Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS, an Art and Technology Store



Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS, an Art and Technology Store


Despite its name, electronics are not the only thing you will find in here. At Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS you can purchase home appliances, books, design goods, stationery, music and other sundries.


They specialize in both Japanese and foreign products selected for their high quality design and functionality.

Intrigued by the unique concept and style, I took a day trip to the quiet and family-friendly area of Futako Tamagawa. Here is a report from my visit to Tsutaya Electrics.

Concept: Art & Technology

Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS entrance

At Tsutaya Electrics they don't simply sell products; they help people find the perfect match for their lifestyle. 


There are several art installations among the shops that express Tsutaya Electric's concept of 'Art and technology'.

Get Lifestyle Advice

Concierges - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

At Tsutaya Electrics you can get advice and lifestyle suggestions by professional staff members called concierges. Each area has specialized concierges that will answer your questions and help you find the right product to match your lifestyle.

A Firsthand Experience

Product demonstrations - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

In an era where many of our purchases are made through the Internet, Tsutaya Electrics wants to let people experience each product like they would at home. They hold events and daily demonstrations where people can try and enjoy their products with all five senses.

Visiting Tsutaya Electrics

The interior space is open and the shops are more like areas, each of them dedicated to a different part of our life. Different lightings are used to provide a specific atmosphere in each area. In between the shops are books and cafe spaces where you can relax and enjoy the art decorations. Enter a peaceful world of dim lights, wood, plants and comfy armchairs.

Book Street

Book Street - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

A path lined with bookshelves that connects every shop area. On the first floor you can find books about design, business and travel while on the second floor is apparel, cuisine and living.

Book Street - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS


Networking - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Computers, gadgets and other Internet related appliances can be found here with the theme "Bringing the Internet closer".


Photo - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Along with cameras and camera gear, this area also offers a variety of printing services. By doing this they are hoping to help bring back printed memories in a world where everything is stored away on our smartphones.


Stationery - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Here you'll find high quality writing material such as fountain pens, but also regular stationery and Japanese style stationery. Many of the objects have a nostalgic feel to them, and this whole area evokes traveling, discovery and adventure.


Movie - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

What I liked about this area was the TV corner because it was very different from your regular electronics store.

Movie - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Dim lights, armchairs, couches and cozy furniture make you feel at home while you enjoy a selection of the best big screens on the market.

Music and Sound Rental

Music - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

The music area was also very interesting. Along with the latest gadgets like Bluetooth speakers and headphones, you'll find a nice selection of CDs and even records. I felt like I was there to enjoy music rather than to buy it.


Mobile - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

When I first saw this place I thought it was a bar counter. But this is the counter for smartphone (iPhone) contracts and repair. Forget about lines! Since these procedures can take some time, here is a place where people can have a drink and relax while they're waiting. 

Mobile Gadgets - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

In this space there is also a variety of fun and interesting gadgets that connect to your smartphone.

Food & Cooking

Food and Cooking - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

This area will make you wish you had a bigger kitchen! High quality tools and appliances of all kinds are carefully selected and neatly displayed in this bright space by the windows.
Food and Cooking - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Everything looks so stylish, and customization is available to match your style and preferences.


Beauty - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Beauty appliances, cosmetics and the advice of concierges on how to best take care of your body and skin.


Wellness - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Relaxation is a big thing for the ever-busy Japanese people. In this bright and spacious corner you can try massage chairs and fitness products.


Living - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Everything that can improve your home life in an efficient and stylish way can be found in here. From fans to vacuum cleaners, you'll be able to touch and try everything in a home-like atmosphere.

Lifestyle - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

There is also an area where you can get advice on how to improve your lifestyle by refurbishing your home space. Or you can just chill at the tables and benches of this garden-like setting.

Event Space

Tsutaya Electrics is very big on letting people touch and feel the products they sell. They often organize events and workshops where you can try new products and get advice from experts. They also hold daily demonstrations and even food and wine tastings.

Vermicular Ricepot - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

On the day I went they were demonstrating the Vermicular Ricepot by serving freshly made rice!

Tired of Shopping? Just Relax

Relax - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Relax areas are everywhere. You can eat and drink here as long as the food and drinks come from one of the shops inside.

Relax - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

In some areas the atmosphere is perfect for burying yourself in a book. Other areas are great for chatting, people-watching or even just enjoying the shop's interior and art. They also have free Wi-Fi.

How To Get There

Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS is only a 4 minute walk from Futako Tamagawa Station. You can get here via the Tokyu Railway Denentoshi line and Oimachi Line.

Bus station - Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS

Right in front of the store is also a bus station. The direct buses to Narita and Haneda airports are very convenient.
Around Futako Tamagawa Station

The area around Futako Tamagawa station is very nice. There are many other shops and restaurants to enjoy and it's a pleasant area to walk around.

Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS, an Art and Technology Store

Fancy a relaxing shopping day in Tokyo? Tsutaya Electrics might be the place you're looking for. Whether you want to take a peek into latest technology or just relax with a coffee and your favorite book, I recommend a visit to this 'lifestyle store'!


Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS | 二子玉川 蔦屋家電
Address: Terrace Market, Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C. 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 9:30am - 10:30pm
Closed on New Year’s Day

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