The lavender fields at Farm Tomita: The scenery you should see once in your life



The scenery you should see once in your life
We are going to conquest the lavender fields at Farm Tomita!


Farm Tomita in Furano, Hokkaido is one of the representative facilities for lavender tourism. The site is about 20 hectares with 12 flower fields. Lavender starts blooming from late June to mid-August. Not to mention, to try lavender dishes and goods!

The must-see lavender field photo spots

Since Farm Tomita is in posession of vast  flower fields, there are some recommended view points and photo spots, we would like to introduce to you.

First of all,  there is the "traditional lavender field", which is a slope completely covered in lavender. It is said to be Japan's oldest lavender field. We also highly recommend to put Furano's rural landscape or the Tachidake mountain range in the background for a lovely photo.
Traditional lavender field
Traditional lavender field

The beautiful flower field stretching out on the hill is Farm Tomita's representative flower field called "color scheme field". Besides lavender, there are fields of poppy flowers, gypsophila, and multicolored flower building the belt of the hill. Try shooting it facing up the hill. 
color scheme field
Color scheme field

You can see different flowers from spring to fall on the "Flower viewer field". The flowers on this field grow in a slight curve. The best spot to capture this characteristic field, is in front of the "Flower Hut".
Flower viewer field
Flower viewer field

The mountains' slope in the background of lavender or poppy flowers, is called the "Forest color scheme field". This field is on a higher point, which gives you a clear view on the Takachidake mountains. If you have a good timing, you may even catch the "Furano Biei Norokko Go" train.
Forest color scheme field
Forest color scheme field

For photos with vast violet carpets spreading over the landscape, the "Field of happiness" is what you are looking for. Here, you can see 4 different types of lavender, especially cultivated at Farm Tomita. All 4 types of flowers can be seen blooming around the middle of July. Given that each flower has its own distinct violet lavender color, you can enjoy the gradation with different tones. It is also possible to take pictures of yourself surrounded by lavender flowers, thanks to paths and walkways inside the fields.
Field of happiness
Field of happiness

Getting closer to the "Field of happiness", you can easily distinguish the flowers from their color and smell. "Okamurasaki" is a breeding, cultivated in Hokkaido from acient times. The blooming season varies from each breeding.
The blooming season varies from each breeding
Upper left: Hanamoiwa. Blooming from mid-July to the beginning of August. 
Upper right: Early blooming dark purple. Blooming from the end of June to the end of July.
Lower left: Youtei. Blooming from the beginning of July to the end of July. 
​Lower right: Okamurasaki. Blooming from mid-July to the beginning of August.

Absolutely must-eats! Farm Tomita original gourmet

At Farm Tomita you can try lavender ice cream, made out of Furano's local vegetables. The sweets, made of natural lavender extract have a wonderful fresh scent.  Have a taste of it while exploring.
Lavender ice cream.  Cone 300 yen, Cup 250 yen
Laveder Calpis jelly, Lavender honey pudding
Lavender Calpis jelly 260 yen, Lavender honey pudding 320 yen
Lavender Ramune 230 yen
Lavender Ramune 230 yen

There is a lot of high quality food made from Furano vegetables. Farm Tomita has 2 cafes where you can taste them. Dishes containing seasonal Hokkaido vegetables, like corn and Irish Cobbler Potato and Milk. Thinks you can only fully enjoy in Hokkaido.
Irish cobbler potato from Furano with butter
Irish cobbler potato from Furano with butter 190 yen.
Hokkaido's seasonal vegetable curry 600 yen.


Gift recommendations! Farm Tomita's lavender items

Original lavender goods, like soap or potpourri are best sellers at Farm Tomita. These goods are specially produced from the farm's own lavender.
Gift recommendations! Farm Tomita's lavender items
Upper left: Natural lavender soap 691 Yen
Upper right: Flower clips 378 yen
Lower left: Lavender Oil 12 ml 1296 yen
Lower center: Scent bags with blossom grains inside ; Lavender Sachet 432 yen
Lower right: Okamurasaki lavender dried flowers 442 yen

Not over yet! Ways to have fun with lavender!

At Farm Tomita you can visit the  "Perfume House", where the lavender soap and perfumes are made and original perfumes sold. 

Furthermore, you can make your own "scented bookmark" in the experience corner for free.
Have a look at the production of "Lavender" in the Perfume House
Have a look at the production of "Lavender" in the Perfume House

How to walk around Farm Tomita

There are 12 flower fields with the size of approximately 20 hectares, with cafes and shops. It takes at least about 2 hours to see every field, but you should calculate to walk 3 - 4 hours, if you rather prefer to see everything in detail. It is also recommended to get around the big flower fields and take a rest in the nearby buildings, if you get tired. 

At Farm Tomita, you can see a lot of flowers bloom from spring to fall. The best time for flower viewing is in June and July, when most of the flowers are blooming. Since the lavender is also blooming from late July to the beginning of August, it is recommended to visit Farm Tomita in Summer. 
A brightly colored flower field
A brightly colored flower field

You have access by walk from Lavender Farm Train Station

Lavender Farm Station (ラベンダー畑駅) is about 7 walking minutes from Farm Tomita. However, Lavender Farm Station is a temporary station only used between June 10 and September 25. Furthermore, you can only take the "Furano Biei train" to this station during the season, so you need to take care. Only between July 14 and 17, there will be a local train stopping at the station, but besides these days you will only have access to Farm Tomita by getting off at Naka-furano station. Naka-furano station is about 25 walking minutes away from the farm.
Furano Biei Norokko train
Furano Biei Norokko train


A beautiful scenery that you should see once in your life; Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita is a recommendable sightseeing place to enjoy lavender tourism. It is better to plan ahead, since it is very crowded during the lavender blooming season. Going to Hokkaido in summer? Enjoy lavender sightseeing to the fullest!
Farm Tomita signboard
Farm Tomita signboard


Farm Tomita
Address: 15 Kisen Kita, Naka-Furano-cho, Hokkaido
Operating Season: late April to the beginning of November (Park is closed during Winter season)
Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm (Closing time depends on season)
Entrance fee: Free
Access: From JR Naka-Furano station 5 minutes by taxi, 25 minutes by walk. Or from Lavender Farm Station (temporary station) 7 minutes by walk.

*This article uses information obtained May 26, 2017.  


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