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Bunbougu Cafe, Where Stationery Lovers Find Their Wonderland



Tokyo is a city where you can find everything. From the mainstream trends to the most unknown niche. If you can think of something, Tokyo probably has it.

Themed places are very popular in the metropolis. From anime-themed bars to maid cafes, there is something for every taste. This stylish basement in Omotesando is all about bunbougu, Japanese for stationery.

While it might seem like an obvious combination, Bunbougu Cafe managed to blend cafe and stationery in a very original way.

Step Inside a World of Stationery


Step Inside a World of Stationery


Upon descending the long flight of stairs you will find yourself in the cafe's shop, which is packed with writing tools of all kinds.

Bunbougu Cafe's Shop

Sketchbooks, stickers, greeting cards, fancy pens, colored pencils and cute erasers; this is a real heaven for stationery lovers.


Everything is unique and most of it is incredibly cute.

Bunbougu Cafe

Next to the shop is the cafe area with its wooden tables and an open kitchen. There are also shelves filled with books about stationery.

Grab Some Tools and Unleash Your Creativity


you will find pencils, pens and crayons

Bunbougu cafe goes beyond simply selling stationery. They wanted to create a place where stationery lovers could freely enjoy it. Near the tables you will find pencils, pens and crayons that anyone can use.

Unlock the Secrets of Bunbougu Cafe

Having access to free writing tools is already a wonderful thing, but what makes this cafe truly unique is the membership.

the key of member

For a one-time 700 yen fee you can become a member. You will receive a card and emails with updates on events and exclusive information, not to mention a 10% discount on your meals. But most important, you will receive a golden key.

This key can open any of the drawers that are under each table

This key can open any of the drawers that are under each table. And inside you will find...

A premium selection of stationery in drawer

A premium selection of stationery, paper tools and notebooks! People often use them to leave messages and drawings for other members.

Enjoy Bunbougu Cafe

We spent a few hours doodling and chatting, trying out all the weirdest things: multicolored pencils, glitter pens and thick markers.

201705261446_10.jpgOur little tribute to Bunbougu Cafe
Our little tribute to Bunbougu Cafe

If All the Scribbling Makes You Hungry, Bunbougu Has Got You Covered


kitchen of  Bunbougcafe

The place functions equally well as a cafe, a bar and a restaurant. If you’re hungry, you can try their reasonably priced lunch set or choose from a long à la carte selection. The cafe menu has a wide assortment of coffee, tea and soft drinks. The bar menu ranges from beer to cocktails, and even includes a wine list. Bunbougu also serves a few original creations.

a Sketch book at the beach"

My favorite drink here is "a Sketch book at the beach", a pleasantly colored and fruity original cocktail decorated with a pencil-shaped cocktail stirrer.

Bunbougu's Blackboard Castella

The lovely staff gave us a preview of their new dessert, "Bunbougu's Blackboard Castella", that will be added to the menu from June 2017. It's a sponge cake with jam and whipped cream, and a white chocolate pen that you can actually write with! And it comes with a book shaped cookie.

we left a little drawing on the notebook for the next person to find

While enjoying our food and drinks, we left a little drawing on the notebook for the next person to find.

This is what we found in ours


If you come here during lunch time, you can grab a lucky bag on your way out! They are only 100 yen and contain a little stationery surprise.

a little stationery surprise

This is what we found in ours!


How to Get There

The closest station to Bunbougu Cafe is Omotesando

The closest station to Bunbougu Cafe is Omotesando on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda, Ginza, and Hanzomon lines (exit A2). You can also get there from the JR Harajuku station in about 10 minutes. Its location makes it the perfect place to wind down after a day of shopping in Harajuku, or after a visit to Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Jingu.

If spending an afternoon drawing or scribbling on your notebook is your idea of a fun time, this is a place you can't miss!


Bunbougu Cafe | 文房具カフェ
Address: B1F, 4-8-1, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00am-11:00pm (last order 10:00pm)
Lunch time: 11:00am-6:00pm
Website (mostly in Japanese):

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