KATSUURA- Encounter history and culture in Katsuura route



KATSUURA- Encounter history and culture in Katsuura route


View the daily lives of the people in the morning market of the harbor town and get a real feeling for the richness of the beautiful sea in this picturesque spot. 

●Gorgeous and Photogenic Katsuura
The sea where transparency is very high in Japan

The sea where transparency is very high in Japan

We recommend checking out the fresh seafood at the nearby harbor

We recommend checking out the fresh seafood at the nearby harbor

Katsuura Big Hina Doll Festival

Katsuura Big Hina Doll Festival

Hina dolls adorn the front of local shops

Hina dolls adorn shops

The streets of Katsuura are brimming with historical buildings

Historical buildings


Start your tour with your pick of either A or B!


1-A. Katsuura Morning Market

The Katsuura Morning Market has been running for over 400 years, and with good reason! One of the three biggest morning markets in the country, the market is open every day except Wednesdays. Here visitors can buy locally-caught seafood and other Katsuura specialties.
Katsuura Morning Market


Katsuura Morning Market | 勝浦朝市
Address: Shimo-Honmachi Morning Market Street, Katsuura-shi, Chiba (1st-15th of each month), Naka-Honmachi Morning Market Street (from 16th to end of each month)
Hours: 6:00-11:00
Closed: Wed.
TOPICS 1: At Katsuura harbor, you can get your hands of the kind of fresh seafood you can’t get in the likes of Tokyo
The Katsuura morning market is brimming with freshly caught seafood from Katsuura harbor. Other than the morning market, diners around the harbor provide delicious seafood dishes such as seafood rice bowls and sashimi. Each restaurant uses it’s own different ingredients and serves different dishes like the Oragadon, a popular, unique type of rice bowl at an affordable price compared to those in Tokyo. Try comparing the taste with the seafood rice bowls you find in Tokyo.
Katsuura harbor


1-B. Tomisaki-jinja Shrine

This is a shrine known for an event at which around 1800 “Hina dolls” are displayed to pray for the happiness of young girls, the Big Hinamatsuri.
Tomisaki-jinja Shrine


Tomisaki-jinja Shrine|遠見岬神社
Hama-katsuura, Katsuura-shi, Chiba
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Open year-round
Price: Free
※The Katsuura Big Hina Doll Festival runs from the end of February to the beginning of March.


2. Ishii Japanese Restaurant

A Katsuura institution: check out Katsuura Tantanmen noodle shop. The unique flavor of the soup derived from cayenne peppers and homemade Chinese chili oil mixed with stir fried onions, sliced raw onions, and plenty of minced meat, this style of ramen is truly a treat. By the way, as for the reason why Katsuura tantanmen is so spicy, workers out at sea, in from the cold, would come here to eat a bowl of spicy noodles and warm themselves up after a hard day’s work. Nowaday, it is widely known and popular not only among fishermen anymore.
Ishii Japanese Restaurant


Ishii Japanese Restaurant|御食事処いしい
Address: 159 Katsuura, Katsuura-shi, Chiba
Hours: 7:00-13:45  
Closed: Wed.


3. Katsuura Under Sea Park

See the undersea environment of the rich ecosystem where warm and cold currents meet from 60m offshore from the undersea observatory.
Katsuura Under Sea Park1

Katsuura Under Sea Park2

Katsuura Under Sea Park3


Katsuura Under Sea Park| 勝浦海中公園
Address: 174 Yoshio, Katsuura-shi, Chiba
Hours: 9:00-17:00 (Final admission16:30)
Closed: Times of rough weather
Price: 960 yen
TOPICS 2: Take a walk around Katsuura’s beautiful seaside and go for a dip
Out of all the seaside towns in Chiba Prefecture, Katsuura boasts clear, blue water with spectacular beaches. We recommend taking a walk past the sandy shores of Ubara Beach and Moriya Beach. In August you can even go swimming. Also, don’t forget to take a commemorative photo with the ocean and the white torii gate.
Take a walk around Katsuura’s beautiful seaside and go for a dip


4. Chiba Prefecture Coastal Branch of Natural History Museum and Institute

A musuem where you can learn more about the marine ecosystems of the Sobo peninsula. Many interactive events using the natural environment of the area are also held.


Chiba Prefecture Coastal Branch of Natural History Museum and Institute|千葉県立中央博物館分館海の博物館
Address: 123 Yoshio, Katsuura-shi, Chiba
Hours: 9:00-16:30 (Last admission 16:00)
Closed: Mon. (holiday in lieu on day after if public holiday)
Price: 200 yen

■Gorgeous and Photogenic Katsuura

Gorgeous and Photogenic Katsuura 【Advice】
As the morning market in Katsuura is livelier in early morning, we advise you to get there as early as possible. The Tomisaki-jinaja Shrine “Big Hinamatsuri” doll’s festival is held from late February to early March. If you are visiting in this season you should by all means swing by. Extra large dolls adorn the top steps. Illuminations held.

Print this out and bring it with you! Info. on touring Katsuura
201706271405_1.jpgPrint this out and bring it with you! Info. on touring Katsuura

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