Sekaido Store in Shinjuku, 5 Floors of Discounted Art Supplies



Sekaido Store in Shinjuku, 5 Floors of Discounted Art Supplies


Sekaido is a magnificent stationery shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo that carries everything from everyday tools to high quality art supplies.

Conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, this shop is favored for it's 20% discounts and the incredible amount of products that can be found here. Read on to discover the wonders of 5 floors worth of stationery!
Let the Mona Lisa Tell You
The Sekaido Shinjuku flagship store stocks over 100,000 products. You can literally walk in here, name the thing you're looking for and whatever it is, the staff will find it for you.
'surprised Mona Lisa'
The 'surprised Mona Lisa' portraits make Sekaido very easy to spot.
Most products in the store are 20% off. The price tag shows the item's list price, and when you take it to the register it will be discounted.
Discount signs are everywhere
Discount signs are everywhere

A Tour of Sekaido

The floor guide is organized in categories so it's really easy to find what you're looking for. The staff are also very friendly so don't hesitate to ask for help.
They have an English floor guide
They have an English floor guide too!

■1st Floor

Upon entering you will find all the regular stationery; pens, pencils, notebooks and so on. This is also where they display the newest and most popular items, like mechanical pencils that don't break and erasable pens.
mechanical pencil
This mechanical pencil has a rotating lead that keeps it from wearing down on only one side.

greeting cards corner
There is also a greeting cards corner

Japan-themed stationery
Japan-themed stationery makes for great souvenirs!

■2nd Floor ー Sekaido


From the second floor we enter the world of art supplies. All artsy people, pro or amateur, gather here. This area showcases every possible color of pencil, along with a selection of Western and Japanese paper. Here they also sell manga drawing supplies and books on how to draw manga.
2nd Floor
The sheer number of products in this store is overwhelming
masking tape
Decorative masking tape is very popular here in Japan
Japanese and Western paper
Colorful Japanese and Western paper

■3rd Floor ー Sekaido


This floor is all about painting. Here you'll find watercolors, oil paint, all kinds of brushes and also Japanese calligraphy tools. The brush pens are always a favorite.
3rd Floor
Japanese and Western painting tools
unusual colors
I found unusual colors like gold and silver!

■4th Floor ー Sekaido


At Sekaido they also sell frames. Whether it's for your latest surrealist masterwork or for the selfie you took with your friends, here you'll find the perfect frame for it. Don't miss the corner with the Japanese hanging scrolls.
A huge display of frame samples
A huge display of frame samples
Picture frames with neat designs
Picture frames with neat designs

■5th Floor ー Sekaido


The fifth floor specializes in oil painting frames, and here you can even buy oil paintings. There is also a selection of beautiful Japanese fans.
5th Floor
Oil painting frames

■There Is Also a Cafe! ー Sekaido


Sekaido is a really big store and you might get tired after exploring all its floors. So why not take a break at the cafe on the 5th floor? Treat yourself to some good quality coffee, or snack on some excellent sandwiches and cakes. On the day of my visit I tried a gratin sandwich; the contrast between the crunchy outside and the creamy inside was delicious!
Paretto cafe on the 5th floor
Gratin sandwich 650 yen, Salad set with soup and drink 500 yen

Recommended by the DiGJAPAN! Editorial Team

Here is a list of the goods that we loved the most on our visit to Sekaido. If you go, make sure you check them out and let us know what your best finds were!

■FriXion Disney Characters Erasable Pen (Pilot)

FriXion erasable pens are all the rage right now. Why not personalizing your pen stack with these adorable Disney versions?
FriXion Disney Characters Erasable Pen Discounted price: varies for each product


■D-CLIPS Cherry Blossom Edition (Midori)​


Available in all kinds of cute shapes, D-CLIPS now also come in a sakura version. The perfect Japan souvenir for a stationery-loving friend. ※Sold on the 1st floor.
D-CLIPS Cherry Blossom Edition
Discounted price: one case 518 yen

■ZIG Clean Color Real Brush (Kuretake)


A made in Japan color brush pen. It comes in a huge variety of colors. You could spend half an hour just choosing a shade of red! ※Sold on the 3rd floor.
ZIG Clean Color Real Brush
Discounted price: one pen 173 yen

■Masking Tape Cutter - Sailor Moon Crystal Star Compact (Sun-Star Stationery)

Compact case!Just bought some new masking tape? Keep it in a Crystal Star. ※Sold on the 1st floor.

Masking Tape Cutter

Discounted price: 1,036 yen

■Bande Masking Tape Stickers (Nishikawa Communications)


This unique masking tape is made by single pieces that you can peel off one by one. It's perfect for decorating messages or pictures. ※Sold on the 1st floor. 

Bande Masking Tape Stickers Discounted price: 346 yen

■STICKYLE Beaute (Sun-Star Stationery)


Are those lipsticks? No, they are miniature portable scissors. Compact and cute. ※Sold on the 1st floor.

Discounted price: 864 yen


■Donut Seal Stamp (KOKUYO)

Seal your letters or decorate your scrapbooks with these round stickers! They also serve as paper hole reinforcements. ※Sold on the 1st floor.

Donut Seal Stamp
 Discounted price: Seal with 3 sets of 30 stickers and case 476 yen

■Uni Colored Pencils 100 Colors Set (Mitsubishi Pencil)

An impressive variety of colored pencils for the pro-level stationery lover. All colors are super smooth, even the light and neutral tones. The high quality pigments grant outstanding results! ※Sold on the 2nd floor.

Uni Colored Pencils 100 Colors Set

Discounted price: 13,824 yen

Find Your Own Treasures

With the variety and awesomeness of the goods found in Sekaido it was really difficult to choose what to recommend. Also, new products come out all the time and the exhibitions keep changing. We definitely recommend to visit this store and find your own favorite goods!
Find Your Own Treasures
Our loot from Sekaido


Sekaido Shinjuku Flagship Store | 世界堂新宿本店
Address: 3-1-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo 
Hours: 9:30am-9:00pm
Closed on New Year holidays
Access: 1 min. walk from Shinjuku Sanchome Station on the Marunouchi line and Toei Shinjuku line. 7 min. Walk from Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu line and Keio line
※This article is based on a coverage made on May 31, 2017
※All prices are tax-inclusive.

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