Let's shop at ItoYokado for seasonal snacks and the latest cosmetics!



Let's shop at ItoYokado for seasonal snacks and the latest cosmetics!


ItoYokado(イトーヨーカ堂) is a very famous hypermarket in Japan.  It's nice to be able to purchase everything from food items such as Japanese snacks and fruits to cosmetics and clothing all at one store. ItoYokado has opened 167 stores all over Japan, and this time we went to the ItoYokado Hikifune store nearby Tokyo Skytree where we thoroughly covered the store and its products.
ItoYokado Hikifune Store1

ItoYokado Hikifune is right by Hikifune Station and Tobu Hikifune Station! Conveniently located for travelers too, at approximately 3 min. and 1 station away from stations with the Tokyo Skytree (Oshiage Station or Tokyo Skytree Station), and approximately 5 min. and 2 stations away from Asakusa on the Tobu Railway. 

Beauty products/cosmetics/medical products you'll definitely want to buy during your trip to Japan!

First, let's introduce the must-buy beauty products, cosmetics and medical products at ItoYokado.
ItoYokado features a wide space called "7 Bi no Gardens" and handles a wide range of beauty products, cosmetics and medical products. It also has a full range of products you can test, and it is very nice to be able to hold the products in your hand and try them right there in the store. 
ItoYokado Hikifune Store2

Sekkisui, a brand jointly developed by KOSE and Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. is a classic popular item. The facial cleanser is particularly popular, but ItoYokado also has a varied product lineup that includes KOSE Sekkisui's skin moisturizing face pack and skin lotion. There are also cosmetic items from makers you'll definitely want to buy in Japan, such as SOFINA and Keana Nadeshiko, products only available in Japan, and the neatly lined up newly released products, and many things you'll be sure to want.
KOSE Sekkisui

KOSE Sekkisui white facial cleanser, popular with travelers people alike

The Keana Nadeshiko series

The Keana Nadeshiko series is popular for having good value


SOFINA iP foundation beauty fluid

We also visited the medical products section. The sales space is wide so there is an abundant variety of product types. Here you can find products that can't be found at convenience stores and small drugstores. For example, for the Kyusoku Jikan series, in addition to the classic Ashi-sukkiri Sheet, the Kakato-Purupuru Gel Sheet was also being sold. We found some great products!   
Kyusoku Jikan

 Kyusoku Jikan Kakato Tsuru-tsuru Gel and Gel Sheet

Kyusoku Jikan Tsubo-Shigeki Gel Sheet

Kyusoku Jikan Tsubo-Shigeki Gel Sheet

ItoYokado also handles a full range of baby medical products

ItoYokado also handles a full range of baby medical products

The Shiseido and Seven & I Holdings jointly planned sept beauté series is also a limited area product that can only be bought in Japan. This is an aroma body brand conceived from brain science research that we recommend for its relaxing aroma, including its mist and hand cream. Be sure to try buying these. 
sept beauté series

*Seven & I Holdings is a comprehensive distribution group that brings together a wide range of business categories, including the hypermarket ItoYokado, the convenience store Seven Eleven Japan, and the department stores Sogo and Seibu. Many of the products sold at Japan's Seven Eleven are actually also sold at ItoYokado (handling conditions differ according to the product and store), and you can enjoy shopping from among a merchandise selection that is fully complete precisely because it's ItoYokado.

Buy Japanese snacks and fruits here! The food product floor

Next, let's visit the food product floor, where they sell Japanese snacks, fruits and sakes that you'll want to eat and drink during your trip in Japan and also buy as souvenir gifts.
The food product floor

Fruits and fresh foods we hope you'll be sure to eat in Japan

In the fruits corner, there is a complete range of seasonal fruits. When we went to cover this area, it was strawberry season, and strawberries and other fruits have displays listing their sugar concentration that you can refer to for your shopping. The sugar concentration means that the higher the number, the sweeter the fruit is.  

The Sweets King label lists ItoYokado's highly recommended seasonal fruits.


An abundant variety of sweets, including grapes and oranges


Product of Ecuador bananas that have a rich and sweet flavor

Ice cream, unbaked sweets, and milk products are difficult to bring back to your home country, so we hope you'll eat these in Japan. Because ItoYokado is a supermarket, it has a full ice cream corner and dessert corner equipped with a giant refrigerator, where you can select the product of your choice from among a wide variety of items. 
Ice cream

Seven Premium Taste Just Like Frozen 〇〇 Ice Cream Bar

Dessert corner

In the dessert corner, there are many different kinds of unbaked sweets

Japan's milk is delicious!

Japan's milk is delicious!

The store has a Skytree model exhibit! How adorable

The store has a Skytree model exhibit! How adorable


Recommended for eating at your hotel! Side dishes with great value that taste excellent

ItoYokado's sushi is sold under thorough management conditions where sushi is only sold for 4 hours after being made, so the taste is perfect. And, because it's sold at a supermarket, the price is very inexpensive too. Besides sushi, there is also a full side dish corner with popular Japanese cuisine items such as yakitori and karaage fried chicken.
12 pieces of sushi at ¥550

12 pieces of sushi at 550! It's delicious because they use fresh food

Large pieces of yakitori

Large pieces of yakitori

The side dish corner is also spacious

The side dish corner is also spacious


Don't miss the limited items and seasonal items! Japanese snacks

Japanese snacks recommended for eating while on your trip or as souvenir gifts. They have classic snacks, of course, but the snacks available for a limited time can only be bought during that time period, so be sure to check them out.   
Fettucine gummies that let you enjoy a juicy grape flavor etc.

Fettucine gummies that let you enjoy a juicy grape flavor etc.

Seasonally limited smoked cheese flavor Calbee Jagarico

Seasonally limited smoked cheese flavor Calbee Jagarico


A store shelf of potato snacks like Jagabee and Chip Star

Granola with strawberries and other fruits is popular

Granola with strawberries and other fruits is popular

Seven Premium Matcha Langue de Chat and One bite matcha mochi chocolate

Seven Premium Matcha Langue de Chat and mochi chocolate

Sugar Butter Tree and Raisin Butter Sandwich

Sugar Butter Tree and Raisin Butter Sandwich

■About Seven Premium

Included among the product packages in ItoYokado, are private brand products (independently planned products) with the "Seven Premium" mark below on them.

About Seven Premium1


About Seven Premium2

Seven Premium is an original Seven & I Group product sold at ItoYokado, Seven Eleven and Seven & I Group stores.
Seven Premium has been developed for many products, ranging from an affordable and delicious food menu to daily necessaries and household goods. For example, Seven Premium's snacks are jointly developed with famous makers, and you can see company names such as Calbee, Tohato and Bourbon clearly written on the opposite side of the package, which means you can shop with peace of mind. Of course, the flavor is guaranteed too!
About Seven Premium3

You can taste Japanese flavor even after you go home! Japanese cup ramen, Pasta-sauce

Cup noodle product Seven Premium Classic Store Cruise produced in collaboration with famous ramen shops is popular because it allows people to enjoy the flavor of famous ramen shops at home. Japanese Pasta-sauce, which comes in an abundance of varieties and features an authentic flavor, also makes a perfect souvenir gift. Also, furikake rice condiments and ingredients to mix into rice are also recommended items for recreating the flavor of Japan.
Rokkaku cup noodles are popular as a Yokohama-style ramen product 

Rokkaku cup noodles are popular as a Yokohama-style ramen product 

Popular cup noodles such as Nisshin and Toyo Suisan(Maruchan)

Popular cup noodles such as Nisshin and Toyo Suisan(Maruchan)

There are so many Pasta-sauces in cod roe and spicy cod roe flavors

There are so many Pasta-sauces in cod roe and spicy cod roe flavors

Furikake rice condiments and ingredients to mix into rice(Mazegohan no moto)

Furikake rice condiments and ingredients to mix into rice(Mazegohan no moto)


Cans of chuhai product Horoyoi are lined up across the wall. KIRIN Ichiban Shibori Beer is also recommended

We recommend buying liquour and juice drinks at ItoYokado because they are cheaper than buying them at convenience stores and they have a wider variety than is available at drugstores. For the Horoyoi series, which is also popular in Taiwan, they have also seasonally limited flavors that cannot be purchased in Taiwan. In addition beer and chuhai, there are Japanese sakes and shochus...
*Alcohol drinking is legal from 20 years of age. During your travel in Japan, follow Japanese age restrictions on alcohol drinking   

Rows upon rows of Horoyoi beverages


Ichiban Shibori Takumi no Sae jointly was developed by Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. and KIRIN


Introducing each floor of the ItoYokado Hikifune store

We introduced recommended products from 1F's 7 Bi no Gardens and B1F's food product floor first, but all kinds of shopping can be enjoyed on every floor. Let's introduce the shopping for each floor.

B1F  Food product floor

A food product floor with a full range of fresh fruits, snacks, sweets and side dishes.
ItoYokado Hikifune Store B1F  Food product floor

1F Seven Bi no Gardens/Food Court (Hikifune Dining)/Service Counter (duty-free procedures, reception for shipping goods) 

In addition to 7 Bi no Gardens, which has a range of cosmetics and medical products, food court corner Hikifune Dining has restaurants including noodle shop Hanamarudon noodles and Maguro Ichiba, where you can eat fresh fish, that allow you to choose what you feel like eating on that day.     
ItoYokado Hikifune Store 1F

ItoYokado Hikifune Store 1F-2

ItoYokado Hikifune Store 1F-3

1F also has a service counter where you can complete duty free procedures. All ItoYokado stores anywhere in Japan have duty free service for travelers, so don't forget to complete duty free procedures once you've finished shopping. When you have purchased a lot of goods, ItoYokado will send them back to your hotel by a delivery service (charge applies) so try consulting with them about any difficulties you may have.
ItoYokado Hikifune Store 1F-4

2F Home service floor with daily necessaries, undergarments, and beauty salons

A floor with daily necessaries such as Thermos thermoses, towels, and tableware.
ItoYokado Hikifune Store 2F

ItoYokado Hikifune Store 2F-2

ItoYokado Hikifune Store 2F-3

There's also an Imabari towel corner, which we recommend for souvenir gift items. We actually highly recommend the functional underwear, which is the perfect way to beat the heat. This underwear absorbs sweat and keeps you dry so that you can feel comfortable.

3F Ladies' and Men's fashion floor

Here they handle everything from everyday clothing to formal wear like suits, and also sell shoes and bags. They also have the 100 yen shop Cando, where you can buy household goods and other items for 100 yen  (excluding tax).
ItoYokado Hikifune Store 3F

4F Baby goods/children's clothing and stationery/sundries floor

4F is a floor with mainly stationery and children's goods. There are pens and notebooks in an abundant variety of colors and the prices are affordable too.
ItoYokado Hikifune Store 4F

The children's clothing shop has colorful shoes, great value underwear whose functionality is as high as that for adult underwear. There are also capsule toy vending machines and a video game arcade that you can enjoy together with your children.

ItoYokado Hikifune Store 4F-2


ItoYokado Hikifune Store 4F-3

Also, at ItoYokado, there are many shops that have rest stop rooms for babies so that families traveling with babies can also shop with peace of mind.


You can see the Tokyo Skytree from the rooftop parking lot of the ItoYokado Hikifune. On the day of our reporting, the Skytree was lit up!
*This is a car parking space, so please exercise sufficient caution around the vehicles. Please also refrain from other acts that impede car parking.
ItoYokado Hikifune Store Roof

The ItoYokado Hikifune store is a hypermarket that is of a medium scale compared to other ItoYokados around Japan. It is not as spacious as a shopping mall, but it has everything necessary, and was a very easy store to shop at.


ItoYokado Hikifune Store
Address: 1-2-1 Kyojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min. walk from Tobu Hikifune Station/4 min. walk from Keisei Hikifune Station

There's still more! A recommended store for travellers  ItoYokado Oimachi Store

In this article, we introduced ItoYokado Hikifune in detail, but we will now introduce one more store that we recommend when coming to Tokyo for tourism.
Adjacent to Oimachi Station, 1 station away from Shinagawa Station, ItoYokado Oimachi Store is conveniently located for those trying to access it. This is a popular store with Japanese people, but it is also a store that foreign travelers visit often. They recently renovated and have opened a fashionable eat-in space! Here there is a full range of services that travelers love, such as being able to charge your cell phone. Be sure and check it out.
ItoYokado Oimachi Store1
ItoYokado Oimachi Store2
ItoYokado Oimachi Store4


ItoYokado Oimachi Store
Address: 1-3-6, Oimachi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Access: Immediately accessible on foot from JR Oimachi Station/immediately accessible on foot from Oimachi Station on the Rinkai line

Hypermarket ItoYokado has approximately 167 stores nationwide

ItoYokado has 167 stores (as of current time of April 2018) in Japan and there are many other of its stores that are recommended. The floor placement of shops differs according to the store, but its main products can be purchased at any ItoYokado store. There are also special services provided at each shop, so be sure to visit them during your trip to Japan.


*This article is based on a coverage from April 2018.
*Products and prices are as of the time of reporting, and products and prices may change according to the season.
*List prices all exclude tax.


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