading pairs perfectly with the soft potato filling.
Shiomachi Shopping Street 3
One croquette 90 yen (at Okatetsu Shoten)

Here they also sell a drink called cajyutta. It's a juice made using whole Setoda-grown oranges. The perfect treat for thirsty cyclists!
Shiomachi Shopping Street 4
Cajyutta 500 yen (the one in the picture was 400 yen from the shop Felice di Tucca)

There are many other restaurants, dried food vendors and souvenir shops selling Ikuchijima lemon cakes.
Shiomachi Shopping Street 5
This place is popular for its dried octopus


Shiomachi Shopping Street | しおまち商店街
Address: Setoda-cho Setoda, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima


A Beach With Beautiful White Sand

Setoda Sunset Beach has been selected as one of Japan's top 88 bathing beaches. Here you can enjoy swimming and sea kayaking in the gentle waves. As the name suggests, the beach is also known for its beautiful sunsets.
Setoda Sunset Beach 1

On the beach are restaurants, souvenir shops and bike rentals.
Setoda Sunset Beach 2


Setoda Sunset Beach | 瀬戸田サンセットビーチ
Address: 1506-15 Setoda-cho Tarumi, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm (sometimes extended during beachgoing season)
Website (Japanese-only):


Enjoy Art While Cycling

Between Ikuchijima and Takaneshima islands there are 17 outdoor sculptures called "Island-Wide Outdoor Art". These completely free art exhibitions are scattered around the islands, so you can have fun looking for them while cycling.
Enjoy Art While Cycling


Ikuchijima, the Citrus Paradise

Further south from Sunset Beach, in the vicinity of Tatara bridge there is a big stretch of lemon fields called the Lemon Valley.
Ikuchijima, the Citrus Paradise
Ikuchijima is dotted with fruit vendors selling all kinds of citrus fruits grown in the Setouchi region. Many shops sell the fruits singularly or even give you free tastings, so look around for varieties that you have never tried before.
Setouchi region
You can bring your findings back to your home or hotel and try them all! The citrus fruits grown in a warm climate are all juicy and delicious.

Cycling in the Gentle Sea Breeze

Along the Shimanami Kaido road are many charming islands. Among them is Ikuchijima, with a lot of places to see, great food and art. The flat coastal road makes it the perfect itinerary for a cycling trip so definitely consider visiting if you're around Onomichi.



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